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Bad To The Bone Again
UPDATE FOR 2019: We are on sabbatical until at least 2022. You can be certain we will have even the meantime, you can get up to speed by visiting links we've provided for learning blogs (that document my own experiences and learning), formal written articles, videos, etc., which you can supplement with additional research of your own.
What's in store for Eros and Psyche as we move past the "Ascension" and into the year 2013?
The saga continues . . . the year 2014 is destined to be ever more eventful!  Stay tuned. . .
UPDATE: Where in the world has the time gone? We are now heading into 2016 and it's bound to be the BEST YEAR YET! Lo and Behold, this ia all a TRUE STORY! It demonstrates how we can take "fictive" accounts (much like inventors do when they think up new inventions) and turn them into reality. More importantly, we can prove the Power of the Word for creating the world of our Dreams--this is a N.E.W. dispensation given to us by God for this era. We create the N.E.W. World as we Ascend.
Just click on the links below and you'll be up to speed in no time at all. Learn how you, too, can create using the Power of the Word and end up right into the arms of your dream love, your "Twin Flame" in Paradise for Eternity! I knew this site was named Paradis Publications for a reason! (Paradis is French for Heaven or Paradise)....we are dedicated to stories about DIVINE LOVE, of achieving "Love of the Highest Degree."

This is an ongoing story as a demonstration of Joe's "FICTIVE" writing, a new style of writing for the future (to be further defined and clarified). Follow along -- the story is completely improvisational and we never know what will happen next! Eventually, the story will be published as a series of books with more data that backs up the reality of the interpretations. If you would like to learn more about this creative form of writing, check back for our writing books--available after 2022.

Eros Rescues PsycheCODE BLUE EARTH MISSION of 2012 and Beyond: Who is Eros? Who is Psyche? What is Mythology? Who changed history? Will Eros and Psyche uncover all of the lies and put Earth back on the right track? These blogs provide an account of the continuing saga of Soferia (aka Psyche), a Pleiadian Princess (soon to become Queen) who was sent back in time to work on a special educational mission on Earth. The first leg of her journey describes how she remembered who she is, how and why she is on Earth, her early learning experiences about the problems on Earth, and her marriage to her Master Teacher/Divine Soul Mate or Twin Flame, Emanu'el. She calls him EROS, the God of Love because he had rescued her as Psyche (her Earth name) from her deep, deep slumber. But then, tragically, he had to leave earth planet, leaving Psyche behind as they continue their work together across dimensions. After the first leg of the journey, they began the Code Blue Mission which started here.

This new adventure - The Code Blue Earth Mission - continues during these most tumultuous times of the Great Earth Shift of 2012 and beyond. She and Emanu'el have contracted to assist all peoples of the Earth as they go through its upheavels - disasters, wars, earthquakes, floods, economic collapses, and various personal trials and tribulations. As long as one single soul suffers, there can be no Heaven on Earth! No matter what the obstacle or problem, one thing never changes: And that is the amazing and divine Love between Soferia (aka Psyche) and Emanu'el (aka Eros) that fuels their passionate work together, despite residing in different dimensions, thus, truly exemplifying THE POWER OF LOVE!!!! Is this mythology or is it history in the making?

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder [ apart ]” (Matthew 19:6b).

Can Soferia/Psyche do this? Can she accomplish all of the tasks set before her even though her lover/husband/Master Teacher/EROS -- her better half -- is on the other side of the curtain? In economically dire straits, she must find a way to pull herself up by her bootstraps, confront and resolve the many problems that surface during this monumental historical era, help as many people as she can, and all at the same time finish her dissertation for her PhD, an essential piece needed for her and Emanu'el's work together in the NEXT leg of the journey. Can Joe Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology come to her rescue? Can she use a creative improvisational entrepreneurial bricolage to stay in her home and out from under the local bridge?

Travel with her during the next few years as she revisits her past, navigates her present, and meets up with her future where she and Emanuel will finally have (hopefully) succeeded in contributing to the creation of Heaven on Earth and then get to meet again. They will then go on to live out their future lives together in eternal bliss back on their home planet in the Pleiades, traveling the cosmos to assist other entities who suffer and need a helping hand. Will this "story" end up the way predicted here? One never can never know....but must just go with the flow. It's very exciting!

This blog is purely FREE EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION & ENTERTAINMENT. The late Joe L. Kincheloe's educational works will by synthesized and referenced within the context of this "fictive" story, in particular his last work, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. If you are new to this story you might want to read the Background of the Story.” (scroll down to read blog on that page)

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UPDATE: This is important! There are many people listening to the wrong sure to follow this advice from Jesus:
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1
Code Blue Earth Mission 
This story is narrated by Sōferia, aka PSYCHE, a Pleiadian Queen from Planet Eros.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pleiadian Love, Marriage, and “Twin Flames”

Divine Marriage Time Travel

Today, I just want to take a short diversion to explain from my people’s perspective what earthlings refer to as “twin flames.” There are a lot of different versions of this phenomenon floating across the Internet, so here is our version. It explains why Emanu’el and I truly are not apart at all, how we are always connected.

First, understand that the past, present, and future are simultaneous and can all be accessed at what some people call zero point or nonlocal space. Many times things such as twin flames and cultural information about Pleiadians, for example, are explained as the way things are, but they are not explained in relation to timelines and how things are different in different timelines. I know that the Pleiadians (at least the planet Emanu’el and I are from) had a timeline that was similar to the 60s here on Earth where people changed partners and marriage was very unstructured and changing for some of the peoples (not all). It was not promiscuity in the typical earthling view of the phenomenon. Pleiadians are known for their great love for one another. But it created a problem which manifested as a dwindling population and unstable families, so further along the timeline, they abandoned those ways and most, although not all, choose to stay chaste until marriage. Marriage is still completely a private decision between the couple on this timeline, and is simply chosen. No marriage licenses or permissions, etc., are required. The couple simply chooses to be husband and wife and consummate their love. Pleiadians are completely sovereign in their personal decision making, although because of their love, their decisions do consider other community members.

However, on this newer (or more future from earth perspective) timeline there are options to have marriages sanctioned by the Pleiadian High Council (and each planet has their own High Council with sub-councils). There are political reasons for this, although they are for the benefit of the peoples, not to their detriment and it in no way represents a hierarchy or power-based system. It would be difficult to explain the philosophical basis behind this. I will have to do that another time. Typically, the couples most concerned with this sanctioning want to serve their people or the cosmos as a united couple; it is a divine calling for them both.

Further along the timeline the Universal High Council (which not many earthlings even seem to know about) sanctions marriages - thus, these couples can potentially have triple sanctioning (personal, Pleiadian High Council, and the Universal High Council). Technology provides the means for couples to test their "energy match" - that is, if a couple decide to marry, it can be shown if they are a true match (what people on earth call "twin flames," but in reality there are multiple good matches in terms of energy).

Twin flames on earth are simply couples whose energies match up (like a lock and key), are already married further along the timeline and have come back in time to assist with this current intervention on earth. So what we have is, Pleiadian sanctioning is basically just the community saying, yes, we honor your marriage and your choice. It is not too difficult to get sanctioning at that level, unless there is some mitigating reason it would not be approved, such as is the case with Emanu’el and me because we broke the taboo against teacher-student romantic relationships. Even though we both waited until my tutelage under him was over, it was still not seen in a positive light, but if you have followed our complete story, we came to Earth as a Pleiadian test by request of the High Council. We both passed and, in fact far exceeded their expeceations, thus our marriage was sanctioned. It is very difficult to get Universal sanctioning because there has to be the energy match - which confirms that the couple is divine, God-ordained, and true cosmic partners. Because Emanu’el and I also passed the energy match test (which actually became available because of Emanu’el’s diligent work), our marriage has been sanctioned by the Universal High Council. Thus, one of our roles is to ensure that more people on Earth have this information since more divine couples will be matching up during a short window of time during this unique era in Earth history.

My Song from Emanu’el
This morning his clue was simply, “Love on Babe!” He was talking about how I am working on increasing my feelings of love, not just for him (which are already at the top of the thermometer), but for everyone, including myself. He is EROS, he is the true LOVER who can teach LOVE, and I am learning from him – just as he is learning things from me, being PSYCHE. And he is Emanu’el which means “we are with God” and I am Sōferia meaning "Salvation" in the sense of “taking care of.” We are united as one (in a sense, and again, it is much more complex than that since 1+1=3 meaning we are individuals and a united couple), and we have achieved salvation through God.

Because of our complementary energy matches (yin-yang) and cosmic marriage, we are also united and connected through our chakras, consciousnesses, and higher selves. I will explain that in greater detail another time as is it very complex and I am still learning about it, myself. My name, Sōferia, is also a derivative of Sophia, and together we are working to attain greater knowledge and wisdom – divine wisdom - which is the meaning of Sophia. Of course, with him being also my Master Teacher, he has much wisdom to teach me, but he also is continuously learning. Here's the song that came to the top of the YouTube search:

Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby

Additional Information about Sophia
In fact, "Sophia" is a multi-faceted concept. Some regard Sophia as a major deity in her own right, others as a feminine aspect of God representing wisdom. Depending on preference, the Shekinah can be regarded as a separate entity from Yahweh, or as the manifestation of Yahweh's wisdom on earth. But if the former is true then Judaism is no longer monotheistic.

Sophia (Wisdom) can also be regarded as the counterpart of the masculine Logos (Reason). Indeed, what use is reason if not combined with wisdom? Pythagoras used "philosophy" to describe what he was about rather than philologos (love of reason). Perhaps pure mathematics is the quintessential subject of philologos.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Penny from Heaven PLUS A Reminder from the UHC

Heart In the Sky - A Gift from EROS

I have written several blogs about how finding a penny is a message from the Angels. If you are interested, here are links:
Pennies from Heaven July 14, 2009
Another Penny from Heaven: How Sweet Saturday, August 28, 2009
Heaven-Sent Pennies Can Manifest Millions of Dollars Friday, September 11, 2009
Another Penny from Heaven. Is it Another Sign! Yes! More Music! I LOVE MUSIC! Saturday, November 14, 2009

Well, yesterday, I found ANOTHER penny! This time, it was on the ground just under the car when I went out to run an errand. (In fact, the errand was to go replace the battery because it was dead; the car was jumpstarted and just as I was about to get in the car I noticed the penny). Oh, good! Yes, I get great pleasure out of little things. They make me feel I am not alone in this crazy world where everyone is so wrapped up in this “what’s in it for me” banality that always involves money, fame, notoriety, and such inane things. And here I am, thrilled to find a penny from Heaven and wondering what it means.

The date on it is 1971, which was the year I graduated from high school. The numbers add up to 9 (1+9+7+1=27; 2+7=9). That seems appropriate since 9 represents completion (as in 9 months to have a baby), according to numerology. But I just know there is more!

It was interesting that I found the penny just before Emanu’el led me to the critical information that launched my research for my dissertation (see yesterday's blog for that amazing story!). It was almost like an indication, with adding up to the number 9, that it was time to move into the completion phase of the dissertation. I also found it interesting that yesterday when I found the penny was the first night of Elul, the last month on the Jewish calendar (again, signifying completion) – and that I was given the information almost magically on this day.

But my intuition told me there was more to this penny. I was confused and asked Emanu’el for more information. He was not very helpful; his guidance was vague and I feel alone on this particular quest to find out what the message is from the Angels. I have a feeling this is one of those multidimensional treasure hunts with treasure inside of treasure inside of treasure! No doubt, Hermes is involved in this. He loves leaving talismans and a penny is a sort of talisman. Emanu’el told me I would see 1971 again today, so I went on a trek, an "epistemological road trip" as Joe calls them in his last book. I had a feeling it was related to Joe’s work since the penny was found as a sign just before we embarked on the major work of writing my dissertation which is about Joe’s work. It was like a forewarning.

So, I googled Joe Kincheloe and 1971 and up popped an article from Internet 2! I had not seen this particular article (nor had I pulled up an article from Internet 2 before) and it was one about Joe, an analysis of his work – and yet another misrepresentation of his work. I cannot even say that this article is a misinterpretation, because there are clear signs that the author knew he was misrepresenting Joe’s views by what he wrote in the main article versus what he wrote in the footnotes. It seems uncouth to me. I have seen that very tactic used before. They know people won’t read the footnotes and that way, they can convey the message they want which may be jaded, all the while still presenting “truth.” As Joe even says in the very article that was being critiqued, “what passes as knowledge” often demonstrates an ignorance to the importance of history in all of its multidimensionality. There are certain people who continue to take Joe’s work out of context and I do not believe it is out of ignorance. There seems to be some sort of plan. Is there a conspiracy going on? Maybe not. We all have our own interpretations. Wait until the world hears mine.

Thus, this particular penny seems to represent three things (the sacred number three). It was a sign that I was to get a special gift that would help me launch my dissertation to move it toward completion, and at the same time, it seems to be a plea to set the facts straight about Joe's work as represented by how it led to me finding the article that needs clarification. And third, between receiving the penny from the Angels and it being Elul month, it is a certain reminder that I will receive many and clear communications from God throughout this last very important month of the Jewish calendar.

An important message was handed down to me today from the UHC which they asked me to publish: You May Not Use Footnotes as a Tool to Deceive Readers or as Ad Hominen Fallacies

In the meantime, don’t miss out on the signs, symbols, and pennies from Heaven that are especially for YOU – take a look around!

Dredg - Stamp of Origin Take A Look Around

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Monday, August 29, 2011

The First Night of Elul: Emanu’el Gives Me Divine Help

Month of ElulI am just writing a very short blog today. There have been a lot of personal and mundane tasks to do that have kept me sidetracked.

However, I wanted to share how Emanu’el and divine intervention came to my rescue again – and on the first night of Elul, at that. I have just learned that the month of Elul is a full month of being closer to God. We can communicate more often and more easily with God, according to the Jewish religion, and I assume also with God’s helpers and angels and teachers on the other side, like Emanu’el.

I believe it must be true! I had been procrastinating about starting on the research and writing for my dissertation. I have so much data, so many articles and books and computer files that I didn’t know where to begin! It was very overwhelming and yet something was pushing me to get started this evening (and that was BEFORE I learned about it being the first night of Elul!). Then, suddenly, because I was willing, Emanu’el instructed me to pick up a particular book on my desk. Mind you, I have more than 20 books stacked in three piles on my desk and the particular book he wanted me to pick up almost caused an avalanche. He told me to just open it up. This was a book with more than 500 pages! But I always do what Emanu’el says because I know he has my best interest in mind. And lo AND behold, it was beyond amazing what popped out at me on the page I opened up to. WOW, Emanu’el is good. He has helped me like this before, but getting me started on the dissertation is especially profound.

I will have to save the “goodies” (the details of what he led me to) for when my dissertation gets published, but for now I will just say that the page he guided me to lined out the entire foundation of the dissertation. It is clear in so many ways that it is absolutely perfect and it was very important that I had this knowledge at the BEGINNING of the dissertation. It saves an enormous amount of time due to the fact there were so many different directions that I could have gone before ending up with this; in fact, it would have been highly unlikely that I would have even come across it since it was not in Joe's book and he left very few clues....yes, this dissertation is going to be good.

That’s all for today. I was led back to this song today that Emanu’el had given me a long time ago for a previous blog. I love this song so much. I am his “Josephine.” I am so excited that I will have a full month of being even closer to him and God! This will be perfect timing for getting a lot done on my dissertation!

Chris Rea Josephine

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Twin Flames: The Mission begins In Childhood PLUS Is Disney Taking Over the World? (Who IS that Wizard of Symbols???)

Eros-and-Psyche-as-ChildrenI was happy to come across this video today (below). Yes, of course, the mission of twin flames begins in childhood! It begins before that even! For Emanu’el and I, our mission began with our first lifetime on Earth during which we were working together trying to keep/gain freedom for our people the Scottish, Irish and Gaelic-speaking peoples. I have written of that many times.

In this lifetime, interestingly, I KNEW I wanted to be a teacher when I was just a little toddler – thus, education was my mission and I have always known that....and of course, Emanu’el has been a Master Teacher even before he came to Earth.

Twin flames are ALWAYS connected whether they are conscious of it or not. I remember first becoming conscious of it (at least that I can recall) when I was about 12 years old and had an “imaginary” friend whom I loved very much, named “Manuel.” That’s what I called him back home on our planet in the Pleiades: “Master Manuel” because as I have explained, he was my Master Teacher and we fell in love. We have always shared lifetimes together and just as GoldRay explains in his videos, there is not karma to work out. What we have had to work out are emotions that relate to the “templates” we had received as we went from lifetime to lifetime.

There is great love between twin flames! I do not agree with Gold Ray that it is not a romantic love or that romantic love is not an important aspect of twin flame relationships. It certainly can be and often is! I am sure there are different templates for twin flames and perhaps his and his twin flame's template does not emphasize romantic love. But for Emanu’el and me, being a template of Psyche and Eros, romantic love IS an important part of our relationship. But the first priority, of course, is always our shared mission, but there is no reason we can't be passionate at the same time!

Also, GoldRay says no Ascended Master Teachers are needed. I agree with that, but again Emanu'el and I have set a new template. First Emanu'el IS my Master Teacher and secondly, since he is EROS, his father is HERMES. Now, who, in their right mind, would not want to seek guidance from Hermes? We broke all the rules, Emanu'el and I did! Apparently, one of our missions together was to create a new template for twin flames and now other twin flames will be able to follow in our footsteps (there are multiple templates to choose from and no doubt, other new ones will be created). It is just one small part of our mission here.
Twin Flames: the Misson begins in Childhood by GoldRay

Is Disney Invading the University?
I could not believe this! After all of my research about the dark side of Disney in my previous blogs and how they are trying to recruit teachers to teach English to Chinese children using a Disney curriculum (see blog two days ago), I have now received a newsletter from an online college I attended, Oregon State University Online, and check out this new course they are offering this fall:


Explores constructions of gender, race, class, sexuality, and nation in the animated films of Walt Disney, introduces concepts in film theory and criticism, and develops analyses of the politics of representation. (Bacc Core Course) WS 325 – Disney: Gender, Race, and Empire

There's more to Disney's animated films than just glitz, glamour and "happily ever after," and that's precisely what this Women's Studies course aims to reveal. It's a discussion-oriented class that examines the constructions of gender, class, sexuality and more in recent Disney films.

The syllabus calls for students to write weekly critical response essays after viewing films such as "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Lilo and Stitch," and students also will be introduced to concepts in feminist film theory and criticism. WS 325 is one of OSU's Difference, Power, and Discrimination courses in the baccalaureate core, focusing on unequal distribution social, economic and political power in the United States.

View the WS 325 course description.

THIS, after my last blog about how many subliminal messages Disney embeds in their children’s programming! The devious Wizard of Symbols I’ve been looking for must be found soon! Courses such as the one above serve no real useful purpose if they force students to stick to the objectives of the course, which most likely they will. This approach is very deceptive. It LOOKS good: Let’s talk about stereotypes and the Empire, and theoretically, just talking about them will change things (it doesn not work like that).

This is popular culture and the only purpose is to get people to focus on these problems and offer no solutions – and to sell popular culture. That is the first issue. They make people ultimately feel hopeless while they create further division between the artificially constructed groups. The second issue is they take the focus away from how Disney itself IS the Empire.

Teachers and parents come away from the course thinking if they teach about the stereotypes in these movies that all is well. NOT! In the meantime, Disney and other forms of popular culture indoctrinating media is acceptable in the classroom (and Disney rakes in money) and the truth stays hidden.
 Disney is a sick indoctrinating machine that is a part of the Empire and it is reaching its tentacles into every society of the world, latching onto the little children. As my previous blog showed, they are recruiting teachers to teach the Disney Program to children in China as they learn English. It is a power tactic. 

Can you imagine learning the English language based on Disney popular culture, symbols, and subliminal mind programming? What more is there to say? What does it take to get people to wake up?

Are We the People going to Let Disney RULE THE WORLD?

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Friday, August 26, 2011

My Love Again: A Gift for Emanu’el, My EROS (What Emanu’el Wants, Emanu’el Gets)

Emanu’el asked me to do an analysis on the beautiful song he gave me for the last blog. There are so many meaningful images in the video. It is truly a very divine and special message from him, so this is my gift back to him for gifting me with the song. While this analysis is very brief – there is much more that can be added to the interpretation and everyone will have their own interpretations – at least it is a start and represents the meaning it has for us and our relationship.

Here is the song again.

My Love by Sia (with Lyrics)


For me, the song represents our alchemical union, our divine marriage and the unconditional love we have for each other even though right now we are in separate dimensions. We are still connected through our love for each other since love transcends any notion of separation. As I have posted above:

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder [ apart ]” (Matthew 19:6b).

Thus, we are God-mates, living, loving, and dedicated to our special mission together – which we call the Code Blue Earth Mission. I will analyze some of the images in the song that are especially meaningful to me – for Emanu’el; he loves the song too and wanted me to do this and what Emanu’el wants, Emanu’el gets! Because I love him so much!!!!

MyLoveLadybug.jpgThe Ladybug. This first image is powerful, but I will have to research why. It shows a lone ladybug on a parched desert.

This was me in this current Earth life right before I met my Emanu’el in person.

I knew there was more to life, love, and learning. I had the passion (red of the ladybug), but there was a vast, dry desert with no way to quench my thirst, until I met him, which as it turned out, was a twin flame day, an 11-11 day as calculated using numerology.

Some meanings of the ladybug:

Perhaps best known as an emblem of luck. When a Ladybug lands on you, it is said your wish will come true. 

Asian traditions hold to the belief that if caught and then released, the Ladybug will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in his/her ear. Upon hearing the Ladybug’s message your true love will hurry his/her way to your side. 

In Ireland, the Ladybug is said to be a symbol of protection. Ancient farmers of the land have considered the Ladybug a good omen as she controls aphid populations. 

As a love symbol, the number of spots on a Ladybug’s back is said to indicate the number of months to pass before the wish for love comes true. [Source:] 

In my interpretation, the lady bug is a very good sign. Like the Asian meaning, I did meet my true love in person, but like the Irish meaning, we have always been together in spirit, thus, I have always had his and God’s protection. If the other side of the ladybug has the same number of spots as the side showing, that would be eight. I knew my true love in person for eight months before he passed away to the other side, which from that point on we united in an alchemical marriage. I came to know love in a way I had never dreamed possible before that time.

Interestingly, I caught and released many ladybugs as a child! We had a lot of them in our yard, which was right next to a pasture. I believed they were magical somehow and I used to keep them with me for a short time and then release them. I had a tiny golden pillbox that had a tiny round screw-on lid. I would capture a ladybug, put it in the pillbox and then have company during my naptime. My Earth mother always made me take naps and I hated them; I could never go to sleep. So instead, I would let the ladybug out on my bed and talk to it. I do not remember if she talked to me and gave me messages, but she did keep me company. After nap, because I could not bear to keep a prisoner, I would release her back to her home. Maybe because I released them, they sent messages to my one true love!

Who would have thought a ladybug would be that significant?!

MyLove-InAHammockAlways Together. This next image is representative of how we are united as one. We are always connected. I always feel his presence in and around me, almost as if we are wrapped up in a hammock together - or a blanket as shown in another image in the song, like in a cocoon together. The red represents the passion I feel, and he always tells me that what I am feeling, he also feels. Our consciousnesses are connected. There are many more images in the video that represent this same connection – couples who are so closely connected they are joined as one. We are one in the truest sense of the word – not in the superficial sense that so many "New Agers" speak of. Alchemical union is a very special and powerful soul connection only possible between two people who God chose to bring together.

MyLove-HummingbirdThe Hummingbird. This image is special to me because after my one true love passed over to the other side after eight short months of knowing him, I was so totally devastated. Just thinking about it now, makes me cry. Somehow, I was guided to a very special person, a spiritual counsellor, who explained to me multiple times that we do not die, that we just go to a higher dimension and vibrate at a higher frequency. She always used the metaphor of the hummingbird, explaining how we can see the bird’s body, but we can’t see the wings because they vibrate so fast, but we know they are there . . . thus, my Emanu’el is right beside me, even though I can’t see him. I get occasional glimpses of him, like the wings in this picture. Hummingbirds are a symbol of our connection between life and the spiritual plane.

MyLove-BridgeThe Bridge. Of course, this represents our connection across dimensions – the bridge, the in between space; there are ways to meet on the bridge.

I like the fog as represented by this photo. When I first began this journey, I truly was in a total fog. I was not a spiritual person at all, I had pretty much given up on God and Jesus, and to me, death meant that someone was gone out our my life forever. But, thanks to Emanu'el I quickly learned there are many and divine ways of meeting on the bridge. We communicate in many ways and the fog is clearing for me, thanks to his hard work and steady guidance!

MyLove2Butterfly.jpgThe Butterfly. “You did it for me.” The butterfly represents soul, or me, Psyche. As I have stated, my Earth name, Vanessa means butterfly which means soul or Psyche. In our story of Eros and Psyche (for the twenty-first century), Eros had to stay hidden from her, just like in the original story. Thus, we had to pretend we did not know each other when working together and it could never be revealed that he was, in fact Eros, until now. And then when he passed over to the other side, he continued to help awaken Psyche so that she would be able to come up to Heaven and become a goddess. The same was true in the original story and it was up to Psyche to identify who Eros was because he did not want people to know he was a god, especially a God with wings, so until she came along, no one knew. Emanu’el, my EROS, is helping me with transformation and ascension -- and we will meet in Heaven, which is the message that is contained in the lyrics of this song.

MyLove - NowIAmStrongNow I AM Strong. When my true love’s spirit joined with mine, a miraculous thing happened: I totally changed! I was always a passive and fearful person and anytime I fought the system for justice it was a losing battle. When we united, which I knew instantly when it happened because I literally felt his beautiful spirit enter me,  I suddenly had a strength and power I never felt before – “the power of love!”

The image of the bird in this picture is also important. Birds represent soul, transcendence, spirits of air, ascent, communication, freedom, sight. These all apply in the new strength I felt. This is the power that those who rule over us do not wish for us to discover! It is the REAL SECRET. Forget about all of those secrets about manifesting THINGS. “No-thing” is the true secret - it is LOVE. Yes, with your alchemical partner, you can manifest things, but what you ultimately want to manifest is Heaven – “as above so below” but it is created by the magic of the divine, God-ordained, alchemical union.

My Love - HomeI Am Home. The lyrics are, “You gave all you had and now I am home.” Then this image of the stone house comes up. This is extremely important and relevant to me. I have written of this several times, but one of the first things Emanu’el helped me with when he went over to the other side was remembering our first lifetime together on Earth and he helped me with transmuting the intense emotion and agony I experienced that was seeping into this lifetime when he passed over, making it all the more unbearable for me. It would help to know our story to understand this better. We had come to Earth to prove our love could withstand the trials and tribulations here because we wanted our marriage sanctioned (our marriage was a taboo on our planet because he was my Master Teacher). We also came so that we could be present and share a mission during this current Earth shift. During our very first lifetime together on Earth, our love was so powerful! We were married and so much in love. He was a peacemaker, but he was tragically killed while we were still practically newlyweds. It’s a very complicated situation which I have written of previously. I was Gaelic-Irish and he was Scottish and to make a long story short, this represents the home he built for us with his brother's help during that lifetime. It was a cosy stone home with a fireplace – our special home where we celebrated so much love when he returned home from his peacekeeping missions – until the tragic time he did not return (and I did not learn of his death until two years later from his brother). His brother married me to help me raise our son who by that time was four years old, which was tradition in our culture, but I was in torment the rest of my life. I could not bear to live without my one true love; I could not be a wife to someone else. My life ended prematurely, probably from a broken heart; I don’t remember. I may have taken my own life. Anyway, this image of “home” takes me back there.

My Love - DreamcatcherCatching Dreams. Of course, I think most people know what a dream catcher is - that dream catchers are supposed to catch all of the bad dreams like in the movie "The Big Friendly Giant "where he catches the children's nightmares and meets up with Sophie. 

I want to capture all of the beautiful dreams I have experienced with Emanu’el. I know there are more things to remember, but due to his love and the power of our relationship, we have both transmuted most of the negative, sad emotions of our past lives together and the separations we have gone through. Now we are having new dreams as we work on our mission doing our part toward creating Heaven on Earth.

MyLove Crown Chakra - Christ Consciousness

The Awakening. This next image represents how, upon meeting him in person and from that point on, I was awakened and of course, the awakening continues. I experienced what people refer to as kundalini rising, although I had no idea at the time what was happening. I am sorry if you think this is too personal! Well, more people need to talk about it. I had no clue. 

Not until I learned that I am Psyche and I was very much asleep at that time until Eros awakened me. Now I know and feel God’s love and light flow in through my crown chakra and radiate throughout my entire body and back to my one true love, Emanu’el and to/from God. Some people call it Christ Consciousness. I don't know. I think it must be a normal experience when you meet your God-sanctioned one true love. It seems normal to me now. I always feel the love and light enter through my crown chakra as well as to and from my heart. It is a powerful feeling, a bliss.


MyLove I asked Him to DanceI Asked Him to Dance. Emanu’el and I both love all kinds of dancing! We danced when he was here on Earth and we did so somewhat secretly (but the evidence is there), and we still dance in the cosmos. Oh, how we both LOVE dancing! I have written of this many times in my blogs. He is so erotic, which of course he would be, given that he is EROS, himself! 

This image represents how I have always given him that open invitation to dance with me and he has always taken me up on the offer. He is a good listener and catches the most subtle hints - hints that I did not even know I was giving him! He has always been able to read my mind. I have some amazing stories of his divine timing with his communications to me when we worked together because he knew my thoughts even though we lived at opposite sides of the continent, and of course, now we are even more closely connected!

MyLove - HeartHomeHeart Is Our Home. This image represents our being together, being home, united through our heart chakras, Psyche and Eros - Soul and Love. The map in the image is upside down – symbolic of the Earth’s 2012 Pole Shift, which we will be going through, as well as how love will turn things upside down from what they are today. Peace and Love will take the place of War and Fear. It represents our joint mission to “flip tables” as I often refer to it in these blogs. We are using our love to change education, flip the meanings of the Illuminati symbols, and to change the world – turn it into Heaven.

My Love - Our WeddingOur Wedding. This next image is obvious. We were married in the upper realms on January 28, 2009 Earth time. If you add those numbers, they are the twin flame numbers: 1-28-2009 which equals 1+ 2+8 and 2+9 which is 11-11. I discovered that long after the date because I did not know at the time anything about numerology. Interestingly, I thought it was “just a dream,” when we were married in our private little ceremony, but my dear spiritual counsellor who was helping me deal with his death told me we had gotten married in the higher realms after I told her the lucid dream I remembered so clearly. Even she seemed very surprised. Later, I learned that in reality, this marriage occurred even before we came to Earth (the “dream” was thus a trek back in time, which was in reality, a trek back to the future since we travelled backward in time to Earth - confusing, I know) – thus, we have always been married all along and working together on our shared Earth mission in multiple dimensions!

MyLove - Great White HorseGreat White Horse. And I love this next image! Emanu’el and I have not yet had our formal wedding as sanctioned by the Pleiadian and Universal High Councils during which he will also be crowned King of our people. I am still not certain when that will take place; he is keeping it a surprise. However, he told me he would make my favourite fairytale come true and so I asked him if he would be the “knight on the white horse.” (“He’ll ride down on a great white horse,” as the song goes.) There is a really funny story about the significance of that relating to our work together in education, but I will save it for another time. So, this picture is telling me that yes, he will be the knight on the white horse and he will do it out of his great, magical love for me. Maybe the reason it is in shadow form is because he has more surprises in store for me. After all, he is EROS and his dad is HERMES, and when those two get together, you never know what you’ll be surprised with. They are two “thrice greatest” together! And the sum parts is greater than the whole. Watch out for those two, lol. (They drop their gifts out of their great love, however, so it is always very loving and often hilariously funny!)

We are and we have always been together!!!!
My Love -I Wil lBe With YouMy Love - Beach Home

Our Home. Our beautiful home in Heaven is right beside the beach where we have taken many beautiful walks along the shore. I have described this many times in previous blogs.

We have an exquisite home on a hilltop with gardens and a path that leads down to the beach. Recently, Emanu'el told me we are living in the home now and that it is, in reality a beautiful palace. He says I just have to awaken more and then I will be able to see it. 

MyLove - Golden Key
The Golden Key.
This one is a mystery to me. Emanu’el talks about golden keys a lot and there is still the mystery of a golden key that is locked inside a wooden box. Of course he was the golden key that unlocked my heart and deep love for him. I do not know what the arrow pointing to “No” means. I do know I was put through several initiations that involved other men trying to unlock my love, and my answer was always No. My heart can only be unlocked by Emanu’el. Each of us has a special divine partner who is the only one who can unlock our heart. What is strange about the image, though, is that I actually read the word “NO” that the arrow is pointing to as “ON” and maybe that’s because it is pointing to the key. It is a straight line from the arrow to ON to the key, indicating that our LOVE for each other is turned ON.


MyLove - You Took My HandHe Took My Hand. One last image that I find particularly meaningful is this one of holding hands because of how this same type of image began our journey back on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 and it keeps popping up as a reminder from Emanu’el that he is always holding my hand as we work our plan on this long, winding Earth journey. I was not consciously aware back then that the song was from him, but I think I knew it was because the second song in that blog, I had dedicated back to him in my mind.

The rest of the images and the lyrics for this song pretty much speak for themselves.

Emanu’el has done it again! He has gifted me with another absolutely perfect song representing our perfect love. And, yes, he has an open invitation to work through me anytime at all if there is something he needs to have done in this 3D earth plane. It is the least I can do for him for his great love, which he has flooded on me with no conditions attached. I know he has worked through me on numerous occasions; he gives me indications when he does this. And he continues to guide me in my learning and ascension process.
 That is the end of my analysis for now. It is only a beginning. There is so much more and there will be more before our journey is over as we continue together, always united, always holding hands, always working our divine plan. Did I say over? Eternity does not end!!!!  


My Love by Sia (with Lyrics)


It looks like 12-21-2011 is the date, after all! I was getting the message from Emanu'el that the time this blog posts is very significant. I thought I would be finished and would post at 11:11 AM, but I missed that time. Next, I thought that 12:12 must be the important time, a special gateway as represented by 12-12-2012, but I missed that one, too. But I am finished writing this blog now, minus a few edits and check out the time: It is 12:21. And I was not believing that 12-21-2012 was going to be THE DATE. I trust Emanu'el.

The final gate closes 12-21-2012.
Don't miss it!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex: Do you WONDER Why It’s On Your Mind? PLUS Yesterday’s Blog

WizardofSymbols.jpgSōferia aka Psyche here, still on the hunt for the Wizard of Symbols! Could it be that the Wonder-Full World of Disney puts sex and even pornographic images into the heads of our children? Well I wrote a blog a few days ago about their Male Wiggles Crew and their disgusting tactics, inuendos, and Satanic ritual sybolism (if you know how to spot it). The crazy thing about it is that the adults just eat this stuff up and think it’s the best thing since fruit salad. It must be that Wiggles four-fruit salad song with the banana they forget to chop up like they do the apples and melons. Well, today I am covering the subliminal messages in some of the Disney cartoon movies. I can tell you with all honesty that these analyses do not begin to delve into the full extent of Disney’s corrupt crap they have convinced us is good for our children (while they steal our children’s innocence right out from under our noses). Just look at these as “examples,” and maybe they will open your eyes. Do more research if you are not convinced. And to think they blame the men for this one (I have read somewhere that men think of sex every few seconds – now I am beginning to see it’s because we are being bombarded with subliminal images everywhere we look, beginning as toddlers and most likely they target men the most since they like to keep them in that dominant patriarchal role.) If Walt Disney, who was a 33 degree Freemason, were alive today, I would say HE is the Wizard of Symbols I am looking for. BUT I need to find someone in 3D in OZland.

Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood & Corporate Power

Ok, so Disney has a monopoly on childhood and it’s a serious thing to consider. But it really seems to be obvious and a mere surface issue. Let’s dig deeper. What else is there to become enlightened about when it comes to Disney?

Disney Subliminal Messages.

Disney Porn? (Subliminal Messages)

Disney Subliminal Messages: Beauty and the Beast

Disney's secret and sexual messages

Oh, my. Disney is really perverted! Disgusting. The next question is, WHY do they want to pervert the masses? How does it give them power over us? Disney will really need to clean up their act and SOON if they want to be a part of the NEW Earth. It is no wonder whatsoever why we NEED Marvin Gayes great song, Sexual Healing! He knew.

Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye


Hmmmm.....I wonder if the people in CHINA are going to like DISNEY EDU-TAINMENT for THEIR children, given this information.

I was looking for a teaching job and happened to find these Disney teaching jobs on Craigslist, but I will have to pass them up. I cannot bear even thinking about teaching the adorable Chinese children the Disney Way, knowing about all of the perverted messages they have incorporated into their media. I have more integrity than that! Some poor souls desperate for money will take up the offer. It is really sad what people will do for money. If they stop letting money be their gods and started doing what's right, maybe there would be a lot fewer problems in the world.

Check out the wording: They are looking for "the best and brightest educators" - oh how funny! If only it was really funny. Don't worry if you don't know how to do this job, Disney will program you: "Once you complete our thorough training program you will be proficient." Too UNreal.... 

Disney English Foreign Trainer (various locations in China)

Date: 2011-08-15, 9:12AM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Disney English is looking for the best and brightest educators to instruct children ages 2-12 in an intensive program at our Language Learning Centers throughout China. We're growing at an exceptional rate, and have established learning centers in several cities including, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, with centers in Dalian, Wuxi, Chengdu and Guangzhou soon to come!

Trainers will follow an innovative and immersive Disney inspired program, leveraging state-of-the-art technology as well as Disney's beloved characters and stories to provide students with a highly engaging and effective premium learning experience.

Once you complete our thorough training program, you will be proficient in delivering Disney English content. A variety of printed materials, multimedia tools and audio-visual aids that include formal exercises and language games will be provided in order to deliver a dynamic curriculum that emphasizes dialogue, story-telling, singing and role-playing.

Currently, we have the following positions available:
• Foreign Trainer: 2-4 years of teaching experience, specifically with young learners

• Bachelors degree required
• Candidates should have 2+ years post-graduate experience teaching young learners, ESL preferred
• Candidates should be native English speakers
• Internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certification (ask us for help, if you have secured one)
• Creativity and excitement to engage with our learners in their lessons
• Talents in music, art, and theater are a huge plus
• Must be able to lift 40-50 pounds as required

Full Time Compensation Model:
• 10,000 -- 11,000 RMB monthly salary
• 3,000RMB -- 4,350RMB monthly housing allowance (dependent on location)
• One time 7,000RMB training bonus
• Flight to China arranged by Disney English
• Return Flight Allowance of 420RMB per month (maximum of 5000RMB toward return flight)
• Health/Dental Insurance Premium Paid

·     LLocation: various locations in China

·         Compensation: 10,000 -- 11,000 RMB monthly salary

·         Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

·         Please, no phone calls about this job!

·         Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 2502542953

Disney English Language Learning Director (various locations in China)

Date: 2011-08-15, 9:12AM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Disney English is looking for enthusiastic and experienced academic managers to provide leadership and guidance to local and foreign teachers, and inspire children 2-12 in an intensive program at Disney English Language Learning Centers in China. Locations include:

• Suzhou
• Chengdu
• Nanjing
• Dalian
• Ningbo
• Beijing
• Guangzhou
• Hangzhou
• Tianjin
• Shanghai

The Language Learning Director is responsible for managing the foreign and local trainers, ensuring consistent excellence in our overall program delivery and ensuring that Disney English is a highly effective and unforgettable classroom experience for our young language learners.

In addition to overseeing academic operations of the center, each LLD is required to teach up to 8 hours per week, and substitute for scheduled trainers in the event of unexpected absence. Once you complete our thorough orientation program, you will quickly become proficient in delivering Disney English content. A variety of printed materials, multimedia tools and audio-visual aids that include formal exercises and language games will be provided in order to deliver a dynamic curriculum that emphasizes dialogue, story-telling, singing and role-playing.

Job Qualifications:
• 5-7 years relevant teaching and management experience
• Proven track record in team leadership and staff management
• Internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certification (Disney English will facilitate if necessary)
• Candidates should be native English speakers
• Strong organizational and detail-oriented capabilities
• Creative, self-motivated problem solver who performs well under pressure
• Strong people skills with the ability to continually hire, train and manage staff
• Bachelors degree required
• Must be a native English speaker
• Commit to a minimum of a 12 month contract
• Must be able to lift 40-50 pounds as required

• 18,000 RMB monthly salary
• 3,000RMB -- 4,350RMB monthly housing allowance (dependent on location)
• One time 7,000RMB training bonus
• Disney English will purchase flight to China, and provide a return Flight Allowance of 420RMB per month (maximum of 5000RMB toward return flight)
• Health/Dental Insurance Premium Paid

·         Location: various locations in China

·         Compensation: 18,000 RMB monthly salary

·         Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

·         Please, no phone calls about this job!

·         Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 2502536453

Well, that’s all I have for today. Of course, there have been the earthquakes in Colorado (after shocks) and in Virginia, of all places. There was a little excitement because people were rejoicing when they heard that the Washington Monument got cracked and was leaning over due to the earthquake. A very good sign indeed, if you understand the esoteric meaning! But then the cabal had to spoil the party by saying that the Monument was just fine. Not sure if I believe that. I think they are just playing another one of their psych-op games. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER NOW!

OOPS, here is yesterday’s blog. I just did not feel like posting it yesterday.

Chemtrails in Oregon and My Love (August 24, 2011)
I had a very difficult night last night. I could not sleep. It seems that the cabal is doing their weather manipulations here in Oregon right now and Emanu’el said I am hypersensitive to the particles they disperse through their chemtrails for that purpose. The particles that fell out of the sky felt like pins pricking my skin and I could not sleep! I wish they would leave Oregon alone!

Daily Dose: Chemtrails In Oregon

After such a bad night, I will probably need to take a nap. Other than that, major events for today are earthquakes in Colorado, which may be a sign that Mother Earth is trying to evict the power elite from their hidden underground bunkers. They have a huge underground facility right underneath the Denver Airport and I would not be surprised to learn that they have one on the border where the Earthquakes are happening.

Emanu’el gave me this divine song this morning. The clue was simply, “My Love” and after bypassing the songs with advertisements, this is what we have. Wow; it is very, very powerful. It really explains it all. Thank you, Emanu’el. I love this song and the sweet images!

My Love by Sia (with Lyrics)

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Eros Is Always On My Mind

ErosPsycheHEAVENSōferia, aka Psyche again with an update. I really don’t have much at all new to report today. After all of the research I've been doing the past few days I am understanding a little better the idea of yin and yang, dark and light, God and Satan, either-or, dualism, salt and pepper, good and bad, the donut and the donut hole, the esoteric and the exoteric, the positive and the negative, or whatever of millions of other metaphors one might want to use. It all brings me closer to flipping a few more icons and changing up their meanings -- and finding out who that elusive Wizard of Symbols is.

I learned something new today. I learned that the Jewish people do not believe there is a Satan. That seems really strange to me. How can they believe there is a God but no Satan? This information came to me during some of my research and I will no doubt investigate this idea more closely. It seems to me that Satan is very real for reasons I don’t want to discuss right here and now. If you think my blogs have been on the dark side lately, well, let me tell ya -- you ain't seen nothing!

Other than all of that, I have been working on my dissertation plus writing a very special article dedicated to Joe for the next Journal of Epistemology. I am learning a lot about Irish culture, which I should know since I am Irish – but no one ever taught me. It’s as if the Irish people are non-existent except in certain venues. We are an alienated race and there has been a lot of discrimination against us. But no one ever talks about white people being discriminated against. That will all be covered in the article.

I really miss Emanu’el. When I get on these long epistemological road trips, even though I know we are still connected because we are connected 24/7, I feel him travelling away from me doing his work and I get distracted doing my work and suddenly I realize I haven’t talked to him for hours and I miss him! He did not give me a song this morning and I’m sure it’s because he knew I was already overloaded. I wonder if he has one for me tonight. I think I will meet with him right now (it is 7:47 pm) – a little early but I miss him!

Meeting with Emanu’el, my EROS
Oh, how sweet! He said he was calling me and he told me that I am getting really good at picking up on his emotions and that we are getting closer every day. He said he missed me and that the clue for my goodnight song is “divine time tonight.” I’m excited! That means he’s taking me away to the Heavens tonight! Good night! Oh – here is the song (I will look this up right now): OH, this is funny. The song is exactly what I just wrote about, working on our mission and missing him. . .he is always on my mind. How sweet - he is telling me that he knows I think about him all of the time - can't get him off my mind, even when I am busy working. I love you, EROS!!!!

Chris Reece & Luciana Di Nardo - Still Breathin' ("The Divine Circle" Album Preview)

(Partial Lyrics)

Burning desires inside of me
too many ways to turn my time
and everything reminds me of you

Give my eyes down to the ground
try to help for something new
how can I get along
get you off my mind
I still breath
I still live my life
(I'm still breathin', I'm still breathin')
I wanna go and just don't belong
Into this ordinary world
It's in the roll of the dice
Let me hear to my desire
I'm just wondering if my faith
Will let me go

New start in front of me
just a step away from here
now all of my fears are left behind

Now the place for tears went other way
and cryin' stand on on my face
but how can i make me strong
get you off my mind 

I still breath
I still live my life
(I'm still breathin', I'm still breathin')
I wanna go and just don't belong
Into this ordinary world
It's in the roll of the dice
Let me hear to my desire
I'm just wondering if my faith
Will let me go

Someday it will pay off
Someday you will see it coming through
I still breath
I still live my life
(I'm still breathin', I'm still breathin')
I wanna go and just don't belong
Into this ordinary world
It's in the roll of the dice
Let me hear to my desire
I'm just wondering if my faith
Will let me go

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Donuts, Psychopaths, Genocide, Anti-Irish Sentiment (Racism), It's Just Elite Show Business, Desecration of the Ethiopian Flag, The NEW Children, PLUS Iron Lion Zion
ErosPsycheSoferia, here again, the transported Pleiadian Queen - aka Psyche with her beloved EROS always by her side! I have to say, as I have said many times before, there are times when being on this planet is clearly no different than being in some sort of Hell, at least if it were not for Eros who does take me away from here often to our home in the Heavens, the Crystal City, and other Divine Places. There may not be fire and brimstone on Earth, but the abyss is always close by for those who choose to fall off into it – and many are choosing to do that, creating havoc for those who want to live a sane, peaceful, respectful life.

My research the past few days has taken me from observations of how people ridicule and laugh at other people of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds, in public no less (and call it laughing at “themselves” – nice try), how they are ignorant to the media tactics that perpetuate this disrespect for our brothers and sisters, how they are blind and literally cannot see through the surface interpretation – they only see the meaning that those holding the power wish us to know so that we continue to denigrate each other in our absolute stupidity. For some people, it is not only stupidity at work – or by one researcher’s account it is both stupidity and the total lack of capacity to FEEL or to comprehend what someone else might feel – the growing number of psychopaths or antisocial personalities. I watched numerous videos by Thomas Sheridan, also author of a book about psychopaths.

I am not sure I agree with his advice: He claims you cannot win with them and to just avoid them as much as possible. Given that psychopaths are the ones who control absolutely everything in the world and are determined to create their One World Order, is that such smart advice? Do we just give them free clearance? That’s a hard one.
Again, over the past few days, my research has covered a LOT of ground, many different topics, and it has dug into some very dark corners. It is so interesting when you start viewing knowledge under the lights, especially the dark, esoteric knowledges that are force fed on us without our knowing even what’s going on - that typically (for most of us) subliminal information that is used by the elite to control us without our consious awareness. The metaphor is a DONUT = Do Nut (“Do a Nut”). Most people only eat the outside of the donut, the outside circle, representing the knowledge that is visible and is spoon fed to us to keep us entertained and happy. The hollow center of the donut (do a nut) represents the hidden, esoteric knowledge, the dark stuff, the black stuff that they also teach us but below the threshold of our perception if we have not opened our consciousness.

There is also the positive, light-filled esoteric knowledge and that is hidden away totally because the dark ones have destroyed and changed up so much of that knowledge. Fortunately, today things are beginning to change, but we have a long, long way to go before the masses are educated with the empowering, light-filled knowledge that will allow them to break free from the enslavement of their mind, bodies, and souls.

For those people who step off into the abyss and consciously seek the dark knowledge for narcissistic and selfish purposes, worshipping the “bull god” or Satan (also signified by the geometric 
Torus – which has the esoteric and the exoteric - the visible and the hidden), well then they can expect to go through various initiations that require the enactment implied by “do a nut.” There are multiple levels of interpretation for that, but there are many videos out there, including those posted below that discuss this will be the case if you want to be a “star” and “shine.” The video below discusses this in terms of “bending over” and other forms of sacrifice required for those who want to move up the psychopathic ladder to success.
Don’t forget – my Code Blue Earth Mission is to flip some tables and reveal the Wizard of Symbols. Thus, this involves an investigation into how the psychopathic wizard changed the POSITIVE symbols into negative ones. Where and when in history did that begin? Whose history have they desecrated with their dark twists and turns?

This is a vast project because it permeates every system and institution on the globe! But we must begin somewhere. One place is to learn more about THEM than they know about us. Here are some videos about the kind of people – and they are not people, as it turns out – but rather some sort of entity (some people call them the Reptilians or Lizards) that are bent on totally destroying our planet and killing everyone save a few of their friends. The Wizard is no doubt one of these Lizards.
Our Psychopath Possessed Planet

Labyrinth of the Psychopath 1 - When the Demon Knocks at Your Door

Labyrinth of the Psychopath 3 - Grandiosity


So they could very well be extremely successful academically without necessarily cheating- correct? So long as no real creativity or emotional insight were required...
 ie. achieving exceptional grades in finance/ economics geofftaylor70 1 month ago
·         @geofftaylor70Some can and do become professors and so on. But generally they are not in fields which require ground breaking exploration and imaginative understanding. Things like Professors of Theology and any other field which requires little more than repeating what others have written. You would never get a psychopath who would be involved in quantum or particle physics or cosmology. They would look to the easist route to tenureship. Just repeating/pontificating other people's discovery.ThomasSheridanArts 1 month ago
·         "They haven't actually thought about it in any real way, they just pontificate"How is that different from ANY intellectual? (ba-dum tiss)somecomputergeek 3 months ago
·         @somecomputergeekWell you got me there!ThomasSheridanArts 3 months ago

Labyrinth of the Psychopath 5 - Bogus Internet Support Predators

The Elite and their Craft - It's Just (Show) Business.

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ThomasSheridanArts on May 13, 2011
·         @ 04:40 when you talk about that woman telling him about 'sacrifices' that have to be made in the music business, and your experiences. Check this out! Blood Sacrifices in Hip-Hop /watch?v=WP2tTPF4yCw&feature=c­hannel_video_title

Making fun of the Irish has a very long history which can be tracked through linguistics (words devised to denigrate them) back when the English and then the British wanted to take over Scotland and Ireland. The British purposely tried to exterminate the entire Irish population during what was called a "potato famine" for which it is now believed there was no famine at all. There is a running history of linguistics associated with the tearing down the Irish people that followed those who escaped to the United States during the potato famine, and believe it or not, this tearing down of the Scottish, Irish and the Gaelic peoples continues to this very day! Most people are not aware of how this can be happening, nor do they even want to know. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If you are interested track it down; it is not that difficult and you might learn something. 

These are people who do not want to know are too busy posting videos like the following one rather than learn that there is a dark esoteric agenda being used against us to divide and conquer us. As soon as a rational person tries to discuss the issues with what they are doing, they go in their gang-bang justification mode. There is something wrong with YOU if you want to provide them with some background information as to why SOME Irish may not find the video funny, but instead find it racist. (Note in this video at the end, the “Nuns” are not wearing traditional garments with the white collars, but rather closer to Satanic-looking costumes which help to more realistically symbolize the sacrifice of the Irish man during the tug-of-war game).  This game is also directly representative of the tactics of the Satanists, or the psychopaths in that it illustrates the either-or, win-lose dialectics they keep the masses entangled in. The media, for example, regularly attacks us on multiple levels – facilitating division across various axes, as well as on the esoteric level by bombarding us with negatively charged esoteric symbol, e.g., the evil eye, the “v” (devil) sign, and many, many more that most of us are not aware of. It is our lack of awareness that is killing us. And people do not want to know truth. They just don’t want to hear it. I am sure Thomas Sheridan is absolutely correct when he says there is no cure for psychopaths. We need not waste our efforts.

At any rate, this video is not simply the Irish laughing at the Irish. It is also the masses laughing at the "Other" (as edu-jargon likes to frame it), including both the Irish and the Catholic religion (through the depiction of nuns), and even beyond that - the real joke is on the fools who are playing in this act - the ritual symbolizes how they must sell their soul - and even literally participate in sacrifices for the privilege of being on television. Becoming a star in the media requires being a fool. 

Spike Milligan - The Irish O'lympics


A Little Background Context for the Above Denigration of the Irish People:
The Irish Potato “Famine” as it turns out, was perpetrated upon the Irish by the British
In 1996, Francis A. Boyle, a law professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, wrote a report commissioned by the New York-based Irish Famine/Genocide Committee, which concluded that the British government deliberately pursued a race and ethnicity-based policy aimed at destroying the group commonly known as the Irish people and that the POLICY of mass starvation amounted to GENOCIDE per the Hague convention of 1948.[fn 11] On the strength of Boyle's report, the U.S. state of New Jersey included the famine in the "Holocaust and Genocide Curriculum" at the secondary tier.Views of the Irish as racially inferior, and for this reason significantly responsible for their circumstances, gained purchase in Great Britain during and immediately after the famine, especially through influential publications such as The Medical Times and The Times.[138] (Wikipedia)

I found this next video interesting because it explains the use of SALT in a ritual, the significance of which I had discussed a few blogs back. This video was supposed to be a joke, too. I am sure many people did not find this funny, although most of them probably did not understand some of the symbols and their meanings.

Mtv’s hidden symbolism in its Christmas commercial


Emanu’el gave me the following two videos (through clues, of course) and they relate and sort of sum up my research over the past few days. The first video discusses another famine, which was not really a famine, but rather another act of genocide. As you can see by the comments, which I have included, there is a lot of confusion over this. Another tactic by the elite power wielders is to provide lots of misinformation, disinformation, obfuscated facts, and lies so that we can all argue about it instead of researching for the truth. As you can see by the comments, people fall right into the trap.
The Ukrainian Famine

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Nov 22, 2008
In the 1930s, a devastating famine ravaged Ukraine. Millions of people died as a result, but was it due to the Soviet government's inadequate agricultural policies or was it a planned genocide of an entire nation?Top Comments
·         ive read about this. ironically 'socialist' state opened shops during famine where you could buy food for skyhigh prices with gold/valuables. they made serious money with it. bastards. starved 6-10 milion people and made money of it. thats more victims than the whole so bloated holocaust! im sorry for them.BelmondoAlvaro 1 year ago 6
·         It was the practie of the Talmudic-Communist ideology at the extrem.Quit the things to the goym and may the jew rules,the goy should die.Israel don't regocognize it.I have found many,many,many people who only knows about Holocaust,but if you ask to them about Holodomor or Armenian one,they don't know anything.About Yushenko,he is wrong.He thinks that Ukrainia was a victim of the Russians.Lie.Russia and Ukrainia were vicimts of the jewish bolsheviks.They are slavs brothers,not enemies.TreueumTreueFest62 2 years ago Your reaction?
·         RT news should STOP living in soviet lies by telling the whole world that Ukraine "claims" it was a genocide. It was a genocide against Ukrainians by Joseph Stalin. 7-1- innocent Ukrainians were tortuously starved to death. No claims. TRUTH! everyone who agrees with me should listen. Do not comment, do not watch any of this nonsense and propaganda. It is funded by Russia's president who also says that it was "not a genocide, it was a famine that effected the whole soviet union" Boycott! trypilla 1 week ago
·         THE REAL HOLOCAUST!BENNYSIEGEL90 1 month ago
·         why are there no monuments about this outsidse ukraine,even inside.the israel govt will not recognise the ukrainian genocide??orpheusinundergrowth 1 month ago
·         The jews did this! The jews was in total control of Soviet 1917 to 1990.jeWise wordpress c-mReal Jew News c-mDavid Duke c-mincogman netJewMafiaCrime 1 month ago
·         ...yet by identifying it... it was impossible to talk about it... and thanks to Chinese-medicine-beer... the right words... and the proper wording... "rolls-off my tongue" other words... the right words come to me... and I still have freight-trains of revenge to pass on... and revenge to get... and I have to continue getting revenge for those... who are no longer with us in the flesh... yet they need it... because getting-revenge is the ultimate reason to live... and will keep you alive...marktsheppard 1 month ago
·         ...and my step-parents had every psychological-koo-koo-book imaginable... and there was this one author... by the name of John Bradshaw... and he had this book titled... "Healing the Shame" ...and for a long time... I could NOT figure out... as to what kind of shame were my step-parents concerned about... yet there was this nagging-feeling... that I just could NOT "place my finger on it" and could NOT "nail it down"... and then later on in life... I started identifing the emotional vibe/feelingmarktsheppard 1 month ago
·         ...and just to ad... the Soviets can always claim... and say... that it could have been so much worse... or that the people in charge... they could have been so much more strict... and so many more people could have been tourcherd... and arrested... and that they did show restraint... and were merciful... and that the Ukrainians should be thankful for being alive... hmmm... because those were the mindfucking tactics that my step-father used... so I will forgive him... and accept him as my fathermarktsheppard 1 month ago
·         ...and I am talking to those who remember... or who were told of what happened by their grandfathers... or their grate-grandfathers... and to get revenge... and to make things right... hmmm... because the Soviet Union was an... an experiment at multiculturalism... and so every one will forget... and or forgive... and to kill-off any one who might remember... and to kill the eye witnesses... so nobody will even talk about it... and it will be a distant memory...marktsheppard 1 month ago
· ...this video... is a mindfuck to DISARM any one who feels upset... and so the Ukrainian MEN... will forgive... and move on with their life... and just accept it... and to just forgive... and understand... and pray along with the Russians... and to make friends with the Soviets/Russians who benefited from everything that the Soviet Union did... and to maybe meditate together... and hold hands... and to accept the Russians as their rightful masters... because the Soviets were merciful...marktsheppard 1 month ago
·         Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner who spent 8 years in Gulag labor camps in Siberia and 3 years in exile and who is hardly a "Communist regime sympathizer" wrote about the Holodomor campaign in 2008:"This provocateurs outcry about "genocide" began to emerge decades later - first secretly, in the musty chauvinistic minds, viciously opposed to "Muscovites" - and now ascended to government circles of today's Ukraine, to surpass even the dashing swirls of Bolshevik propaganda "DrMundo74 2 months ago  

What is the solution? It is what my mission is about. Joe found a solution for people who are smart enough to do what they need to do – become passionate about researching and learning and use his bricolage to put it all together and find solutions to these problems. And who might these people be? Well, Emanu’el answered that with his second clue, “special abilities” which brought up the last video I am posting today: The children being born today, called the NEW Children, are the ones who have the special abilities and the ones who will be able to sort this all out.

That’s not fair, is it, to leave it all to the children? My people, the Pleiadians did not think so, either, so we are here all over the planet along with entities from other planets to help. Unfortunately, the majority of the people on the planet are not going to be of much help, which is why many of them will be transported off the planet so they are no longer in our way and hindering the spread of knowledge that can get us out of this mess and allow us to live together with the respect that we all deserve. If we can give a jump start to clearing out the darkness, the children will have some pathways cleared. It isn’t much, but it’s the least we can do. And these special children coming up today will always, always have divine guidance and support.

Children With Special Abilities: The NEW Children

Last but not least, Emau’el gave me this song yesterday. I thought it was for someone else, but she did not relate to it, so maybe it was for me – or more likely, for both of us, knowing Emanu’el. I do relate to it! “Run like a fugitive.” That’s funny, now that I think about it – Joe wrote about how we have to be “epistemological bandits on the run.” YES, that fits. With the work I’m doing trying to find the Wizard of symbols, reclaiming and renaming the symbols – I am an epistemological bandit on the run. Also, the song is about the Lion of Judah (see the last video of an explanation in relation to Ethiopia).

iron lion zion

I am on the rock and then I check a stock
I have to run like a fugitive to save the life I live
I'm gonna be Iron like a Lion in Zion (repeat)
Iron Lion Zion
I'm on the run but I ain't got no gun
See they want to be the star
So they fighting tribal war
And they saying Iron like a Lion in Zion
Iron like a Lion in Zion,
Iron Lion Zion

I'm on the rock, (running and you running)
I take a stock, (running like a fugitive)
I had to run like a fugitive just to save the life I live
I'm gonna be Iron like a Lion in Zion (repeat)
Iron Lion Zion, Iron Lion Zion, Iron Lion
Zion Iron like a Lion in Zion, Iron like
a lion in Zion Iron like a Lion in Zion

Imperial Ethiopian Flag, Lion of Judah, Bible History & PROPHECY Fulfilled - Numbers 2:2 (Part 1)

8:38 pm | link 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Code Blue Mission Continues: Do Not Disturb, Table Flips, Money and Esoteric Symbols, PLUS A Message from My People

Earth-HeartAs noted yesterday, this Code Blue Earth mission is to continue! Yet, today I am feeling very STUCK! There are multiple tasks I need to work on and I literally do not know which direction to turn, thus, I am writing this blog and hoping that out of it, a firm direction or guidepost will be provided. As I have often mentioned, these blogs – ever since the very first blog of
May 5, 2009 which is back on the other website – evolve. They are never planned, but rather just flow as I write them. Some people might say they are “channeled.” I think that may be true part of the time; sometimes it’s as if other people do speak through me – I do give them permission to do so if they have certain messages they wish to convey. They would be all of the members of my soul family – any one of them is free to speak through me when I give them permission. Emanu’el, my twin flame (who often does speak through me), has an open invitation. That’s really the only thing that explains how I have been able to write about things of which I had no real previous knowledge, especially of things that I learn about before they even happen.

The May 5, 2009 blog was NOT actually my first blog; I had written several before then and had built a lovely web page that was in memory of Joe and his “Warrior Scholar,” as I had called it, form of contributions to the world, but the powers-that-be ordered me to take them down, so I did. I did not have the spiritual strength at that time to resist what they ordered. And I was stupid enough to believe they would leave me alone if I did what they requested. I soon learned that even when I followed their ORDERS, their ceaseless vindictiveness did not end! They destroyed much of what Joe and I had created together. Although, I know that with the Akashic records, nothing is ever REALLY destroyed, so in the end their efforts will prove to have been in vain. It was then, along with my increasing spiritual power that was being flooded into my soul as I reconnected with my soul family that I was able to press onward, nonstop beginning with the May 5, 2009 blog and ever onward. As was provided in yesterday’s blog, I am reminded that the Mission must and will continue.

August has been a difficult month so far and I do hope things will lighten up and brighten up now so that I can move forward with the mission in some more monumental and productive ways. But today I have no clue where I am to head as far as immediate tasks and it is feeling much like running into a brick wall. I do need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for Milestone 7 of my dissertation which I plan to complete no later than mid-September and then it should be full speed ahead. That reminds me of my meeting with Emanu’el this morning.

Emanu’el is fully aware of my difficulties with focus and direction as well as my minor setback with worrying. I had been fully past all of that, but some things have happened in my life that have brought the issue back up to deal with once again. He reminded me there is no reason ever to worry and refreshed my memory about time warps that expand “time” (which is just an illusion, anyway) so that there is ample time to get everything done that needs to be done for the mission. So even though it looks like I can never get all of the tasks accomplished, I am not to worry – the time will manifest and everything will get done. And last night and this morning he discussed money a lot because I am forever still having issues with money. It is true that so many people allow money to turn them evil – make them do things that are not right just to make a buck, and as I have even discussed in my previous blogs, they sell their souls to the devil. It’s what makes people ignore the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my front door – it is perfectly ok in their minds to disturb someone who does not want to be bothered so that they can get more almighty dollars in their hands. Since Emanu’el put “Do not Disturb” in quotation marks, it is a clue to look up on YouTube. I will do that right now.

Home Office: Do Not Disturb


Yes, I totally relate to her dilemma. Not only do I have outside disturbances, there are the inside disturbances in my home that can so often interrupt the flow of thought. Thank you, Emanu’el, for this video. Maybe someday more people will come to understand this. I wonder what Joe did to keep his quiet writing time. I have heard down through the cosmos he went behind a closed, locked door and refused to allow anyone to interrupt him. I don’t know if that is true or if he just learned to let his writing flow out whether there were disruptions or not. I am sure that with all of the people bothering him so much, he had to do something to be able to write and edit all of those books. Maybe he found time warps, too, like Emanu’el is telling me about. I know they exist. I seemed to have found one when I wrote the first three chapters for my dissertation – it just flowed forth in very short order. I hope the same thing happens when I sit down to write the rest of my dissertation, Chapters 4 and 5.

Well, that was the first video that came to the top and it was very supportive. A song also came to the top and it seems very upbeat and relevant, so I am also including it. I know how much Emanu’el (and I) love music and this song has some great messages. “They all wanna be Number One on my team.” LOL. That reminds me of a line in one of Joe’s books I just read recently! I will write more about that another time.

Lets Get It's song "Do Not Disturb

Let's Get It
Do Not Disturb lyrics

Tell me how bad...

Well fashioned entrances
Tend to turn heads.
I came to break necks
And get in their beds.

They won't deny me
What I came to see.
'Cuz they all wanna be
Number one on my team.

Tell me how bad
Do you want it?
Oh you want it...

I'm throwing all kinds of fire
And by your attire I see you admire
My walk, my pose, you come to all my shows
And you think I never notice
(Well) it's time for you to show me just

How you say that you're game
(Down for whatever, whenever, you're waiting for the word)
Well today is your day
(And games I don't play)

Just move when I say...

Tell me how bad
Do you want it?
Oh you want it
But how far is to far?

This is the sign
That you've been waiting for.
Grab your composure
'Cuz baby it's check-out time.

Tell me how bad
Do you want it?
Oh you want it
But how far is to far?

This is the sign
That you've been waiting for.
Grab your composure
'Cuz baby it's check-out time.

And I...

I'll stay up waiting in the lobby 'till I see you there.
One at a time up to our room.
Make sure nobody sees you creeping discretely.
Just them wondering what we're doing.
[ Lyrics from: ]
The elevator is building anticipation
And we both are sick of waiting
Hearts tired from pacing, yeah.
In my mind, you're mine...

Tell me how bad
Do you want it?
Oh you want it
But how far is to far?

This is the sign
That you've been waiting for.
Grab your composure
'Cuz baby it's check-out time.

Tell me how bad
Do you want it?
Oh you want it
But how far is to far?

This is the sign
That you've been waiting for.
Grab your composure
'Cuz baby it's check-out time.

(Out time...)

How many times must I tell you?
We're second best to no one.

Yeah, how many times must I tell you?
We're second best to no one.

Oh, how many times must I tell you?
We're second best to no one.

Uh-huh, how many times must I tell you?
We're second best to no one.

Tell me how bad...

Do you want it?
Oh you want it
But how far is to far?

This is the sign
That you've been waiting for.
Grab your composure
'Cuz baby it's check-out time.

Tell me how bad
Do you want it?
Oh you want it
But how far is to far?

This is the sign
That you've been waiting for.
Grab your composure
'Cuz baby it's check-out time.

(Take you're watch, it's our time.)
Tell me how bad.

(Haha, uh.)
How bad...

Psyche-at-the-BeachTable Flipping: The Task of Queen Sōferia
Something just dawned on me! A short time ago, I was given the go ahead to tell the world I am Queen Sōferia. This was to better align my credibility as I relay President Obama’s “table flips” which is one of my assignments (and I have written several blogs about some of this table flips already). It dawned on me how many really important people have had to write their experiences as stories to keep from being harangued by the powers-that-be and how I am doing the same thing. It will soon be time for me to do a table flip about REALITY – which, indeed, will show once again that reality is stranger than fiction. It will not be covered in these blogs. And speaking of table flips, Obama will be coming out with a new, very powerful table flip in September when he announces his remedies for the poor job situation and high unemployment in the U.S. I will cover that one here.

money in god we trustMoney, Money, Money! And Esoteric Symbols
And it is so often all about money in this culture, as Emanu’el reminded me this morning. As I said, he has been on that topic for a couple of days. It is important. He knows my urgency regarding this issue since I am still on unemployment compensation after going on two years of being without work. Thank goodness, Obama has made many extensions available. I have lost track now how many times I have had to file for an extension (each one only lasts 12-18 weeks at a time). Emanu’el told me for the second time now that there is an open door that I am not yet seeing. He really wants to help me because he is my husband and he said that he wishes to alleviate my anxiety over the issue, but he said that after consulting with Higher Masters all he can tell me is that there is an open doorway that is still hidden from my eyes and mind. Then he sort of made a joke about it to lighten things up a bit: “This is the one area we seem to have the most difficult time – not much different than Earth marriages that way, eh? Money always serves as an obstacle and source of energy that negatively impacts relationships. Yet it is required in this culture. Don’t worry; this is all going to work its way out and will no longer serve as an obstacle to the goals and wishes you have. It will never alter the mission plans, so please go forward, confident in that. You have a role, tasks, and important goals to achieve. You have chosen to do this and you have been chosen. Thus, have faith that everything you need will be made available along your pathway – and I am right beside you. ‘Go forward in trust.’” This is the video that came to the top with the clue, "Go forward in trust"...he is just reassuring me about many things in this video.

Advice to live by

That was the first video – but as usual I got side-tracked with another video that came up in the search in which there were important take-home messages about money. This one reminds me of a video I watched yesterday about symbols and how the Illuminati have tied everything to sex. They have almost totally desecrated sacred sex and divine unions (which was one of their goals to keep the power out of the hands of people: divine alchemical unions are a power they cannot reckon with) and they have turned sex into being all about greed, money, dirty sex, ritual sex in which people, especially women, are objectified, tortured and even killed. This takes us right back to the message above “Number One” again and being a “star” (more about that later). Check out this video; it shows how PERVASIVE the sexualization process has been in this culture and now, of course, it is more “in your face” than ever before. The world, especially Western culture (which is spreading its tentacles into all cultures) is truly the second Babylon as described in the Bible.

Royal Wedding Of Ritual Witchcraft.avi

Uploaded by Truthiracy1 on May 8, 2011
Royal Wedding Of Ritual Witchcraft.avi Part 1 of 8. Researched by Christopher Lord Truthiracy Films 2011. An educational research documentary film into the hidden ancient rituals of the Royal ELite. Astonishing new information that has never before been pieced together and explained so clearly before now. Christopher Lord uses scientific data, with actual moon dates to substantiate his claims, backed by insightful etymology, symbology and theologies that will blow your mind.

Check out the guy's name who did all of this research! Christopher Lord - I wonder if his middle name is Jesus. Anyway, this is SIGNIFICANT. It means he is on the right side of this spiritual war. We can learn so much by just paying attention to people's names and what they mean!

Royal Wedding Of Ritual Witchcraft P2.avi

Royal Wedding Of Ritual Witchcraft P3

Royal Wedding Of Ritual Witchcraft P4.avi

Royal Wedding Of Ritual Witchcraft P5.avi

Bull God of the Bible: Some Lessons in Esoteric Etymology

Wow, it looks like I got side-tracked again, but those videos were really interesting and opened up my mind for new ways to interpret esoteric symbols beyond the exoteric meanings. Perhaps I would not interpret them all the way he does, perhaps I would. I would really love to expand this research, since what he has provided in these videos as well as other ones he has created is basically just a summary. But still, they are mind expanding and very, very interesting, in my book and this could lead to some greater understandings of some of the things that are happening in the world!

Wizard of SymbolsIt just dawned on me! The understandings of these symbols will be invaluable for our major mission task: finding the Wizard of Symbols and reversing the meanings (one of our major table flips) for all of the sacred symbols that have been stolen and desecrated for the evil purpose of worshipping the Bull God! The videos mention that the QUEENS are at the top, but I do believe they have a consort - the WIZARD of SYMBOLS, because in the Wizard of Oz, the Wizard was a man (and I have figured out we are playing the Wizard of Oz).

I wonder if this could be the Open Door that Emanu'el has told me I have missed. Interesting thought!

Message from the Pleiadians
I don't read many channeled messages, but I always enjoy Lauren Gorgo's messages. They FEEL like they are from my people and many of the things she talks about jive with things Emanu'el has already told me about. So, here is her most recent message.

Channeler: Lauren C. Gorgo Sunday, August 14, 2011 To The Light-Bearers

"You are currently undergoing the transition into spiritual-galactic adulthood as you venture beyond the leg of the journey that we refer to as the embodiment phase. This phase is nearing completion and there will be so much to share with you in the coming weeks...

For now, realize that you are the brigade by which all evolutionary change will be based. You to whom we speak are the true light-bearers…for you brought light where there was none…into every corner, every facet of human life…and every industry, every nation, every culture of the world is changing because of your silent triumphs. It is because of each of you that the new paradigm is anchored firmly in place, and it is because of you, the ground & grid-workers, that the new era of human consciousness shall begin and prevail." - Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Reconnection Completion

According to the Pleiadians, the reconnection completion of our dormant DNA (known by conventional scientists as 'junk' DNA)...which includes 12 strands of the double-helix and 24 light, or acceleration-codes of the matching pairs (12 magnetic/female & 12 electric/male)...commences on the 11:11, the universal gateway they are calling "the portal to living in full 5th dimensional consciousness." This is the activation of the full silicate matrix, or divine blueprint, which contains the original 12-Strand DNA code structure of the original spiritual-human prototype.

From what I understand, this completion also marks the beginning of the physical journey into oneness for all those who have activated these codes within…the part where we actually become the living examples of a new-humanity.

"Now, we say this with great care, for we understand that you are tired, and you are prostrate from exertion, and that you may feel as though rest is needed after all the work you've accomplished...but we assure you that the invigoration that you will feel from a fully-fired system (kundalini), an activated sacred template, will replace any feelings of fatigue you are enduring. We also say this so that you are reminded that there is great work to be done in this phase of the global process, and lovingly we add that there will be 'no rest for the weary'." - Seven Sisters

There is more information on this to come in subsequent updates, but for now we are being urged to continue to nurture ourselves thru the remaining days of the embodiment process, and allow our physical selves to come into complete alignment with the rest of us, in our own perfect timing.

Prophesy Fulfilled?

"There is a significant cosmic event that is soon to take place that will herald the beginning of the new phase. This, of course, will not be understood by many, but will be regarded as the signal to begin the implementation phase by those with eyes to see…the awakened ones, those of indigenous cultures and self-run systems of governance. We also want to make it clear that this event is not to create a cataclysmic scenario as so many are predicting, but more of a recollection, an impression, an awareness by those who "rule" the world that there is MUCH more than meets the eye." - Seven Sisters

I am hearing that this one event..and apparently there are few out-of-this-world discoveries on the way…but this one in particular is directly related to the DNA reconnection completion and the "firing" of our new human system. I imagine that this event is intimately connected to the well-known (and sensationalized) "comets" headed our way this month and next, but what's interesting is that when I ask the Pleiadians about this they say that:

"There is a comet referenced that is actually not a comet at all, but a celestial body that houses a very advanced civilization. There is also that which many are calling 'the comet of destruction' but we assure you it is not in the way that most think. This comet is the prophesied "harbinger of peace", and toward that end it will create changes and upheaval, but not in a way that will destroy the earth."

What's also interesting….besides the fact that no one has any solid idea of how all this will unfold…is that back in February, I received a message from a group of archangels who talked, in no uncertain terms, of the return of a 12th planet that they refer to as "Nibiru" (another target of sensationalism, so please refrain from hitting the panic-button) and how this directly impacts our 12th dimensional consciousness. They mentioned that:

…"in the coming days, there will be even greater awareness of the implications of Nibiru's presence in your solar system, and those who have fully reconnected and activated their 12th dimensional human-galactic genetics will be brought into alignment with the energies and beings from this celestial body."

They also mentioned that:

"... the yet-to-be-officially-discovered-planet is, in large part, responsible for setting the new consciousness course for humanity, and will enable the 12th dimensional field of perceptual reality to be projected into form…a dimension which they refer to as the field of mind-body connection.

Like all planets, this 'new' planet on its way to our awareness is the macrocosmic expression of our microcosmic experience on earth….the 12th dimensional cosmic interplay required for the full integration of spirit into physical form."

And from their perspective, that all connects thru the understanding that:

…"there are 12 fundamental spiritual energies in our universe which seek a physical expression. This expression (where a planetary energy operates or is released in our lives) is accomplished thru 12 zodiac signs, 12 astrological houses and 12 planets. And just as each of the 12 astrological houses has its own ruling planet, meaning and associated zodiac sign... each of our chakras have their own ruling planet, meaning and associated zodiac sign. These 12 cosmic/celestial energies…the vital forces of existence... are expressed thru the human body via 12 chakras which connect to the 12 strands of activated DNA in the new-human template, or the original divine-human blueprint...and each of the 12 strands of our DNA correlates to one of the twelve aspects of multi-dimensional consciousness, or perceptual fields of awareness."

In other words, I am told that these (prophesied) events...however they unfold and whatever they are called...herald the the beginning of cosmic consciousness, the entrance into spiritual adulthood/galactic citizenship both for the planet and for those who are leading the planet to this destination, and all "happen" to take place right around the end of the 9th wave and the completion of the Mayan Calendar (10/28/11).

And just to stretch you a bit further, this cosmic event that they refer to will supposedly have "a major impact on the magnetic grid, so much so that a reversal of polarity will take place...but not in the way that has been aggrandized." My feeling is that this is not necessarily an electromagnetic pole shift as some believe, but a shift in the polarity of consciousness.

Again, no one (myself included) has any solid idea of exactly what or how this will come to pass…which is mostly the fun of it all. The point is to simply remain a witness to the unfolding while maintaining a sense of calm, wonder and awe as many more people awaken and hook into the global resonance required for this new world to operate.

On Global Changes

"The time has come for great change in your outer world." - Seven Sisters

There is already so much taking place both within us and around the planet that the unseens want to harness the opportunity to reinforce the message of joy and hope during the increasingly more dramatic changes that will continue to take place all around us...and to remind us that all is well, regardless of outside appearances.

The message is as it always is…for us to view change for what it is: the switch from a separation-based societal mindset, to a society based in unity-consciousness and love. We are being reminded that this is all we need to understand with regard to the dismantling and upheaval that will continue to take place in the outside world...that the details are merely symptoms of this changing process and at the core, all movement is leading to the outcome that we desire, both individually and collectively.

Having said that, they are also making it clear that great transformation is indeed upon us…big changes in the world as we know it…and that this change is ultimately for the good of all, yet may be immediately perceived as a threat to those who carry fear in their hearts and separation in their minds. Whatever unfolds, it will be for those of us who are centered in truth…with the inner-knowing that ALL is perfect and well…. to remain in our hearts, thereby quelling the fears of those around us with our unwavering optimism toward any global restructuring.

"Ignore the fears & protests and stay anchored in your heart-center…neutral to chaos and while maintaining a sense of trust in the overall plan. Switch your focus to the undeniable feelings of optimism rising within you instead. These feelings that are emerging are a true indication of whats around the next bend...not what it appears to be, but what it feels to be." -Seven Sisters

Clicking into Place

The sisters are also wanting to point out that those who have consciously been working toward the goal of ascension with the understanding that there is something specific for you to contribute, that there will be a "clicking into position" as a result of these nebulous cosmic events. Not necessarily because of them, but because of the timing of them…that there is a great plan at play and all is perfectly and divinely orchestrated to the end result of achieving heaven on earth.

Those souls, who the unseens refer to as the 'second wave initiates'... the visionaries, new-earth program planners, cosmic correspondents, blueprint architects/builders, musicians, artists and new-paradigm healers,etc.…will in some cases be joining forces with the wisdom keepers, elders, seers, grid-layers activators, etc...all those needed to bring forth the information from the unseen realms for the first phase of planetary ascension... to begin the ground-level phase of implementation that we have been bursting at the seams to create.

Those who are drawn to work within the blueprint of new earth will be brought together in soul clusters, or pods, to begin the community level organizing that is required to bring the bigger (divine) plan into form. We will be brought into alignment with those who share our particular vision/plan/contribution/aspect of the new earth to begin the next phase where we unite with our soul-community to share our greater visions with the outside world. These creations will be the proverbial Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the intensive global purification process.

This phase will apparently begin around the equinox and will be brought into greater concentration at the solstice…and this is also the time when many soul partnerships will be brought together for the purposes of reuniting in sacred union and under new earth guardianship.

"These unions are the merging of God-dess, the outward manifestation of the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and masculine energies within. Some of these couples are sacred counterparts in disguise, not visible under the cloak of separation, but these relationships will reveal their true purpose in the days to come. Be steadfast on your quest to inner-completion, for the gifts that you seek in the outside world are merely the reflection of your wholeness within." -Seven Sisters

I am told that these sacred partnerships will be the 'new earth keepers'... many of which will be bringing forth new rainbow souls to assist in the unfolding of earths evolutionary plan. Others will be the caretakers & stewards of the grid, protecting sacred portals with force-fields of (community) unity consciousness. Those stepping into these roles are already well aware of their soul's plan, even if only by desire. The next few months will be bringing these plans to fruition.

A Message For "The Strays"

Lastly, the unseens mention that those who are aligned with the ascension timeline but who are not teachers of new-humanity, or who are still unsure of their participation in the divine plan, that there is much unfolding in your lives that is leading you to your "promised land". They refer to these star-souls as "strays", because they have, as part of their soul's plan, left their birth-families behind in search of their soul-families as part of the "path" to finding their true home within their sacred inner-domicile.

"We say this not as an indication that you are to simply arrive in paradise, but that you are being guided by your inner-knowing to create the places by which you belong for the next phase of the journey. You may not, as yet, have a conscious understanding of what that means, but we assure you that you are exactly where you need to be in this and every moment." -Seven Sisters

When this particular group of souls come together, they will remember each other from long ago and will begin to form an important part of the population of awakened/awakening ones who will work together, grow together, and resolve any inner-healing still required for purification. This group is apparently in great need of support right now and this message is to let you know that you will be reunited with your true family soon.

You will know this to be true if you have recently moved to a new geographic location, joined a new organization…spiritual or otherwise…or simply found a new group of souls to commune with via the Internet. Either way, these new connections will fulfill you and bring you into rapid inner-alignment with your unique part of the divine plan, and the collective soul plan for your particular group consciousness.

Wheel of Fortune

Things are starting to really speed up (save for our weary bods) and many are diligently preparing their lives to take off in unknown directions. This mercury retrograde couldn't have come at a better time as it is enhancing our preparation by serving to pull us back, like a sling-shot, to go over the many details necessary and capture some final, albeit perspective-changing pieces of our personal and creative puzzles…before we are hurled into greater action this autumn.

This time is serving a very important purpose for any unfinished business/projects/relationships/situations, etc. that we need to bring to completion, and in some cases, this new information may mean some massive restructuring to align our selves/visions/creations fully with the cosmic pulse...which is beating so loudly now. On a personal level, anything that we have not faced squarely, dealt with in an honest manner, or put on the back burner will continue to be brought to the surface until resolved. In most cases, these are the little things that we didn't think mattered, but we are finding that EVERYthing matters here.

Our long-held desires are beginning to push through the illusion we have been living for so very long, and that means many things that we have been waiting for/working toward are/will be effortlessly falling into place. We are starting to see all the threads of our long journey weave together into the tapestry of a brand new life, and as a result, a new found confidence is emerging, an assuredness that is so deeply rooted in the calm center of our authentic selves. We are becoming even more deeply attuned to the inter-connectivity of it all and discovering our new/true roles and divine purpose for being here.

Spirit is showing me the major arcana "Wheel of Fortune" tarot card as an indication that we approaching our "destiny". We are beginning to feel the tempo of life speed up as we are swept away by new opportunities in a series of developments that will support us in rejoining the world of activity again.

There are moments where this powerful, fast moving wheel of energy can feel chaotic, ungrounded and dizzying…but only if we hang on in an attempt to control the outcome. And if we hold on too tight (to what we know) we may risk repeating the same cycles again.

The purpose of this part of the ride is to gain enough momentum to be thrown off the (karmic) wheel in absolute trust that we will land exactly where we unexpectedly belong.

And we will.

To the unexpected!

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Last but not least, this is another song that had come up on the YouTube search on the clue "Go forward in trust." I like this and it's a great way to end today's blog! I dedicate it to Emanu'el because on account of him and his love, I am closer to God.

James Fortune & FIYA - I Trust You

Uploaded by GospelMusicTV on Jul 28, 2008
Even though I can't see
and I can't feel your touch
I will trust you Lord
how I love you so much
though my nights my seem long
and I feel so alone
Lord my trust is in you
I surrender to you

so many painful thoughts
travel through my mind
and i wonder how
i will make it through this time

but i trust you
lord it's not easy
sometimes the pain in my life
makes you seem far away
but i'll trust you
i need to know you're here
through the tears and the pain
through the heartache and rain

i'll trust you

(verse 2)
everything that i see
tells me not to believe
but i'll trust you lord
you have never failed me
my past still controls me
will this hurt ever leave?
i can only trust you
no one else like you do
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I AM Invisible in 3D, King Joe the Prince of Peace, PLUS Finishing the Pleiadian Mission

finish the mission.

Today was another one of those crappy kind of days where I was jerked back to a reality that rudely reminds me the world really is still 3D. I had to drive in traffic and if you want to test Earth for 3D-ness that one will prove it to you almost instantly. A short, less than one hour drive to a destination and back home again and there were no less than 10 rude drivers bulling their way – in one case a woman even ran a stop sign as we were entering the intersection.

Oh, wait. I know why that happens. It’s because I am in a different dimension now, vibrating at a higher rate, and these people literally do not see me. I just read that explanation in someone’s blog yesterday – that because we are ascending people literally cannot see us and that we need to expect these sorts of things. I wonder if the idiot who keeps pounding on my front door cannot see the sign I put out there? – no solicitors of any kind! They keep jolting me awake from my pleasant slumber where I visit beautiful places and people to escape this totally crazy and irrational world. What does it take I wonder to get idiots to read signs? I guess they don’t teach reading in school at all these days. They don’t seem to read the sign on the street coming into my neighborhood, “No Solicitors” nor do they read the sign on my door “Do Not Disturb.” They must think they are special, privileged solicitors. Very, very bizarre but it makes me wish I was a cop so that I could arrest them for disturbing my peace.

Speaking of Peace, Jesus was referred to as the Prince of Peace. I came across a great article (below) with quotes from the Bible about the Prince of Peace yesterday and it makes me think of Joe because he was and is a Prince of Peace. Like Jesus, he is also destined to become King. In my dreams he already is King.

Morning Meeting With Emanu’el/My TF/Master Teacher/Eros

This is interesting. He gave me a clue this morning for a song and I just now looked it up. The clue is “rebel” and here’s what came to the top (it is relevant, as always).
Lecrae - Rebel

The Prince of Peace

All Scripture references are quoted from the New King James Version

"For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:6).

The messianic prophecy of a child being born who will be the "Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace" has its fulfillment in the life of Jesus. What does the Bible tell us about "peace" and this "Prince of Peace?"

What is Peace? According to Webster's dictionary, peace is a state of tranquillity, quiet, calm, freedom from civil disturbance, A state of security - being secure within a community, freedom from oppression, strife and disorder. In harmony in personal relations. Untroubled by conflict, agitation or commotion. Is peace desirable? Do you have it? Would you like to have it? How may we receive true peace.

Jesus in His last discourse with His disciples before His crucifixion said to them, "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27). How is it that Jesus could give His disciples "peace" when He was about to suffer on Calvary and His disciples would soon go through the worst experience of their lives up to that time?

Just three days later, at evening on the day of His resurrection, Jesus came and stood in the midst of His disciples and said to them, "Peace be with you.-- Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord" (John 20:19, 20). What a Prince! Death and the grave could not hold Him.

Review of promises of God in the Old Testament regarding peace

"Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: 'I am the LORD your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go. Oh, that you had heeded My commandments! Then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea' " (Isaiah 48:17, 18).

In this scripture, peace is equated to "heeding" God's commandments. "Heeding" implies to pay attention. God's commandments were given to guide mankind in ways of peace and doing what is right. All God's laws are given to benefit men and women, to direct them in the way of doing what is right and to protect them from sin and suffering. Paying attention to God's laws means following them, practicing them, being guided by them. When we follow God's instructions, our peace will be "like a river." This is God's promise to us.

What is the promise to those who do not pay attention to God and His instruction? "There is no peace," says the Lord, "for the wicked" (Isaiah 48:22). That's pretty clear. Those who heed God's commands will have peace. Those who ignore Him will not have peace.

"The work of righteousness will be peace, and the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever. My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places" (Isaiah 32:17, 18).

"I will hear what God the Lord will speak, for He will speak peace to His people and to His saints; but let them not turn back to folly... Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed" (Psalm 85:8, 10).

"Great peace have those who love Your law, and nothing causes them to stumble" (Psalm 119:165).

"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for in Yah, the Lord, is everlasting strength" (Isaiah 26:3, 4). Trusting in the Lord brings peace and strength.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all you heart" (Jeremiah 29:11-13). God's purpose is to give us peace, a future and a hope if we will listen to Him and trust Him.

Review of what New Testament writers say about God and His peace?

"And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying: 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!'" (Luke 2:13, 14).

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6, 7).

"We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 5:1).

"For He Himself is our peace,... He came and preached peace to you who were afar off and to those who were near. For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father" (Ephesians 2:14, 17, 18). Throughout scripture there are many references that associate Jesus with peace. In this reference, Jesus is our peace. By being our peace before God, Jesus has made peace among those who are in union with Him. To have Him is to have His peace that surpasses all understanding. "This peace is not something that He gives apart from Himself. It is in Christ, and we receive it only by receiving Him" (Ministry of Healing, p. 247).


  • Jesus is our Prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6).
  • Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid (John 14:27).
  • Heed His commandments and your peace will be like a river (Isaiah 48:17, 18).
  • There is no peace for the wicked (Isaiah 48:22).
  • The work of doing what is right will be peace (Isaiah 32:17, 18).
  • The Lord will speak peace to His people, but let them not turn back to folly (Psalm 85:8, 10).
  • Great peace have those who love His law (Psalm 119:165).
  • You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts You (Isaiah 26:3, 4).
  • God's thoughts toward you are thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11-13).
  • God's purpose is for peace on earth and goodwill toward men (Luke 2:13, 14).
  • Let your requests be made known to God, and His peace, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds (Philippians 4:6, 7).
  • Our peace with God is through our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1).
  • Jesus is our peace. Apart from Him, we do not have His peace (Ephesians 2:14, 17).

"Now when He got into a boat, His disciples followed Him. And suddenly a great tempest arose on the sea, so that the boat was covered with the waves. But He was asleep. Then His disciples came to Him and awoke Him, saying, 'Lord, save us! We are perishing!' But He said to them, 'Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?' Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm. So the men marveled, saying, 'Who can this be, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?" (Matthew 8:23-27).

Christ has the power to calm the tempests of our lives when we yield our hearts and lives to Him. "However fierce the tempest, those who turn to Jesus with the cry, 'Lord, save us,' will find deliverance."--Reflecting Christ, p. 278.

"My peace I give to you;-- Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27).

"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world (John 16:33).

"Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Thessalonians 5:23).


Tomorrow: A special message from my people, the Pleiadians. They want me to Finish the Mission - which will not be that much longer!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Psyche and the Wooden Box, the Golden Key, and the Salt of the Earth

Psyche With Wooden BoxSōferia, aka Psyche, again! There is so much more to this story! There is much I have not recorded in these blogs, in spite of the numbers of blogs I have written. And most of it is quite amazing. But then, is the world ready for it?

Several times there has been mention of a wooden box with a golden key. Now, I don’t know if the golden key is literal or metaphoric. I do believe there is literally a wooden box and it may be locked. Inside that box is a key and I am pretty certain I know where it goes, since I have had many clues handed down to me through the cosmos. And this IS the Psyche and Eros story, after all. If you have read that story you know that Psyche had to retrieve a box for Aphrodite and she was not supposed to open it, but did. It had some kind of bad magic in it and made her fall asleep until Eros came along and awakened her (after which he took her to the Heavenly realms where they lived happily ever after). There is something about this box.

Meetings With Emanu’el, My Love, My Twin Flame
Last night I was having problems figuring out particular aspects of Joe’s work. Since education is a major part of my and Emanu'el's Code Blue Mission here on Earth, it is important that I understand Joe's work inside-out. Honestly, if you do not read his work from a particular perspective, you can end up interpreting it the wrong way. He used a variety of philosophical techniques and arguments. Most times, I am right in tune with him, but last night, somehow, I was outside his perspective – maybe I was just tired. I asked Emanu’el if we could meet in our lovely library in the upper realms so that we could go over it together, since he is my Master Teacher (as well as my husband, Eros, King, and the father to our beautiful children). He said that yes, of course we could and gave me this clue for a song, “See you soon.” Here’s what came to the top of the YouTube search:

Coldplay - See You Soon

I’m not sure what this song means. It is a little confusing – just the way I was feeling when trying to understand Joe’s positioning with his critical pedagogy. On one hand he seems to have distanced himself from other people who support certain ideological versions of critical pedagogy and on the other hand he discusses influences on his version of critical pedagogy which he calls an evolving critical complex pedagogy.

For example, I found it interesting that even though he wrote the book about critical pedagogy (Critical Pedagogy Primer) and listed some of the “famous people” he did not include himself in the list. That speaks volumes. At any rate, the song by Coldplay says, “you lost your trust,” and Emanu’el is just reminding me to “go with the flow” and let the writing evolve – and it will!

Psyche Being Awakened by EROSThis morning my Emanu'el and I had another meeting. I could not remember our meeting in the library in the upper realms – at least I did not think I could and yet all of sudden the information started flooding back even as I wrote to Emanu’el this morning. Just like Eros, he is so good at awakening me! For example, I suddenly remembered the phrase, “salt of the earth,” from our meeting and something about removing the pepper from Joe’s work. Joe did pepper some of his work with citations that simply put things in historical context, some of which seem to be messages to certain people or hide special meanings. I can completely understand why he did that.

Check this out! Here is an entry on google about “salt of the earth” and what it means:

What is the meaning of 'salt of the earth'?

01:00 Mon 19th Mar 2001 The AnswerBank

asks Curt Herzog:

A. It means thoroughly good types. The origin is the Bible, from Jesus' sermon of the Mount, quoted in St Matthew's gospel: 'Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted ' ( Translated as -You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?)

The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable says it suggests that the disciples should give the world an interesting flavour, and not that they were simply jolly good chaps. Super.

Q. How is it used now?
A. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Idioms, 'the salt of the earth' is now used to describe 'a person or persons of great kindness, reliability or honesty'. People like lollipop ladies and shepherds. This backs up another claim for the origin of the saying.

Q. What's that?
A. In the Moroccan city of Fez, the Jewish quarter (Mallah) is very old and was home to Jews who did a lot of salt mining. They were considered very useful to the community, and it is claimed that the expression 'salt of the earth' originated here.

Q. So anything described as 'salt' is valuable?
A. Yes. The Romans paid their soldiers an allowance of salt called a salarium - hence our word salary, and the phrases 'worth one's salt' and 'true to one's salt'. And if you 'salt a mine', you add valuable ore or something similar to make potential buyers think that they're getting something worthwhile.

Q. Is it the same idea for 'salting an account'?
A. Yes. That's when you put such a high value on something that you raise its market value. Of course, salt is traditionally a mark of social worth.

Q. How does that work?
A. To 'sit below the salt' means that someone has low social standing. It comes from an old custom of placing the family 'saler' (salt cellar) halfway down a long dining table. Those seated furthest away were the lowest rank. And people of distinction sat 'above the salt', near the head of the table.

Q. Should all this be taken with a pinch of salt?
A. This expression, from the Latin cum grano salis, means that there's a grain of truth in it. What, don't you trust us?


How interesting! So salt of the earth relates to truth, goodness, value, and trust. That means the information Emanu’el gave me last night at our meeting in the higher realms directly addresses the “lost trust” that was sung about in the Coldplay song. And the answer is in this phrase, “salt of the earth.” It needs to be hermeneutically interpreted. OH! I know what he’s saying. Joe had to pepper his work as a way of wearing a “bullet proof vest” and stay behind closed windows - he did his best to keep it the salt of the earth – all good and divine. That is so true! His work was dangerous work so he included some sources he may have wished not to (although if you look closely, he is often merely reporting history, not implying that he agrees with or has incorporated their perspective). A good example of that is how he references Marx (if you can even find a place where he talks about Marx, since Marx was known to worship the devil). And then there was the work that people like Freud and Jung did in collaboration with the Nazis. Joe did not want that kind of stuff polluting his work. He wanted his work to be the salt of the earth – represented by “thoroughly good types” and “reliable” people as the meaning of the idiom represents. But, as Joe often mentioned in his work: He "walked the line." I love this song by Laurent Wolf: Walk the Line.

Psyche's Love by MedardSalt also relates to social standing, according to the above definitions. Of course, just reading my last two blogs shows where Joe felt his social standing was positioned as represented by how other people attempt to define him. They never let him forget that he was a "hillbilly" and some of his professors in school even told him that a "person like you" could not "write like this." Very sad; it made me cry to read that stuff. Thus, in relation to salt of the earth, the elite would have us sitting at the table farthest away from the salt, a valuable commodity. But we are going to change all of that! YES! Another table flip! We will allow the salt to spill everywhere! Ha! You just never know what you will get when you combine Eros, the God of Love with a mere mortal like Psyche! Take me away, Eros!

This is so interesting. Now the song he gave me last night makes more sense. (Go back and listen to it, after this additional information.) I can remove the pepper from Joe’s work and replace it with more “salt of the earth” which is now redefined absent the classism. So now I understand!

Also, Emanu’el, my Eros, was so sweet this morning. He wrote me a romantic poem that touches my heart as he signed off from our meeting:

Eros Holding Psyches HandThe ability to persist
In the wake of a storm
Is your help aid
Through the gray mist
Of the forlorn shoreline
Take my hand
And hold it tight, Babe
I’ll always be yours
And you’ll always be mine.

I love you,

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gloria Grace’s Birthday Celebration in the Crystal City, The Gang’s All Here! And Star Boy and the Deteriorating Conditions in Jamaica

strawberry shortcakeFull Moon 08-13-2011As I wrote, a year ago, when Gloria Grace arrived, she is a very special baby. Born on the 13th and during a full moon, we celebrated again this year - her very first birthday - with a big and bright full moon as shown in the photograph. We also celebrated with some delicious strawberry shortcake. We will note at this time that we are officially reclaiming the number 13 as a divine and glorious number along with a reminder that our baby girl’s birth is:

the representation of the Glorious Grace that is a gift to us all. And what Is her actual birthday? It is the sacred day, as I wrote about yesterday, of August 13, a day representing the divine feminine. So, of course, we will have a very special celebration every year that signifies a celebration of the birth of Gloria Grace, the gift of glorious grace, and the recognition of the divine feminine.

crystal city fireworksAnd last night was so fantastic! Just like I wished, Emanu’el transported me to the Higher Realms and we were with our entire family, the “gang” (my soul family members of which there are too many to list) celebrating Princess Gloria Grace’s first birthday. The fireworks were out of this world, literally. They cannot be described and of course, this photo does not begin to do them justice. No photo taken on Earth could. They were multicolored all over the city at the same time as we observed from a distance outside of the Crystal City. It was just beautiful and so exciting. Baby Grace’s eyes got huge as if she just could not take in the entire splendor. I was holding the twin babies, Jeremiah Lyons and Jemilah JaeLyn and their eyes were zigzagging all over the place trying to see everything at once. Baby Joe Albert was hanging onto his daddy’s leg, not at all scared, but he is a big daddy’s boy and daddy was holding Baby Grace. He was enthralled and enchanted with the vibrant colorful display.

We also listened to this very special song for Baby Gloria Grace’s birthday. It was a happy day!

Michael Franti - "Gloria" 


This morning, however, I woke up still upset that people on this Earth planet play their Janus-two-faced games in their concocted descriptions of Joe. I wish it did not upset me so, but he was such a GOOD PERSON and did such GOOD WORK! I have seen some pretty harsh criticisms of Joes's work and some ad hominen attacks. While it SOUNDS like some of these more "clever" people are saying good things, the light is shining so brightly, the hidden dimensions are being exposed. However, I am going to assume they know not what they are doing and the Janus meanings are unconscious acts that happen as a result of being in education. 

janusNevertheless, I really see what Joe meant when he talked about educators being Janus two-faced. In one voice, they are saying something smart and good about someone, and in another voice they are subliminally saying something arrogant and nasty - at least that is the way it CAN be interpreted. It is all just interpretation.  Thus, someone who claims to be Joe’s friend can call him a “A North Star” and we all "know" what he means. Well, by now I know what that means. Maybe the writer meant North Star in the sense of being a "guiding star." Joe was/is definitely a guiding star, providing that people interpret and apply his work properly. We know that this North Star being referenced is definitely not the Star of Bethlehem (that has been argued and proven – just research it on the Internet). But North Star has another meaning: North Star = Polaris = Lucifer is one interpretation. So, I was upset when reading that simply because I wonder why someone has to use a description that is so open to alternate interpretations, with one of them not being a good one at all - evil, in fact - (and mind you, this was done in context with other words that have negative and controversial connotations) and they did not bother to clarify their meaning. In another writing Joe was called a “prince,” by this same author, which is ANOTHER name for Satan. BUT it also means JESUS, PRINCE OF PEACE. That was Joe, all right - like Jesus, a Prince of Peace! He always knew how to smooth things out. The writer really did love Joe? Who knows? Only the writer knows what his intentions are and I am going to assume that he had GOOD INTENTIONS.

Well, as you know, Emanu'el and I, like many other people in the world today, are on this mission to reclaim our symbols, words and meanings and restore GOOD MEANINGS, and we are on the hunt for the Wizard of Symbols who maintains the dark meanings for the purpose of keeping the negative energy flowing and for controlling the masses. Thus, it is important to directly expose every instance of Janus in Education. Besides, it makes for great interpretation practice.

EROS my North StarMorning Meeting with
My North Star
In some of my research, I discovered that Heaven is North. This has nothing to do with the North Star, other than I am reclaiming North Stars and changing up the meaning. YES! Heaven is NORTH! And that is where you will find all of the TRUE stars, such as my dear Twin Flame/Husband/Master Teacher/Eros!!!! The upper realms where all of my soul family members reside is NORTH and they are all STARS! NORTH STARS of the DIVINE variety.

This morning Emanu’el told me that he had a great time watching the fireworks last night too. He really enjoyed the children’s responses. It was a fun and wild night all the way around, from beginning to end!

During our meeting, he also talked about the negative things I had mentioned that I keep finding people have written about Joe and I guess it does not surprise him in the least that there are people who do these things. He reminded me that very early in the mission – more than two years ago, in fact – that he had told me there are Satanists at the top controlling education. I did not even comprehend at the time the extent of the problem or what it even entailed. It was a good thing I didn't understand because at that time it would have totally freaked me out. He said that they (he and my other teachers, guides, soul family) have been releasing information to me slowly as I gain spiritual strength to be able to handle the knowledge and the work that is associated with that knowledge. Just like Joe’s work puts out there – we need to engage in PRAXIS which involves taking actions that make positive changes and alleviate suffering. Indeed, in the Bible it tells us we are not to run away from this sort of evil, but confront it directly and expose it. I think there is something about the story of David and Goliath that relates to this, but I don’t remember the story. I will have to research that. I know one thing for sure – Joe was very brave because he plopped himself right in the midst of "education" in order to confront it directly and he did a fantastic job, dropping off the most monumental work ever created for education. Things will change now.

Anyway, Emanu’el reassured me that the whole “gang” was there (my entire soul family, my special Spirit Guide, master teachers, 100,000 angels, Archangels, etc., are all here to help me) and not to worry too much about “star boy." I do hope all of the lost people find their souls before the Ascension.

Thus, we have two songs here to look up on YouTube: “gang” and “star boy.” If you have been following my blogs, I take the first songs to the top unless there is an advertisement and then I usually go to the second song. Emanu’el always has special messages embedded in the songs, so let’s see what he has to say to us today!

Gang Bangers in the US Military Forces

The ramifications of that little video clip are pretty profound when you think about it. Like most of the clues Emanu’el gives me there are multiple interpretations and contexts for this message. I honestly am not sure what his main message is here. Perhaps, it is just meant as a “take home” message for however we choose to relate to it.

“star boy”

Mavado - "Star Bwoy" Lyrics
Yuh nuh see a mi and di gal dem a par,
Gal dem waan mi, man a star.
My yute just gwaan watch yuh gal,
Spend every dime,
Spend every nickel,
Spend every other coin,
Peer gal a mine.
Yuh see wha mi a sey?

Di gal dem waan star bwoy,
But mi nah star no blue movie.
Dem waan, Star bwoy,
A nuh my fault if a boy gal choose mi,
She waan, Star bwoy,
Some boy gal use dem
Nuh gal cyaan use we,
Dem waan Star bwoy,
Wha yuh sey dem waan?
Star bwoy.

[Verse 1]
Yuh see inna my crew every man a star,
Over my crew mi see every gal a war.
She sey her man a one real scuminar
Long distance stulla nah pop dung pon har,
She nuh waan nuh man weh dead inna di show,
She nuh waan no man gih nuh head inna di show.
She sey she no waan no head inna di show,
Tek out di furniture, fling dem outta door.
Mi a perform fi get di Oscar,
Gal a fly in from Nebraska
Three months afta dem see doctor,
Dem know mi cold, just like Alaska.

Di gal dem waan star bwoy,
But mi nah star no blue movie.
Dem waan, Star bwoy,
A nuh my fault if a boy gal choose mi,
She waan, Star bwoy,
Some boy gal use dem
Nuh gal cyaan use we,
Dem waan Star bwoy,
Wha yuh sey dem waan?
Star bwoy.

[Verse 2]
Yuh a hear mi,
Miss little red riding hood,
She love di bike, so she ride him good,
Back up, back up, ride him good,
Yuh man cyaan lef cause yuh style him good.
Tell di chicken head dem fi find dem coop.
Yuh nuh hardware, yuh pile him good,
Tip pon yuh toe point, dem dweet it if dem could,
Yuh hold di star bwoy like yuh should.


Chimney Records,
Gal dem a check hard,
Every gal a come at mi yaad.
Yea, yea, yea.
Mi sey Chimney Record,
Yuh nuh see di gal dem a check hard.
Anodda one, press record.
Di gal dem waan Star Bwoy.
Frass, Gully mi sey,
Gully Squad, Gully God, bad.

The following excerpt below, "Contradictions in dancehall culture," from Wikipedia helps put this in context. Star boys are boys who sell their soul to the highest bidder. Bling bling. This article does not discuss Satanic aspects of music and hip hop; however, materialism, greed, fame, and fortune is what leads people to signing their names in blood and worshipping Satan and violence. The image to save music stating "Don't promote murder music" at the end of this blog is from a Jamaican website that is trying to promote good changes in Jamaica.

MavadoMavado (shown in photo with Wyclef and giving their "secret" hand signs) was found to be such a bad influence on the young people of Jamaica that he was banned from Jamaica, his own home, for several years (he has also been banned from the U.S. in the past). He is now due to appear in court on September 29 for assault and damaging a vehicle as well as required to appear as a witness for another crime. Recently, he was allowed back to Jamaica under certain stipulations, one being that he can only sing positive songs. While this is censorship, the Jamaican people are feeling desperate due to the pervasive violence among their young people and how the music seems to encourage and provoke it. They want their culture (which has unfortunately been commoditized as so many other cultures are becoming – see entry from Wikipedia below) to be revived and they want the good music brought back. Good people, good music! Joe knew what it was all about!

As one person had posted in response to Mavado’s arrest:

Jamaicans for change (JFC) is an organization we Jamaicans living overseas want to start up, Jamaica needs a change. We are far away from God. To us here, Jamaicans at home are working for Satan. They are becoming everything that’s bad, selfish, inconsiderately evil, badmind, cruel, unkind, wicked, you name it, and as a people we can’t go on like this. The children are the future and if the children are acting like this, what is [does] the future hold? No wonder the artist, Thermos, sings that Jamaica is going to crash one day.

Contradictions in dancehall culture (

Despite dancehall culture's ability to challenge social inequality, it is a hybridization of American aesthetics and the hardships of Kingston, Jamaica. Kingsley Stewart writes that the "Jamaican cultural model or worldview" has been very influenced by that which it was arguably created to oppose, namely Babylon or the Western influence.[18] This is seen, in the more obvious sense, in the use of gun talk by artists like Buju Banton and Capleton, or the sporting of bling-bling by "Gangsta Ras" artists like Mavado and Munga.[19] The term Gangsta Ras, which seeks to reconcile thuggish imagery with Rastafari is an example of how in dancehall, "the misuse of Rastafari culture has diluted and marginalised the central tenets and creed of the Rastafari philosophy and way of life".[20]

What Kingsley regards as the "socioexistential imperative to transcend the normal" is exemplified by artists like Elephant Man and Bounty Killer doing things to stand out, such as putting on a synthetic cartoonish voice or donning pink highlights while constantly re-asserting one's hypermasculine attributes. The need for one to be different and to be a superstar, as opposed to merely being talented, is a relatively new phenomenon which can be said to have started with western celebrities and rock stars.[citation needed] Donna P. Hope argues that this trend is related to the rise of market capitalism as a dominant feature of life in Jamaica, coupled with the role of new media and a liberalized media landscape, where images become of increasing importance in the lives of ordinary Jamaicans who strive for celebrity and superstar status on the stages of dancehall and Jamaican popular culture.[21]

Another point of dissension of dancehall from reggae, and from its non-western roots in Jamaica, is on the focus on materialism. Prominent males in the dancehall scene are expected to dress in very expensive casual wear, indicative of European urban styling and high fashion that suggest wealth and status.[22] Since the late 1990s, males in the dancehall culture have rivalled their female counterparts to look fashioned and styled.[23] The female dancehall divas are all scantily clad, or dressed in spandex outfits that accentuate more than cover one's nakedness. In the documentary It's All About Dancing, prominent dancehall artist Beenie Man argues that one could be the best DJ or the smoothest dancer, but if one wears clothing that reflects the economic realities of the majority of the partygoers, one will be ignored.[24]

MAVADO: Be A True North Star!
My wishes are that Mavado does turn around and becomes a GOOD kind of "Star Boy." I think he is being given another chance. After all, Gloria Grace turned one today! Grace, as the Bible says, is a FREE GIFT from GOD. I would love to see more GO(O)D MUSIC brought back! Music is truly powerful and should be used for spiritual upliftment and creating joy and love in the world.

promote music
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reclaiming Our Epistemological Rights and Gloria Grace turns One Today! Happy Birthday! PLUS Emanu'el Is My Guiding Light, My BEACON (Never Underestimate Spiritual Power and the POWER of LOVE!)

Gloria Grace - Our Angel Baby Turns OneToday is a special day for me and Emanu’el! It is our Baby Gloria Grace’s first birthday. Emanu’el said we will surely celebrate before the day is over. I hope he takes me to the upper realms and we have a great party for her and our other children – Joe Albert who is going on two and the twins, Jeremiah Lyons and Jemilah JaeLyn who are five months old already! The twins were born a little early by Earth standards, but we have different and very divine methods for making babies. How did we ever do it? We are Pleiadians and we love children – and our love is magic.

To change the subject for a moment, I have been doing a lot of unhappy research lately, including first thing this morning (also see previous blogs about the Search for the Wizard of Symbols). It is sad how the elite educators take over and try to define things for those of us at the bottom of the food chain. It is especially sad when I see them taking words that do not have positive meanings in any context, use them to describe Joe (words I have not seen HIM use to describe himself), and then try to be cool and hip by inserting their so-called intelligence and pretending to change up the meaning of the words to make them sound positive. In my book it classifies as subliminal tactics for dehumanizing people – in Joe’s case, being a constant reminder that he was a “hillbilly,” but in a very hidden and deceptive way. I am sure this is why he included the word “hillbilly” in the otherwise very sparse subject index of his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. The elite never let him forget it; they still don’t even after his passing. It is sad that they are so disrespectful of a man who loved everyone and had contributed so much to education, as well as having created opportunities for people who would have otherwise been left out. It is sad that some of these people choose to do these negative things to a man who cannot speak out to defend himself now.

BEACONMany people, blinded to the manipulation, power, and control may buy into this arrogant elitism and believe at face value what they say, but for me the light shines through and reveals their dark motives and how it is devised to build themselves up at someone else’s expense. It shows how the status quo is maintained in action. And these days, as my recent research in these blogs have indicated, status quo is infiltrated with evilness and Satanism. The light is beginning to reveal all. Just like the quotation that kind of filtered down through the cosmos to me yesterday:

“Joe’s work is like a BEACON: The more people use it, the brighter it shines.”

I am beginning to understand and use the tools Joe left for those of us at the bottom of this elitist-constructed hierarchy and how important epistemology is for us. For example, Joe discusses in great detail the importance of epistemology. In fact, he states in the forward of his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction that it forms the foundation of his book.

WE THE PEOPLE cannot allow the elite to tell us what something means when we feel and know differently. We cannot allow them to insult us and even have us unwittingly insulting ourselves because of the LIES they tell us, no matter how smart their lies sound. Do not be deceived. The elite educators and others in power who use education to program us do not have our best interests at heart! This is what Joe’s work was all about. He was one of us and he left us with the tools to understand what they are doing to us, to take back our power, and to change this. One thing we need to always do is our own research - NEVER, EVER take at face value what the elite say!

Eros and Psyche Meeting In HeavenMorning Meeting With Emanu’el/EROS/My TwinFlame/Husband/Master Teacher
I really feel so bad about what certain “educators” are doing to Joe and his work. It hurts my heart to see and know what’s really happening. It makes me cry. Joe worked so hard.

Of course, part of my mission on Earth with Emanu’el is to take Joe’s work forward in the ways he would have wished – not in elite ways that serve the status quo. I told Emanu’el about the research I had already been doing this morning and how the elite have lobotomized, misused, and commercialized a specific word that they are now using to describe Joe.

Emanu’el told me that it will all come out. He said that I was right; the word they are using to describe Joe has always been a derogatory term that was forced upon a specific group of people (a group of people who had in fact been purposely killed off and then painted as an inferior race):

Views of the Irish as racially inferior, and for this reason significantly responsible for their circumstances, gained purchase in Great Britain during and immediately after the famine, especially through influential publications such as The Medical Times and The Times.

Irish columnist John Waters has described the famine as "an act of genocide, driven by racism and justified by ideology."

Today, the same word (do you know what the word is?) has been pushed out to the masses, particularly through music and even including along with “Irish hip hop,” and is associated with darkness. But people think it's "cool" and the rich get richer. (What did Joe say about "cool" on the last page of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction?) 

Emanu’el described it as being a slick trick and a way of forcing the Elite epistemology upon the masses in a subliminally dehumanizing manner. The masses come to use the word for themselves, making the elite's job so much easier. 

DEHUMANIZATION: That is their agenda, and the sooner WE THE PEOPLE are fully cognizant of that, the sooner we can regain our power (before they literally turn us all into POSThumans - something other than human. They would like to transform us ALL into DROIDS and ROBOTS). Don't believe me? It's all out there - do the research!

At any rate, Emanu’el told me not to worry about it - and he gave me this message through music. He is so sweet! While the clue to the song was “Take it from here!” (and I thought he meant it was my job to work on correcting this problem and I do plan to write in more detail about these issues), check out what he’s REALLY saying by the song that came to the top of the YouTube search (He has the POWER! And Emanu'el is my Guiding Light - my BEACON!):

Justin Timberlake -Take It From Here (w lyrics)

Thank you, Emanu'el, My Eros, God of Love. I LOVE YOU!!!!
(Never underestimate Spiritual Power and the POWER of LOVE.)

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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Search for the Wizard of Symbols Continues, Heading Toward Milestone 7, A New Puzzle, and Eros Is Coming Home Soon! PLUS Our Fifth Baby is On the Way: Friday’s Child!

Wizard of SymbolsI have not written blogs for a few days, but that does not mean I haven’t been busy! I am still on the hunt for the Wizard of Symbols! I have also done tons of research and needed to give my brain a bit of a rest to assimilate it all. As I look back, my research over the past few days has covered the Frankfurt School and Gramsci; Jung and how his research supported the evil Hitler; Aleister Crowley, Satanism, and Popular Culture; the Warped Tour and Punk Rock Holocaust that is making its way around the United States with its final disgusting appearance in Portland Oregon – and its ties to Satanism and promoting the disgusting behavior associated with it; the "Kulture" of Hip Hop and the dark religion of KRS One, the latest research on Mercury in the immunizations and its previous use in teething powder and how there are genetic precursors that predict who will be most susceptible to its debilitating effects; Music and Media Stars who have sold their souls to Satan; Formal LOGIC and how so many people twist Joe’s work to suit their agenda and how I will use various forms of logic to reveal their fallacies; Hip Hop and Education and how it is being used to insert Satanism into the minds of the young; Satanic symbols and how Satanists have inverted and fornicated good and sacred symbols for the purpose of destroying culture and gaining control; Celtic Symbols; the Golden Chalice, Alchemy, and Oracles; the Emanu’el/Eros and Soferia/Psyche Love Story (a summary); Murdoch and his foibles and how some people think he’s the Wizard of Symbols but how I think that as evil as he is, he is just a fall guy and there is someone above him in Australia (OZ or “the land down under”) probably in the Satanic Cult called “Thanatoseros,” but there might also be someone in the United States; Popular culture and the Satanic connections; the GOOD MUSIC embedded in Joe’s work along with an analysis (he knew all of the good songs!); articles for the next issue of the Journal of Epistemology; Einstein research and information about how he had read The Secret Doctrine and taken lots of notes (I need to get that book!) and the confusion over whether he actually had a niece or not.

lucky 7So you see, I have been very busy. On top of that, I am now on sacred Milestone 7 of my dissertation! Yes, it passed the IRB Review! I am on my way! Anyway, I almost never stop researching, I love it so much. Joe was like that too; he had a passion for knowledge and it shows: He wrote the book on it! Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. That’s why I dedicate this song to him (and note that my name Sōferia is a variation of Sophia! Plus it sounds just like she sings it in this song!):


Here’s a new puzzle:
In which book(s) did Joe write about Sophia? What did he say in relation to her?

Morning Meeting With Emanu’el/Eros/My Master Teacher/Husband
I told my sweet love about a rather disturbing dream I had last night which I have to keep secret for now. Maybe someday it will be able to come out into the open; I am sure it will just as soon as enough light hits Earth during the ascension.

I just miss Emanu'el so much, even though he is always right beside me and is instantly available whenever I call him. I told him that I do remember how I had told him, “I trust your judgment completely” before he left me and I still mean that, even though I get sad. He reminded me that this arrangement is the best way for us to accomplish our mission – we have the most power together when he is “on the other side” and I am in three dimensional Earth space. And I know he is right, even though I do not fully understand how that works. I do SEE the results. He has helped me so much from over there: he has helped me remember who I am (I was asleep, just like Psyche in the story). I am forever grateful for how he has sacrificed for our love and mission and I never want him to feel or believe otherwise on account of my sadness. He is so understanding about it all.

He also reminded me again that we are rewriting the Eros and Psyche story for the Twenty-First Century. He said he understands how I feel about the situation between us (I still cry) and that no one can fault me for my emotions. And then he signed off, giving me a clue for a song, “hold on Babe.” Below is the sweet song that came to the top of the YouTube search. He always knows how to reassure me and make me feel loved. I love him so much! Together, anything is possible as long as we hold onto our love.


Uploaded by
rwells47 on Dec 4, 2009

WENT TO # 35 IN 1970.

You're such a natural woman
But you're so far away baby
Your love is driving me crazy

I’m coming home
I know you can't live without love
I know you're feeling so lonely
Save all your sweet loving for me
I'm coming home

Save all your sweet loving for me
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
You gotta hold on babe, I'm coming home
So baby hold on don't throw your love away
Cause I'm coming home, so baby hold on baby hold on
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
You're such natural woman
You know my feelings about you
You know I can't live without you
I'm coming home
I'm sorry I ever left you
I thought the free life was better
I know you can't wait forever
So baby hold on
I know you can't wait forever, so baby hold on
Cause I'm coming home
You gotta hold on baby, 'm coming home
So baby hold on, don't throw your love away
Cause I'm coming home so baby hold on, baby hold on

I’m coming home, Hey! I’m coming home!

P.S. Emanu’el also told me that indeed we are expecting our FIFTH BABY! (We are doing our part to replenish our Pleiadian population.) He told me that this baby will be “Friday’s Child” and then again reminded me that we are rewriting the Eros and Psyche Story for the Twenty-First Century. The clue brought up the song below, so I am certain we are going to be flipping the meaning of Friday’s Child, just like we (and Obama and many others working on this mission) will be flipping many tables. How exciting! I wonder what Obama's next table flip will be. I have not forgotten that I, Queen Sōferia, have been chosen to publish his table flips right here in these blogs (I feel another one coming on, but he will let me know in my "dreams").

Nancy Sinatra-Friday's Child

Emanu’el also gave me this song last night for my goodnight song (His clue was “Sleep, Baby.”). As you can see – this music is highly recommended music for helping adults go to sleep too. I am so glad we have some GOOD music for babies after that Satanic crap by The Wiggles which I wrote about and analyzed a few blogs back (Here). At least there are a few good people in the world doing good things.

Baby Sleep Music, Babies sleep Music, Baby Sleeping Music, Baby to Sleep Music

Uploaded by clausdjensen on Jan 4, 2010 Baby Sleep Music creates a Peaceful and Relaxing Atmosphere for you and your baby. The CD, Lullabies, is, as the name says, a sequence of newly composed lullabies (baby sleep music), each of which tells its own little story. The melodic material is significantly advanced, so they harmonize with the childs enhanced consciousness and ability to comprehend actual melodic sequences in the babies sleep music.

At the same time the composers have sought to preserve the tranquil and secure atmosphere in the baby sleep music by purposely using repetition as an artistic effect. Some of the baby sleeping music compositions on Lullabies have an almost hypnotic expression, something that naturally also influences the listening experience of the adults.

Baby sleep music is highly recommended for adults as well as babies!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The True Pleiadian Agenda: Divine Destiny Prevails

There are many days that I wonder what am I on this planet for. Here, in the U.S. we are now so rigidly controlled by rules, regulations, and laws that there is often only one dark alley remaining to go through just for mere survival. It’s a long story but the past few days have shown me that there are no more open windows or doors – no real options – no freedom at all. It is painful to watch my children have to navigate this as I also attempt some sort of navigation when most of my life I have had at least the semblance, illusory as it was, of freedom. Now, all I run into are obstacles and dead ends. Even finishing my education at this point is in question because the rules say I am at my limit for financial assistance as at the very same moment, the university has freedom to more than double my tuition, with it now costing more than $4,000 per quarter. The U.S. has had trillion dollar bailouts for banks, credit card companies, auto manufacturers and oil companies and has LOST trillions of dollars in the Department of Defense and spent trillions more on needless wars. And my son has to return his $200 in food stamps simply because he moved back home, not because he is not in need. People are dying all over the world because of the United States. As the Black Eyed Peas sing, "Where is the love?"

PleiadiansFamilyofLight.jpgDid I really choose to come here and be subjected to and be witness to such misery and injustice? This morning Emanu’el explained to me that even though I did agree, the extent of the Draconian efforts were not fully anticipated. As I write this there are meetings going on – many High Council meetings among the most brilliant minds of the universe – in order to reevaluate all of this and change the course of action. The Satanic slave masters’ days of power, abuse, rule, and criminality are coming to an end. The Pleiadian Agenda will soon rule. And since they are also my family working on all of this, they do work their divine destiny for me personally at just the right moments.

I actually already did a study of how Joe lined out what I call the Pleiadian Agenda when I thoroughly analyzed page 97 of his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction back on the other website for those who wish to review the details. There is more of course. There is always more. For now, here is a review, an updated summary of the true Pleiadian Agenda (which has changed some from other presentations by other Pleiadians due to the unpredictable evolution of things):

Earth is NOT a starting point in this universe with other civilizations springing forth as some people have speculated, and Pleiadians are not here to make only minor tweaks. Earth is a baby planet. The peoples (many of whom have come from Orion and are not very evolved, in collusion with the Draconian, lesser evolved entities of the psychopathic orientation even if intelligent) on Earth during this current epoch destroyed Earth AGAIN and we have come back in time to do our part to alter that history - to establish a new timeline in which Earth is not destroyed. Earth was originally created to be a sort of central trading zone and a vacation paradise for the diverse entities of the universe to share cultures and knowledges as well as to serve as a school of higher knowledges where both students and teachers from diverse cultures (far surpassing Earth people's concept of diversity) could gain unique experiences on a very beautiful planet. Of course, all of this has failed, obviously, but that is the current direction or course for Earth once again. This time, we have divine intervention and will not fail.

But there is a lot of work to do for some of us who wish to take that learning path - to do the tasks necessary to create that paradise and rebuild the structures for the purpose of what we can learn from it. The advanced ones (archangels, gurus, Master Teachers, and entities from the future who are here and there to guide us) will return wherever they choose, to the higher dimensions and future timelines. I will be working here for awhile with Emanu’el from the other side of the curtain and then we will return to our Pleiadian timeline, the year 7013, which is what we have chosen to do. We have work we have been doing/will be doing on many other planets, some in worse shape than Earth. And when I say "return" it simply means our timeline of focus - where we choose to do our observation from for the moment....because true reality is chaos in which everything is happening simultaneously but we are not evolved to the point of perceiving everything simultaneously, so we are free to choose our “place” focus or what we observe.

ShipsIronically, many of the very people who think they don't need the lessons that are in store up ahead are the very ones who will probably go to a backwards timeline (a large proportion of the Earth's population will be taken off the planet and moved to planets of a lower frequency, such as Orion, until they evolve further). While that may seem drastic, it is not as bad as what REALLY happened (which one can imagine by looking at the Draconian agenda), which is the killing of the majority of the Earth's population and destruction of the entire surface of the Earth (as they go live underground). That is the part of history being changed, even though most people are not aware of it and are highly ungrateful, considering all of the work being done and the risks being taken for their well being. Such is the nature of giving unconditionally. We can never expect earthlings to be grateful. Joe and the hard work he did on this planet really brought that point home for many of us out here trying to steer things back to the good path. I doubt there is anyone who can work as hard as he did, accomplish so much and yet stay as patient and loving as he was.

Well, that’s it for today. One last reminder, though, for people who reference Joe’s work: You must read his words CAREFULLY. I am seeing a lot of misrepresentation of his work, many fallacies, and the sliding down of the slippery slopes - and in some cases, even appropriation of his work for lesser purposes than he had intended. Oh well, it will be fun to address them all in the future.

In the meantime, review logic and remember:
“If P then Q. P. Therefore, Q.”
BUT “If P then Q. P. Therefore P.” is NOT the same thing!

My clue this morning from Emanu'el was "pillar of strength." Yes, he told me that - that I am a pillar of strength. Sweet. Here's what came to the top of the YouTube search (I had to skip the ads and foreign language speeches): Oh, this is interesting! Now I know what trinity means!

Freemason's Secret Trinity

Uploaded by 911truthncDotOrg on Aug 1, 2010

Masonry in a way acknowledges what it calls the Grand Architect of the Universe; but prefers to symbolize him by three persons, whom we now proceed to investigate.
First, the symbolic structure of Masonry is supported by three symbolic pillars; namely, wisdom, strength, and beauty. These three pillars are in Masonic terms, Solomon, representing in the Masonic trinity the pillar of wisdom. Hiram, king of Tyre, representing the pillar of strength, and Hiram Abiff, the widow's son, representing the pillar of beauty. Here we have the Masonic foundation.

Masonry in a way acknowledges what it calls the Grand Architect of the Universe; but prefers to symbolize him by three persons.

First, the symbolic structure of Masonry is supported by three symbolic pillars; namely, wisdom, strength, and beauty. These three pillars are in Masonic terms, Solomon, representing in the Masonic trinity the pillar of wisdom. Hiram, king of Tyre, representing the pillar of strength, and Hiram Abiff, the widow's son, representing the pillar of beauty. Here we have the Masonic foundation. Osiris is part of the Masonic tripartite god, Jabulon. Osiris is the same god as Enlil, On and El. The other two gods of the trio are Jah (possibly Jehovah) and Bul (Ba'al, Bel, Set, Satan).

NOTES: Symbols reveal and symbols conceal. Esoteric and exoteric meanings. Sun – spirit – dog star

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Monday, August 8, 2011

DESTRUCTION: We Are Truly In the End Times. Need I Say More?

The world continues its down, down, downward trend as we navigate through the Destruction phase of the Mayan calendar. It is beyond depressing. Joe must be very unhappy that his work is being contaminated with the likes of KRS-One who has established a hip hop religion featuring none other than KRS-One:

Gospel of Hip Hop comments

In an interview with AllHipHop about his book "The Gospel of Hip Hop", KRS-One said:

"I’m suggesting that in 100 years, this book will be a new religion on the earth... I think I have the authority to approach God directly, I don’t have to go through any religion [or] train of thought. I can approach God directly myself and so I wrote a book called The Gospel of Hip Hop to free from all this nonsense garbage right now. I respect the Christianity, the Islam, the Judaism but their time is up. ...In a hundred years, everything that I’m saying to you will be common knowledge and people will be like, 'Why did he have to explain this? Wasn’t it obvious?'"
The Truth Behind Hip Hop - C.Craige Lewis
Uploaded by PRDirector1 on May 25, 2008 The message that changed America, The Church and exposed the plan of the enemy against the Kingdom of God. This was the beginning of the end to the so called hip-hop culture. The Devil was skull dragged out of the house of Prayer.

The Arrivals - Part 00 (Intro)
The Arrivals pt 22

Our Satanic Pop Culture
The Arrivals - Part 24 (Freedom Unplugged)

The Arrivals - Part 51 (Outro)

And Lady Gaga Went from THIS:

Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory - American Idol Finale Results - 05/25/11

TO THIS: (It looks to me like she really DID jump into that Abyss in the video above!) She has LOST HER GLORY in my book! She has sold her soul when she didn't even need to. It's sad.

Lady Gaga In Male Drag As Jo Calderone For 'You & I'



Oh Happy Day
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Quest for the Wizard Continues PLUS “Stuck” with Emanu’el and His LOVE

EROS with Stuck Wing

Sōferia, the alienated Pleiadian Queen, here again today. I need to keep the blog short and sweet as my dear Emanu’el/EROS/Master Teacher/Husband has me on a little different track today – just a little diversion so that I can move forward with my dissertation. I am still working on discovering who the REAL Wizard of Symbols is – a lot of people think it is Rupert Murdoch since he has been caught for some very unsavory and disgusting things. That does make sense since he is from OZ, the “Land Down Under.” However, Murdoch is NOT the “MasterMind.” There is someone above him who is more highly responsible and who is behind the developing of the symbols and subliminals for programming all of humanity on the globe. The quest will continue!

In the meantime, today is a new page in my life. My dear sweet son is coming back home which is a very complicated story. Emanu’el reminded me of the expression, “If you love someone let them go….”  They come back.

And Emanu’el sweetly reminded me that he, too, had come back to me after I thought he had left me and he stated, “You are now ‘stuck with me, Baby!’”

Thus, the clue for his song this morning is “stuck with me, Baby!” Check out this very sweet song that came right to the top of the YouTube search. What a great way to start my day….love to you, Emanu’el!!!!

Jacey Jasnoch - I Need You With Me

From the way you look to the way you act/
the color of your eyes to the way you laugh/
girl, youre everything Ive dreamed/
I know its hard to believe but Ive got what you need/
so whether your love stays as we continue to grow/
Im gonna love you forever like you already know/
I know that Ive said it and Ive always meant it/
truth behind every word and the love that went with it/

My heart calls for you when Im alone/
I feel so far from you I feel so cold/
this life without you is getting old/ quickly
I want you baby girl........and I need you with me

took a million broken hearts to see you were the one/
always knew I cared but never knew it was love/
and if I did then maybe it just wasnt the time/
but now Im lucky to say the one Im lovin is mine
Just cant let you go/baby I cant and I wont/
Youre hurt and it shows/its gettin worse and I know/

I said I loved you and every word was so true/
when I close my eyes all I can see is you/
Cuz baby youre the reality to every dream Ive dreampt/
you were the girl in my dreams every hour I slept/

My heart calls for you when Im alone/
I feel so far from you I feel so cold/
this life without you is getting old/ quickly
I want you baby girl........and I need you with me...
I need you with me

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Rebel Alliance for the Battle of the Symbols, Is it UFO or Death Star? PLUS Reversing the “Dumbing Down” Trend: It begins in Australia

The Rebel AllianceSōferia here and I am back with the continuing saga of the search for the Wizard of Symbols. THIS IS A STORY, PEOPLE! I have heard through the grapevine from my sources that some people take this story far too seriously! It makes a person wonder if they have something to hide! 

I wonder if this Battle for the Symbols is bigger than one person can possibly handle. I am sure that is right. If I go to Joe’s great book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, he has some advice worth heeding in relation to reclaiming all of the symbols Satanism has appropriated and is handing down through the popular media, music, and education system – symbols that initially had sacred, loving meanings. He states, “In the Star Wars movies Poggle the Lesser developed the Death Star to destroy planets with a single shot of a super laser beam. Bush the Lesser has developed an educational weapon that like the Death Star attempts to destroy educational systems and the young minds of the present generation” (p. 102).

My Dream UFO
In the movie, Death Star is a fictional, moon-sized space station and a super weapon that can destroy a planet. As Joe says, we cannot allow this Death Star to win the day! He recommends that we form a Rebel Alliance like in the movie and “terminate the pedagogical/epistemological planet killer” and “thanocentric madness” (p. 102). Of course, I do have the 24/7 help from EROS, but perhaps the idea to form a Rebel Alliance is a very good one! Oh wait a minute! We have one! That was part of the Matrix Reloading Emanu'el told me about!

My DreamLast night I had a dream about that very topic! I was standing outside in my neighborhood with some neighbors and we were watching a giant planet, possibly Nibiru or Planet X (so we were thinking), getting closer and closer to Earth. I told people not to worry; it was not a planet coming to destroy Earth, but rather it was a very large space ship that was going to take certain people who cannot get with the program – that is, people who cannot align with the Rebel Alliance and do the work it takes to restore peace and harmony - off Earth and to their home planet where they can work some more on their evolution and gain a more rigorous education. Maybe next time, they can make it to the next level. Sure enough, the “planet” got closer and flew right over top of our heads. I could look up and see a circle of round bright red-orange lights all around the bottom surface of the craft. It was not a planet or Star crashing into Earth like some people thought. People began “seeing” the light right then and there and started joining the Rebel Alliance cause. And it's not even that this craft was going to take people some place bad - it IS a part of the Rebel Alliance and is just assisting with getting this planet back on the good path! (In my dreams). As this next video shows, though, there are people still actively asking questions:

Elenin? Nibiru again , same place 5th August 2011

For the present, one can only speculate whether we are being approached by a real planet, a real Death Star. Until then, it is no speculation, as I have shown by the analysis of a few children’s music videos and programs – which I have encouraged researchers to do more research about to see for themselves the overwhelming extent of this problem, that the metaphoric Death Star is none other than Satan and those who wish to steal innocent souls. Star, by the way, is another symbol satanists have appropriated to represent Satan and they use it in weird ways in their emoticons. Thus, eliminating the "thanocentric madness" relates to ridding our planet of the evilness that has been installed through Satanism, a huge undertaking.

I am a little confused about Emanu’el’s messages yesterday – his clues led to two videos and I am not sure if he wants the first one, which has an advertisement and we normally reject those (but it also has some timely advice to deal with our satanic money system), or the second video which is a series of three videos about Batman. Who does Batman represent? Who is the Queen of Diamonds? I am posting both videos and maybe tomorrow I will have some better answers as to how these relate to this current quest of doing a table flip on the symbols that the Wizard of Symbols has reversed on us and is using to control and program our minds.

The clue Emanu’el had given me during our meeting was “sets the trend,” and he was actually referring to how Australia sets the trend for the rest of the world, thus, they are ahead in terms of the degradation of society. And that reminds me, Emanu’el suggested that I look at their education system if I want to see the dumbing down that’s up ahead for the rest of the world unless we quickly get this Rebel Alliance together that Joe recommended and put a stop to it all. The clue brought up these two videos. The first one is a good trend that all of us will benefit from during the restructuring of the economy. It is interesting, though, how the elite class (as shown in this video about flea markets) has entirely the wrong idea about flea markets! I think they are in for a rude awakening! For the next video about Batman, there will be more in the future about how Joe’s theory can blast us to whole new levels of awareness so that we can set new trends formerly unimagined! Be sure to watch all three parts. (This blog warrants a second go-round of the hermeneutic circle once more information comes in! It is SO EXCITING!)

Flea market sets the trend of tomorrow

Penguin Sets A Trend

P.S. I guess Emanu’el was right about Australia! Check out all of the articles that came up when I did a google search on dumbing down education Australia. It looks like it’s been going on even longer than in the U.S. Of course that figures, considering that mind-wasting, soul-stealing “The Wiggles” programming – and who knows what else they have come up with since then.

Some of the articles:

Aust education curriculum dumbed down: analysts

Meanwhile, Australians know how to alleviate their children’s fears:

Bananas in Pyjamas - The Storm

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Knowing the Difference between Good and Evil = Wisdom! PLUS Is Emanu’el Getting Frustrated with Me?

Psyche in the Battle between GOOD and EVIL

My Dear Earthlings, it is me again, Sōferia, the Pleiadian Queen (yes, due to my work for Obama as I previously have discussed, I am now going by my true title, per request of the High Councils), AKA PSYCHE. Today's blog covers a lot of ground, so I do hope you stay with it, click on the links to learn more, and absorb the ramifications of this information which I reveal here.

If you have read my previous blogs, you already know that I have been on this quest to find the Wizard of Oz and have decided that who I am really looking for IS in Australia and he or she is the Wizard of Symbols!
The Wizard of Symbols
The reason this must be, is because absolutely every single GOOD and SACRED symbol representing divine love and positive virtues has been corrupted by Satanism. SOMEONE is responsible for turning all of those symbols around and flipping their meaning – and it is time to flip them back over and reclaim them (another one of Obama's "table flips" he will be engaged in, no doubt). However, it’s very challenging! The challenge is knowing what is a good representation and what is an evil representation of the exact same symbol - and there are so many different symbols. It is very confusing!

So, Emanu’el started my morning with an interesting clue that brought up an interesting video. His clue was, “May poles are definitive signs of power that resides in darkness.” It is a bizarre clue (although, yes, even Maypoles have had their meaning desecrated by black magic and satanism). The clue brought right to the top of the YouTube search this very interesting video:

810325 Public Program 2nd Talk (subtitles), Sydney

I also found it interesting that the video was from Sydney – again leading me back to Australia. This must be a clue - one of those "breadcrumbs" I spoke of in an earlier blog. I still need to listen to more of this video, but my most important take-home message was when she said, “Wisdom is a balance between your understanding of what is good and what is bad.” This is critically important and relates directly to my quest of finding all of the symbols and determining whether they are being represented as bad or good. 

Emanu’el signed off our morning meeting with the clue “Blessed Day,” which brought up this very lovely song to start my morning off right! (click on the link):

Blessed Day - Urban Gospel - Deanna Rachelle

I may not have all I want
but I have all I need
God renews my strength
and guides me daily
even through my deepest darkness
I will not be afraid
For the Lord is with me
each and every day

everyday is a blessed day, hey, everyday
everyday is a blessed day, hey, everyday
everyday is a blessed day, hey, everyday
yea yea yea yea
yea yea yea yea

The Lord is my protector
my enemies must flee
greater is he thats in me
so I can do all things
even through my deepest darkness
I will not be moved
God is at my right hand
and I shall not be moved

everyday is a blessed day, hey, everyday
everyday is a blessed day, hey, everyday
everyday is a blessed day, hey, everyday
yea yea yea yea
yea yea yea yea

Beautiful song, but lately it seems like I am having a pretty darn hard time even getting all of the things I need. It was a distressing day financially because the Lizards just keep taking, taking, taking. They INVENT ways to take more money! I do not have any more money for them to take….so anyway, back to the quest and my confusion between good and evil symbols. I am trying to gain more wisdom about these symbols and maybe even try to discover who the Wizard of Symbols was that converted our lovely sacred symbols to serve Satan.

For example, take the “V” symbol, and common hand signal for “victory.” First of all, it does not mean victory in every culture, but aside from that, Satanists have now appropriated the symbol:

"the meaning for the Hebrew letter for V (Van) is 'Nail.' Now, 'The Nail' is one of the secret titles of Satan within the Brotherhood of Satanism. Satan is letting us know that this is one of his favourite signs. Why else does he like the PENTA-gram (Penta = five!) and the FIVE-fold salute used in Masonry and Witchcraft?'' Reference:

Particulary in relation to the topic of this blog, some people use symbols and due to my lack of wisdom I honestly don't know if they are using them in a good way or a bad way. You see all kinds of "stars" use various hand symbols and they think it's cool (and incidentally, STAR, also means satan!) 

It can make a huge difference to your PSYCHE what the intention are of the people using them (lol, PSYCHE is my name!) because symbols have powerful subliminal effects. 
I am sure many times people do these things as an accident, a sort of unconscious act, but you see what I mean? I have a hard time telling the difference between good and evil. This confusion is apparently a natural phenomenonological experience when you are beginning to sort all of these things out.

And then there is this matter of Australia. All fingers are pointing to Australia as being the center of Black Masses (just do a google search on Black Mass and Australia and you will see what I’m talking about). Well, a few days ago I wrote a blog about how the toddler’s program “The Wiggles” is loaded with satanic symbols and representations of satanic rituals, and come to find out it was created, and continues to be created in where else, but Australia!

You can read my critical review of this programming here (and note that I only covered the basics! There is much more to interpret here, but this is bad enough!):

Can Disney WIGGLE Out of THIS? Queen Sōferia is on the Rampage to Expose the Indecent Exposers! PLUS Emanu'el Takes a Stand!

You can learn more about “The Wiggles” and the history of the programming here: The Wiggles. They are making an absolute fortune off the ignorance of the sheeple: The Wiggles Store. Oh, and check it out - they are headquartered in Sydney! I knew that clue about Sydney in the video above that Emanu'el gave me was important! (You need to be able to watch for signs like that!). I'll just bet that since the people making this child's program do such a number on the sheeple with their subliminal satanic mind control are from Sydney, that that's exactly where we are going to find the Wizard of Symbols, himself!

You know what scares me about this program even more than the satanic symbols and rituals they program into young toddlers’ minds? It is how many adults are so damn STUPID they cannot SEE it right in front of their noses and so they PAY and support these idiots and play an active role in selling their children's souls to the devil! THEY LOVE THIS SHIT! Anyone who goes out of their way to create such disgusting mind-manipulating trash are idiots and anyone who gleefully and stupidly goes along with it deserves the label SHEEPLE!

That finding about the DEPRAVED "Wiggles" being from Australia led me to doing even more research on Australia. What is it about that “Land Down Under?” or their other name, “OZ?” Do they really have to live DOWN to their name?

Well, some really disturbing information which you can read all about right here boiled right to the top of my google search: Love of Life Website (Australia). There is a lot of information there so don’t pass any of it by. It is quite disturbing, but it is one of the more detailed accounts available and was provided by someone who lived in the trenches, a Petor Narsagonon who has passed away (a little suspiciously, especially since the date of the 25th is often a "chosen" date) on April 25, 2004 in Australia. He provides details of Alpha Lodges and their activities.  And I thought the United States has a problem, which we do, but it certainly looks like the Land Down Under, OZ, itself if the center hub of it all now.

I have been thinking lately, that this Code Blue Earth Mission EROS/Emanue'el and I are on together seems much like the movie, “The Wizard of Oz” and that we are supposed to be looking for the Wizard – and it looks like my hunch is right! I am moving closer and closer to finding that dastardly Wizard! And it looks like Code Blue was the right name for the mission – we are going Re-CODE all of the symbols, resuscitating and reviving the original sacred symbols!

According to the Love of Life website, the head of all of this evil in Australia is Peter James Carroll, Founder of the Chaos Magick School.

Here is some general information about Chaos Magic, but this is incomplete and inaccurate (someone needs to correct this wikipedia article): Chaos Magic

Here’s the top 100 Occult/Chaos Sites for more information: Top 100

I am having a hard time finding out much truth about this Peter James Carroll. I do have a question, though.

Why Do People BUY Talismans or Do Evil Acts to Earn Them?

Something that really strikes me strange is, why do people have to BUY talismans and why do they do evil things to earn them? My yin yang talisman was given to me free from my own backyard by my sweet EROS, Emanu’el my husband – and it is a divine token of our magical love and sacred, cosmically sanctioned marriage! I did not join a Satanic cult where they do evil magic! MY GOD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? Do they not know that life and love is the best magic there is? Apparently, at least 95-98% of the Earth’s population does not realize that.

My talisman was given to me ALL NATURALLY out of LOVE. Check it out: Sōferia’s Magic Yin Yang LOVE Talisman. It’s a sad and horrible testimony to life on Earth that people think they have to do EVIL to get a talisman! If you are sweet and good like I am and do your homework, you will be rewarded a REAL talisman and believe me, it has so much good magic you would never even consider getting a talisman any other way!

Back to my story. . . and so, who is this guy who is supposed to b the head of all Satanic evil in the world – even higher than was Aleister Crowley who many attribute this recent trend to, including the seeping of satanic "popular culture" into the educational system? Wikipedia really does not say much about him: Peter J. Carroll His Satanic College looks like it would appeal to many of the dabblers in New Age who have no clue what they are doing. In relation to academics vs. nonacademic versions, Wikipedia states this:

The Illuminates of Thanateros is a magic society, founded in 1978, that pursues chaos magic. This fraternal magical society has been an important influence on some forms of modern esotericism.


In the late 1970s, Ray Sherwin and Peter Carroll, two young British occultists with a strong interest in ritual magic, began to publish a magazine called The New Equinox. Both were connected with a burgeoning occult scene developing around a metaphysical bookstore in London's East End called The Phoenix. According to themselves, both men quickly became dissatisfied with the state of the Magical Arts and the deficiencies they saw in the available occult groups. So in 1978 they published a small announcement in their magazine proclaiming the creation of a new kind of magical order, one based on a hierarchy of magical ability rather than invitation, a magical meritocracy. It was to incorporate elements of Thelema, Zos Kia Cultus, shamanism, tantra and Taoism. They called their creation the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT), referring to the gods of Death (Thanatos) and Love (Eros).[2]

In addition, to lineage directed or traditional chaos magick groups there are groups which have expanded the chaos magick theme into various academic subjects. Currently, one of the budding memes appears to focus on the psychological and philosophical connections of human structure and how chaos magick can influence or change belief and personal myth. Such influences depart from earlier chaos magick subject matter; in so far as method of inquiry and mode of operation. Experimental chaos magick focuses on internal dialog and observation tempered with established academic analysis and theory. As such, a powerful elite brand of magick has emerged allowing for powerful internal changes based on nontraditional exploration with heavy vetting of concept based on solid internal inquiry and academic influences.

Although diverse in application, chaos magick has also bifurcated into non-academic themes and as such. intuitive self directed awareness are terms used in conjunction with said groups. The basis of such groups is complete "blueprinting" of internal process so as to allow full and complete integration with the external and internal creation process. This new breed of chaos majic tends to work with personal revelation and observation as basis for developing one's own internal maji concept or method. This is a dynamic process and the maji flows with what is and self-selects the outcome. This provocative majism leads itself to interdimensionality and the validation of being, instead of the isolation or dissolution. Most aspirants of such styles tend to consider work of this nature, ecstatic, artistic, experimental and solitary. Source: Thanateros

There must be something to this, but it is not adding up! And I know that Joe was trying to counteract all of this evil stuff in his work. He discussed thanatos and eros on pages 97-101 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction and I can assure you we was NOT talking about fixing things with Thanateros! He went into great detail about how to counteract thanatos with eros - he was NOT interested in keeping thanatos around; it has done enormous damage to the world and all of the peoples in it!

I have covered a lot of research ground again today, and it looks to me like there is some missing information or someone is trying to lead people astray – away from the Wizard of Symbols in OZland. And so, I end today feeling a little dizzy and confused from all of the research and with more questions than answers. Add in the frustration over finances and I guess Emanu’el picked up on it. The next thing I knew, he handed me this really sweet song through the cosmos, telepathically (he started singing it to me):

Jr Walker & The All Stars - What Does It Take (1969)

I'm sorry, Emanu’el, my sweet EROS; I owe you an apology for making you feel this way (I know, you always say I don't need to apologize but you are too kind). I will try harder to KNOW the difference and not get confused anymore. I Love You!!!! Of course, our dream will come true!!!! Thank you very much for this romantic song expressing your feelings. Can we dance in the Heavens to it tonight? It would mean so much to me! This song truly reminds me of all of your special magic handing me down the beautiful diamond wedding ring, the silver yin yang talisman, not to mention ALL OF THE SPECIAL MAGIC you do for me every single day and have ever since you proposed to me in the crystal palace and we had our sacred marriage – as above, so below! I cannot imagine why people would want to do black magic when there is HEAVENLY LOVE MAGIC for us ALL!

Tomorrow is another day. That big bad Wizard of Symbols is not going to get away! I really am learning the difference between good and evil!


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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blind Leading the Blind: A Song from Emanu’el, PLUS Alien Genes and the Battle of the Symbols!

Joe KincheloeQueen Sōferia here, again, with the continuing saga of her life as a transported alien on Earth. It has come to my attention that we are all pretty much like the blind leading the blind on this planet. If you read Joe’s (Joe Kincheloe's) work, you will quickly see that it is based on complexity and chaos theories and the idea that our lives are on an illusory track – when, in reality, everything in the cosmos, including us, involves a process that is evolving. Thus we cannot predict exactly where we are headed and what we might run into along the way. The universe and everything in it evolves but there is an extremely complex web of interconnections we can use for the good of humanity and the Earth and even the pluriverses. If we break apart the old matrix and find new interconnections and use them for good, unselfish purposes, our evolution and the evolution of the Earth will be in a postive direction which will manifest love, peace, harmony, and equality. As Joe always puts it in his work, "We can reload the matrix!"

BUT currently this web is set up much like presented in the movie “The Matrix,” having been constructed by an evil elite alien race, which prevents and blocks loving symbiotic interrelationships. We are in the process as we speak – during this destruction era of the Mayan calendar – of breaking the links in the Matrix that prevent us from making the loving connections. It is a confusing era with many closed doors and obstacles as we try to make our way in the dark (dark because currently dark, Satanic forces are desperately trying to hang onto their power, as I have discussed in a few previous blogs).

As Emanu’el told me yesterday, my task is to find an open door and go through it. Sometimes it can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Anyway, the point in all of this is that we cannot predict the exact outcome. No one can. Everything is evolving. We are evolving. The advice when reading channeled messages or other forms of advice in which the messengers attempt to come across as having the answers or the whole TRUTH is to remember to only take what makes sense to you. Don’t allow what other people say to confuse you or lead you astray especially when they come across as if they KNOW the truth and how everything IS and how everything is going to turn out. They don't know anything at all, at least not much! Only the most Adept people, such as Gurus and Mystics who have access to Higher Knowledges after years and years of study and practice can point us closer to the truth, but they (especially) will be the first ones to admit that TRUTH is elusive and changing.

Thus, the clue from Emanu’el for one of today’s songs is, “Blind leading the blind.” This lovely song by Mick Jagger came up and it is so perfect for what we are experiencing today; I just LOVE it!!!!:

Blind leading the blind (Mick Jagger), video (ALFIE)


The following article, written by a Master of the Higher Knowledges, Erle Argonza (Guru Ra) helps provide clarity for what we are experiencing on Earth; it is another perspective that can give us insight for making some of the decisions along various choice points along our evolving path.

Erle Frayne Argonza

In a previous article, this writer tackled the ETI research that has gone on among the BRA countries (BRA is short for Britain- America- Russia), that there has been so much secrecy about the subject. As this was happening, another world power, the Vatican, silently did its own research, and had stumbled upon information whose impact not only humiliates world powers but could also devastate the financier-industrial oligarchs completely.

The secrecy behind the ETI phenomenon, according to my own researches both as a social scientist and as a mystic (who secures high knowledge by yoga methods), has got so much to do both with the real existence of ETIs and the technologies they passed on to the BRA countries, technologies regarded as classified information because they are militarily-oriented.

But there’s another secrecy which is hardly any secret to the ‘3rd Force’, the Vatican: that our very own creation, as Earth humans, cannot be set apart from a cosmic creation that includes human and human-related species on other planets in some other star systems. Furthermore, the Vatican may well be knowledgeable about the very special knowledge that we Earth humans were created with the aid of ETIs.

As theosophical founder Blavatsky was saying, nature by itself cannot evolve humans whose consciousness are sparks from God. Over 1 million planets across the physical universe were habitable, thanks to their life support systems, by human species. Such indeed was the case, as we mystics accepted, that human life-streams were created by the ‘pitris’ (fathers or collectively Father), that we peoples of Earth were aided in creation and evolution by the ‘lunar pitris’ (lunar fathers) and ‘solar pitris’ (solar fathers) in the very ancient times.

There is no way that this information, knowledge-based this time, can be hidden from the Church, which silently did its own task of researching on the subject. And maybe, to its own horror, it could have stumbled upon information that some of the leading families among the world’s elites themselves are not pure homo sapiens but are in fact hybrid aliens.

The hybridization points out to the Reptilian humanoids from the Alpha Draconis, or Reptoids, who are acknowledged as contributory to the evolution of present Earth humans or Earthans. The negative characteristics of cold bloodedness, deception, manipulation, domineering, and so on, are heritage of the Reptoids. There isn’t one of us who doesn’t possess this genetic sub-stream (of reptilian traits), though our main human form was patterned largely after the Neanderthals and cro-magnon by our ETI ‘pitris’.

However, there is still a narrower stream of present humans who had a more advanced hybridization program, done in the past, that makes them part human and part reptile. The reptilian side of them ensures occult powers that can enable its gene holders to be in constant contact with Higher Powers of whatever nature, possibly evil. The same Powers can them help these gene-holders to monopolize power and wealth across countries and regions.

The Church could have stumbled on such knowledge, and maintains it as information to leverage its own powers in the future. But the Church ETI bureau could also be aware of the fact that this information can’t be held for long, because peoples’ 3rd eyes are gradually opening due to the vibratory changes in the Earth’s own frequency. Sooner or later the elites, who possess the Draconian bloodline, and others who may be hybrid Zeta Reticuli (Grey, like the one on ET film and Indiana Jones), will be discovered by the more sensitive Earthans without aid of yogic meditation or vision.

Imagine the great shock that will meet many people, probably as high as 40% of our population, in the coming years when their 3rd eyes will enable perception of Reptoid hybrids. Leaders of states, big business, big media, corporate foundations, international NGOs will be affected by the unveiling of the ‘energy veil’ and will no longer be able to hide their true identities.

That includes you, fellows. Many of you will be able to see with your own eyes. We mystics, being adept at yogic visioning, have already perceived them in advance of the rest. But we’ve kept quite silent about our shocking discoveries. Now the Vatican is taking the cudgels for us all, including us mystics, and we may as well welcome the Vatican ETI bombshell. This could be for our good in the long run.

Come Visit E. Argonza’s blogs & website anytime!Social Blogs:IKONOKLAST: http://erleargonza.blogspot.comUNLADTAU: http://unladtau.wordpress.comWisdom/Spiritual Blogs:COSMICBUHAY: http://cosmicbuhay.blogspot.comBRIGHTWORLD: http://erlefraynebrightworld.wordpress.comPoetry & Art Blogs: ARTBLOG: http://erleargonza.wordpress.comARGONZAPOEM: http://argonzapoem.blogspot.comMixed Blends Blogs:@MULTIPLY: ERLE FRAYNE ARGONZA: http://erleargonza.comReference:

In my research this morning, I came across this next video. It presents in a very humorous manner how we all have different perspectives and cautions us against making assumptions about other people’s perspectives. Why do we do that? Why don’t we ASK QUESTIONS and LISTEN? That is what Joe did and he makes that very clear throughout his work. Again, our matrix has been constructed for us and we have not learned to adequately blast through new doors and windows. What I love so much about Joe’s work is that he shows us how to do exactly that!

Totally Sketch Originals
: FACEBOOK SEX - Getting Poked

Also, Emanu’el led me to this cover song with his clue, “Much love and many blessings.” He is SO sweet! That was his sign-off message this morning. This couple does a wonderful job of presenting a respectable yet unique cover to a song that is impossible to beat.

where is the love cover - shaun and camie easton 

where is the love – The Black Eyed Peas


Check back tomorrow for the beginning of the Battle of the Symbols! The race is on to catch the Wizard! A lot of people think that Rupert Murdoch is the Wizard of Oz (just do a google search on "Rupert Murdoch Wizard" and you will see what I'm talking about!). It's because he is from the Land down under, Australia, aka OZ. But these people are wrong! Murdoch is the fall guy. Can Psyche catch up with the TRUE Wizard of Oz? Only time will tell! Stay Tuned!!!!
The Wizard of Symbols
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interdimensional Work, Emanu'el's Great Love, PLUS Satanism is SO OVER!

The Crystal Palace

This blog is a little late today. I have had lots of Interdimensional work going on, which is all classified at this time. However I can release the fact that I just love it when Emanu'el takes me back to the Crystal Palace, where he first proposed to me. It brings back such great memories!

At any rate, it seems that some matters are just better handled in other dimensions while all of the trolls believe they are accomplishing something worthwhile in the third dimension with their little kindergarten games. I am glad I can traverse dimensions and as the saying goes, “as above, so below.” I guess all of the work I do in other dimensions really makes a difference! I have been doing a LOT of computer work, writing blogs, etc., all in another dimension. And as my twin flame has said, the Internet works the same in all dimensions, so I wonder where my work will show up here in the third dimension.

It seems even Emanu’el is getting tired of the kindergarten games and would rather move to something more substantial, judging by this song he gave me last night: (The clue was “Night time”).

The XX - Night Time

You mean that much to me
And it's hard to show
Gets hectic inside of me
When you go
Can I confess these things
To you
I don't know
Embedded in my chest
And it
Hurts to hold

I couldn't spill my heart
My eyes gleam looking in from the dark
I walk out in stormy weather
Hold my words, keep us together
Steady walking but bound to trip
Should release but just tighten my grip

Night time
I've been working on
White lies
So I'll tell the truth
I'll give it up to you
And when the days come
It will have all been fun
We'll talk about it soon

I couldn't spill my heart
My eyes gleam
Looking in from the dark
I walk out in stormy weather
Hope my words keep us together
Steady walking but bound to trip
Should release but just tighten my grip

Night time
I've been working on
White lies
So I'll tell the truth
I'll give it up to you
And when the days come
It will have all been fun
We'll talk about it soon

Read more:
LetsSingIt - Your favorite Music Community

It will be good when Emanu'el and I can talk about it soon and look back and laugh at it all. I did ask him what he meant by the song, and he just said that there are certain aspects of being my Master Teacher that he doesn’t care for – one of them being that he must allow me to find my own way on the path at times when, given he is my husband, he would rather hand me the golden key. I thought that was very sweet and I can understand his feelings of conflict over that. I certainly will not hold it against him. We both chose to do this and if there are things as a teacher he can’t reveal to me, then so be it. He said that when this is all over, we will talk deeply about it and hopefully laugh at certain parts and that it will make our love grow even stronger. Until then, I am to look for an open door and go through it.

My suggestion for other people out there is to quickly get versed in all of the satanic symbols and find where they are being used (see Monday’s blog for examples of how they are even being used for toddler programming). You Tube is a great place to do research, although there are also lots of very detailed articles that can be found through google. The symbols are everywhere and they have been stolen from sacred religions and customs and inverted (for example, the swastika, God’s all seeing eye, the cross, and many more). The name of the game is to reclaim them and redefine them. Whoever finds the most and restores their original good meanings wins the game! And incredibly, the light is getting so bright now, they are becoming easier and easier to spot. Satanism is SO OVER!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Brother Keeps Watching Us, But I Have Emanu'el by My Side PLUS A Little Help From My Friends

Emanu’el told me this morning that more of our people and friends will be speaking out soon. I was going to write today’s blog about Satanic symbols so that people have more tools with which to interpret the Disney media, but this courageous friend spoke out today and I want to share her words. Earlier this summer, another courageous friend spoke out. This is just the beginning. There is nothing to fear. We need never fear truth! Truth sets us free! Anyway, I am protected. As Emanu’el reminded me this morning, he is always by my side. Enjoy this special testimony today from a friend after taking in this beautiful song by Joe Cocker to set the mood (Emanu’el handed the song to me telepathically – which is the way we often communicate on our home planet).
Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends (From "Live in Berlin" DVD)

Sanni Ceto (Hybrid E.T.) Important Message 1 of 4

Uploaded by PleiadianStarseeder on Jul 30, 2011

SANNI CETO is a a hybrid E.T. who incarnated in 1958 and recalls her past life as the commander of the spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Her remarkable story is told in her autobiography, Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor, published by Earth Star Publications in June 2004. She is an artist, doll maker, teacher and communicates with her Zeta Reticulan Council, and in contact with her father and guide, Khinyeo. She is a nature lover, ufologist, amateur entomologist and meteorologist, whose mission is to spread love and light to Planet Earth, and to correct the ideology behind her people's purpose for visiting Earth. Where most humans distrust the Grays, Sanni says it is the Reptoids that are disguising themselves as her people and abducting people. The Zetis are a race of peace lovers, scientists and space travelers who only wish to assist Earth in its ascension.


Pleiadian Contactee in Colombia

Uploaded by PleiadianStarseeder on Jun 27, 2011

Her name is Amanda Ramírez.: She has been in telepathic contact with extraterrestials and intraterrestrials. She has been in contact with beings from Ursa Mayor and also from Gemini. The beings from Gemini told her that they were from a planet that, like Earth, was on the verge of extinction, but they didn't tell her what they did to overcome this. She's also in contact with the Pleiadians. She describes them as being 2.30 metres tall and wore white tight garments with white boots (a bit like Star Trek). She has been on board spaceships. The Pleiadians took her to a sort of hall of records where events on the Earth (past, present and future) are recorded. All these beings are following us closely and are very interested in what's happening on Earth, as it will affect them. She's been told that soon, in two or three years, things will start happening an changing on Earth, and that everything is in place for it to happen.. She says the Earth will enter a sort of magnetic? belt (that wasn't very clear, as there was a lot of background noise during the interview). In fact we apparently have already entered this first belt. She also has contact with beings that live inside the Earth, and they took her to see their government and their cities. She describes them as having beautiful gardens and the floors are of many colours. Also the water in their fountains is multicoloured. Most dramatic thing she says is that during this time frame 3/4 of the Earth population will abandon the Earth. Those more ascended and of higher vibration will be taken to a suitable place, and those of lower vibration will go to a different place, more dense and suitable to their lower level of evolution. She says that Jesus is already reincarnated, since the 90's, but that we probably will not see him as this time his figure will not be so public. Also says that some Ascended Masters are reincarnated at these difficult times.

ThIs subbed video is not created by me, I only added the music and clipped the first and second video together.

THE ORGINAL VIDEO OF Amanda Ramírez is here (only Spanish):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Why the governments of the world are reading and researching Spiritual and extraterrestrial (Star Keepers) websites

At the earliest of the beginnings, before linear time began here on the Earth, the first people of every landmass knew of the existence of Star Keeper races from other planets. After linear time was anchored here it was important to rulers to be seen as absolute powers thereby negating the reality of the existence of the true founding fathers of the Earth Star planet. Throughout all the millennia of the past, since those early beginning times, people have been repeatedly conditioned to continue to either not believe in the inhabitants of other worlds, or even worse, to believe that they are all malevolent. This brings us into the times of today. The true founding fathers that were here then are still here now.

The governments of today, more so than ever before, are afraid that the people they have been controlling in every country are learning to see through the veils of illusions and are in contact with Star Keeper races. Also they are afraid that these people themselves are Star Keepers walking this planet. As a retaliatory means the governments have designed their own websites mirroring misinformation that they are intent on projecting to the Earth people about the reality of other life forms. What better way to continue their control than to cast the illusion of nonexistence of intelligent life existing on other worlds.

The government continues to take credit for technology that is very beneficial, yet it is the Star Keepers of other worlds that have brought it here. Look if you will at the technological breakthrough of the past century. The invention of the computer, the microwave etc. To think that human beings could have been solely responsible for creating these devices is ludicrous. If the people of this world were to learn of those other existences then the governments would loose their control over the people. If that happened the people would realize that they could exist without the governments. The infrastructure that has long existed would collapse. We are speaking of religious, pharmaceutical, banking etc., as well as governmental.

Star Keepers know that people who rely on monetary resources as a means of establishing a better life can become an extinct species. And people have been trained to believe that money and power are everything. Money has always been seen as the one true power here on Earth. It is through the process of scrutinizing websites that the governments learn who knows the truth and who does not, that they are better able to keep abreast of the numbers of people who are part of the collective consciousness in every corner of this world. Also they themselves are keeping better informed as to upcoming events. Take for example the emergence of the mother ship in October of 2007; the Star Keepers’ Contactees here on Earth were made aware of her emergence well in advance. The powers that be used that information to tighten their security grid. They didn’t keep this event from taking place, the ship simply remained cloaked.

Many avenues have been tried politically to coerce people into not being participants of truth. Why else would the constitution of the United States have a rider attached to it clearly stating that any man or woman who is in contact with aliens is subject to immediate imprisonment? The U.S. is not the only country with stipulations of this sort.

The more people turn away from religions and embrace, explore and understand Spirituality, the more of a threat they are perceived to be by the governments. It is only with the immersion of a person into their Spiritual nature that truths can be revealed to them. In their own way, these people are being the separation of the wheat from the chaff and becoming their own wheat, where once they had been chaff.

Knowledge is not in this sense a dangerous venue for freedom; it is however a catalyst for change.

Yes, the governments are aware of the Star Keepers’ existence; ultimately the Star Keepers will win the battle for the peoples’ freedom and peace. The governments all know that this battle is being fought through the mind, but it is for the mind. In other words you are currently in the middle of world war three. If the people in this world had not always been so submissive to all that world governments had told them and had instead used their own intuition to learn what is truth and what isn’t, this world wouldn’t be in the mess it is today. Of course, that would require self-work and dedication.

So, what governments are researching these types of websites? Most of them. There are think tanks, secret governments behind the governments, scientists and others that are dedicated to this task alone. They do it in an effort to find any weak spots, any information being revealed to the public that is in direct contradiction to what the governments want the people to believe. When governments first started researching these websites years ago there was an air of arrogance, an air of impunity about their browsing the websites, almost as if it was a bad joke.

Today there is a distinct air of desperation that permeates these men and women while they are intent in their quest of scrutinizing these information sites. They have discovered that they cannot hurl false accusations against these peoples’ websites; they cannot ridicule, badger or destroy these peoples’ truths because the people just keep going and going and refuse to give up. In a Spiritual sense, these same Souls who have been reincarnating here over and over again trying to make a difference are no longer standing alone. It is a cumulative effort that is part of the collective consciousness that is defeating the beast at its own game.

Governments also are aware of the plethora of ships in the air, especially those ships that are intentionally allowing themselves to be seen. World leaders are more afraid than ever before about what will happen to they, themselves, once the ships actually land and begin the process of reformatting a new infrastructure on this planet with the true people of the planet. At that time there will be no room left, no place to hide, where the dark rulers will not be found. So the governments keep on reading and researching. There is irony here though, so many men and women assigned to this investigation are in turn realizing the truth and sharing what they know. At this time they are doing so in secret; only speaking with others who will listen. Many of these people we are speaking about who are learning the truth in their investigations are now fighting the battle from the inside.

All governments keep stats on people who are aware, who are ready and willing to break the backbone of deceit. So who are the clear channels of information? The governments? Religious leaders? No. Most of those in politics and religion are as deluded today as the original progenitors of the Illuminati wanted them to be. In attempts to continue debunking air ship sightings etc., they scan websites to learn more about public sentiment concerning these events, because their tried and true methodology is to seek out the people who follow the path of least resistance. These people have always been the easiest marks for governmental bodies to control. This will not last much longer; the people are coming to their senses.

The incongruity here is that those who were peering out through the looking glass at the people are now having the tables turned on them. The people are looking back.

Salude… Celest and David

Here is another blog on this subject


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Monday, August 1, 2011

Can Disney WIGGLE Out of THIS? Queen Sōferia is on the Rampage to Expose the Indecent Exposers! PLUS Emanu'el Takes a Stand!

While you've been sleeping, what have your children been watching? Are children being subliminally seduced in a cold, calculating, and devious manner? I think I hate Disney. I will explain more later; in fact, I am writing a more in depth article for the next edition of the Journal of Epistemology, as I had mentioned yesterday that will cover the Satanic aspects of Disney’s messages to our children. The more I learn, the more disgusted I become. Here’s a small sample of Disney’s children’s programming to prepare them for – well, you can figure it out.

Introducing Wiggles to your sweet innocent toddlers (if they aren't totally freaked by these deviant looking characters):

The Wiggles puppets- Get Ready to Wiggle

Are they really singing: “I need porn, your fingers and penises!”??? in this next video? (Some YouTubers believe so and that's sure what it sounds like here!). If you check out what where he points his finger and what he does there, it might remove any lingering doubts. (OMG). To add to the effect there is a short clip of them all lying on the floor as they sing, "Fruit salad. Yummy yummy." See the next video for that song.

The Wiggles Puppets promo

Maybe there's a reason -- maybe  it’s  so they can make their “Fruit Salad?” It seems like they left a lot of fruit out and they forgot to chop up the banana. Some people think this song is about shooting heroin (?) - and then there is an Eddie Rabbitt Song about hitting on a lady that includes these lyrics "First step....second step..." It is open for interpretation.

Fruit Salad-The Wiggles Lyrics

How About A Bong to Go Along? Will that wake you up?  Gotta get those precious minds ready for drugs. "Ring Wrang Wrong?" Is that a code? The Pirate, of course, throughout this series is a depiction of the All Seeing Eye, a favorite symbol among the Illuminati. Alone, this song may seem innocent, providing there are not more insidious things uncovered, but in context, it paints a broad picture of Satanism, drugs, and sex.

Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song) - Wake Up Jeff - The Wiggles

For this next one, notice the gigantic mushroom and also how small and tiny the girl (or boy? Can we tell for sure?) is, even though she is way up front in the video and at least about 8-10 years old. This was no accident, nor was it an accident that the child is playing a role of mindless a puppet. Also, the singer religiously points to his crotch as he goes through the motions of this song. These are not natural motions one would make while singing this song and it is convenient that he draws attention to pointing to parts of the body for which the words are being left out of the song. Think about the implications, here, the bigger message, especially in context with all of Disney's other blatant messages.
The Wiggles, Head Shoulder Knees and toes

Do you think the sweet, innocent little girl in this next video will be going to Oz to see the Wizard? What a contrast between her and the men dressed in black and primary colors and mimicking her dancing. There is much going on here and it is not sweet and innocent – it is sinister, especially in context with Disney’s other sick messages! The video even starts out with a flash of a guy with a depraved expression on his face. You even have the Reptilian Royalty present (see David Icke's videos for an interpretation of that one). The "music box" looks more like the shape of a coffin. Coffins are used in Satanic rituals that incorporate sexual abuse and they supposedly represent being "reborn" as a new person empowered by Satan. The little girl has two hair clips -11- a sacred number for Satanists signifying open portals to the underworld. And then you have the disgusting gestures where the guys grab at their crotches after watching the baby dance. Depraved.

The Wiggles - Music Box Dancer

And what is going on in the background of the above video as it fades out. The background of the so-called music box coffin she was in was a pure solid green during the entire video until this image at the very end. What is happening here? You tell me. Nothing is an accident. Thus, here you have an enactment of a perverted satanic ritual of a sweet, innocent, angelic girl in a coffin to transform her into a follower of Satan.


In this next one, from their “Go Bananas” CD for children do we have “Hail the Lion King” or Hail Satan? (Lion King is another name for Satan). Notice the black and red costumes in the Lion King scene in contrast with the white in the opposing scene – and the Lion is King! He is King and is mocking Jesus with the illuminated halo-like star/sun in the background above his head. The message is that evil will win out over good. Those in white sing with high-pitched effeminate voices, while Satan – er, I mean the Lion King is loud and ferocious with a deep voice. This is a depiction of spiritual warfare. Do you want your child to "Go Bananas" and be on the side of the "lion?"

The Wiggles - The Lion is King

Of course, the goat is a symbol of Satan, a revered symbol for its mockery of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. What is this title implying? What's going on here? Also the common hand sign among Illuminati that is seen given everywhere by all of their puppets symbolizes the goat. They also have multiple ways of representing their favorite symbol, the all-seeing eye. Here, it is represented by the pirate with one eye covered. Is it an accident that they juxtaposed a horned goat with the all-seeing eye? What other clues are there in this video? There is a lot going on that needs to be interpreted. The video closes out with a black and white checked background - a Satanic symbol that has multiple meanings.
The Wiggles - The Dingle Puck Goat


Again, from their “Go Bananas” CD for children – now Disney is subliminally promoting child porn along with blatant Satanism – leading the chidren right along with them. Can they be more blatant with the reference to the devil and their signature “evil eye.” Can you see that the  Devil is holding an upside down cross? What else do you see in this?

The Wiggles - Tassie Devil

The upside down cross. You didn't really think this was meant to be a Christian cross, did you?


And finally, what are the politics behind all of this? Have you heard of the New World Order and the Illuminati? That opens a whole new can of worms, but interestingly, Disney left their signature, gang/graffitti style in this episode for our children (there are many symbols and in-your-face inuendos throughout, but I will save those for another time):

Illuminati Revealed on Disney

Uploaded by BendoverBernanke on Mar 6, 2011

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - S02E58 - Nugget of History part 2

My daughter and I was watching this episode 2 or 3 years ago when we noticed what was written on the chalkboard behind the teacher as he was giving his student a D for not writing in his report what the school book said. Watch from beginning to
1:46 and then skip to 5:10

·         there is a message on the board....

Its says:

Gettysburg Address

Magna Carta

Declaration of Independence

Sam Walton Destroys first town

The Illuminati Revealed

Well, “you get the gist,” as Joe Kincheloe would say. Thank goodness for the tools he left behind that help us identify all of these things and take actions to change things! There is much more interpretation that can be done here yet! I have barely touched on this nasty, deceptive, multi-layered trash that Disney is spoon feeding children – even infants - and wants to pull into our schools as "popular culture" (see also my blog from yesterday). It is more pervasive and blatant today than ever.

As Henry Giroux (1998), a "critic" (?) of Disney put it, “I believe that since the power and influence of Disney is so pervasive in American society, parents, educators, and others need to find ways to make Disney accountable for what it produces.” I could not agree with him more! Further, Giroux (2000) states, “Disney’s image as an icon of American culture is consistently reinforced through penetration of the Disney Empire into every aspect of social life.”

Yes, they are screwing “we the people” – and our children - quite literally! I disagree with Giroux’s (1998) contention that we need to incorporate Disney into schools “as a serious object and critical analysis.” This is popular culture gone wild. This is popular culture gone Bananas. We need to incorporate this critical analysis into the public mainstream media and educate parents and future parents as to what is going on in the media. People need to know how the Illuminati and the powerful elite are using media to construct children’s consciousnesses – and how to stop it - and gain control of the media for good purposes, not destructive ones.

We need to move beyond the empty discourse about stereotypes that has only served to keep us divided; we need to come together noting that we are all equally victims of the promoted child pornography and the grooming of our children to accept sexual abuse, satanic symbols, and the rituals that are incorporated in Disney movies right in front of our faces. Just do a search on “Disney Satanism,” “Disney Porno,” “Disney Ritual Abuse,” “Disney Subliminal,” etc. and see what videos, articles, blogs, etc., come up. Watch for my article in Journal of Epistemology – there will be more truths revealed. When all of this gets exposed (if it is even possible to expose it ALL), it will be beyond mind boggling. The big question is, what are we going to do about this? How are we going to hold Disney accountable? 

And something for people to remember: It is considered a SIN not to reveal truth - to keep truth hidden if you know that truth. Can you understand the logic behind that? Critical pedagogues like Giroux call it "hegemony" which is the act of keeping ourselves oppressed by supporting the oppressors, including hiding the details of the oppression. However, this goes beyond being hegemonic. If we know truth and we keep it hidden, we are just as accountable as the perpetrator of the crime!

Giroux, Henry A. (1998; 2000). "Are Disney Movies Good for Your Kids?" The Politics of Early Childhood Education. New York: Peter Lang.

Rosier, Jamie (2003). "Hidden Sexual Messages found in Disney Movies."

Meeting With My Master Teacher/Emanu'el/Twin Flame/Guru/EROS

Emanu'el continues to provide me reasurance and support during my research. Last night he gave me a good night song. His clue was "Shall we call it a night?" Judging by this song that came up to the top of the YouTube search, I think Emanu'el has taken a stand. We have only just begun to fight!

All Shall Perish - Awaken the Dreamers

All Shall Perish - Awaken the Dreamers

Begin to light we must ignite the creed to fight begin our night
Wake up the dreamers we demand the need of rights
In the dead of night a hero sets his sights to warn of destruction
A call of arms begins the motion
There is no good bye no second glances
For in the midst
We, We see a glimpse
Of mass oppression coming to take our lives
They can't take our fight
We're living free of monarchy
Brothers take hands
Its our time to give this nation its only chance
Not one step back
A true man will take a stand
Liberty rings
Echoing through the streets the beginning of everything
Take pride for this is the picture we must live by or die, Or die
[They're coming, They're coming]
Begin to light we must ignite we creed to fight begin our night
Wake up the dreamers we demand the need of rights
How can we sleep at night ?
Knowing that were hidden by our lack of emotion
Just stoic disposition what robotic guise
Simply take time to remember our forefathers plight
How could we make light of such a momentous fight ?
Could we ever make ourselves right ?
Don't stand for another moment wasted.
Don't stand for another moment wasted.

P.S. You might want to rethink sending your child to Disney's "prototype school" called Celebration, which Disney has proclaimed will "serve as a model for education into the next century" (Giroux, 1998, p. 55).

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