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Bad To The Bone Again
UPDATE FOR 2019: We are on sabbatical until at least 2022. You can be certain we will have even the meantime, you can get up to speed by visiting links we've provided for learning blogs (that document my own experiences and learning), formal written articles, videos, etc., which you can supplement with additional research of your own.
What's in store for Eros and Psyche as we move past the "Ascension" and into the year 2013?
The saga continues . . . the year 2014 is destined to be ever more eventful!  Stay tuned. . .
UPDATE: Where in the world has the time gone? We are now heading into 2016 and it's bound to be the BEST YEAR YET! Lo and Behold, this ia all a TRUE STORY! It demonstrates how we can take "fictive" accounts (much like inventors do when they think up new inventions) and turn them into reality. More importantly, we can prove the Power of the Word for creating the world of our Dreams--this is a N.E.W. dispensation given to us by God for this era. We create the N.E.W. World as we Ascend.
Just click on the links below and you'll be up to speed in no time at all. Learn how you, too, can create using the Power of the Word and end up right into the arms of your dream love, your "Twin Flame" in Paradise for Eternity! I knew this site was named Paradis Publications for a reason! (Paradis is French for Heaven or Paradise)....we are dedicated to stories about DIVINE LOVE, of achieving "Love of the Highest Degree."

This is an ongoing story as a demonstration of Joe's "FICTIVE" writing, a new style of writing for the future (to be further defined and clarified). Follow along -- the story is completely improvisational and we never know what will happen next! Eventually, the story will be published as a series of books with more data that backs up the reality of the interpretations. If you would like to learn more about this creative form of writing, check back for our writing books--available after 2022.

Eros Rescues PsycheCODE BLUE EARTH MISSION of 2012 and Beyond: Who is Eros? Who is Psyche? What is Mythology? Who changed history? Will Eros and Psyche uncover all of the lies and put Earth back on the right track? These blogs provide an account of the continuing saga of Soferia (aka Psyche), a Pleiadian Princess (soon to become Queen) who was sent back in time to work on a special educational mission on Earth. The first leg of her journey describes how she remembered who she is, how and why she is on Earth, her early learning experiences about the problems on Earth, and her marriage to her Master Teacher/Divine Soul Mate or Twin Flame, Emanu'el. She calls him EROS, the God of Love because he had rescued her as Psyche (her Earth name) from her deep, deep slumber. But then, tragically, he had to leave earth planet, leaving Psyche behind as they continue their work together across dimensions. After the first leg of the journey, they began the Code Blue Mission which started here.

This new adventure - The Code Blue Earth Mission - continues during these most tumultuous times of the Great Earth Shift of 2012 and beyond. She and Emanu'el have contracted to assist all peoples of the Earth as they go through its upheavels - disasters, wars, earthquakes, floods, economic collapses, and various personal trials and tribulations. As long as one single soul suffers, there can be no Heaven on Earth! No matter what the obstacle or problem, one thing never changes: And that is the amazing and divine Love between Soferia (aka Psyche) and Emanu'el (aka Eros) that fuels their passionate work together, despite residing in different dimensions, thus, truly exemplifying THE POWER OF LOVE!!!! Is this mythology or is it history in the making?

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder [ apart ]” (Matthew 19:6b).

Can Soferia/Psyche do this? Can she accomplish all of the tasks set before her even though her lover/husband/Master Teacher/EROS -- her better half -- is on the other side of the curtain? In economically dire straits, she must find a way to pull herself up by her bootstraps, confront and resolve the many problems that surface during this monumental historical era, help as many people as she can, and all at the same time finish her dissertation for her PhD, an essential piece needed for her and Emanu'el's work together in the NEXT leg of the journey. Can Joe Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology come to her rescue? Can she use a creative improvisational entrepreneurial bricolage to stay in her home and out from under the local bridge?

Travel with her during the next few years as she revisits her past, navigates her present, and meets up with her future where she and Emanuel will finally have (hopefully) succeeded in contributing to the creation of Heaven on Earth and then get to meet again. They will then go on to live out their future lives together in eternal bliss back on their home planet in the Pleiades, traveling the cosmos to assist other entities who suffer and need a helping hand. Will this "story" end up the way predicted here? One never can never know....but must just go with the flow. It's very exciting!

This blog is purely FREE EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION & ENTERTAINMENT. The late Joe L. Kincheloe's educational works will by synthesized and referenced within the context of this "fictive" story, in particular his last work, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. If you are new to this story you might want to read the Background of the Story.” (scroll down to read blog on that page)

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UPDATE: This is important! There are many people listening to the wrong sure to follow this advice from Jesus:
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1
Code Blue Earth Mission 
This story is narrated by Sōferia, aka PSYCHE, a Pleiadian Queen from Planet Eros.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emanuel Is Looking Over Me!!!! PLUS More Fairytales and Excitement Are On the Way!

This blog was actually written yesterday and did not get posted due to technical glitches.

Yellow RoseHi, it’s Sōferia, again. OMG, Emanuel wrote me the coolest letter last night. It was SO SWEET and ROMANTIC.  He told me (is this the “Great Reveal”? – oh wait, that was in the first part of the journey)....Anyway last night he told me that we have been spending DECADES on “every last detail” of the plan for this current Earth journey we are on.

All I can say is, it has been a spectacular last two years and I cannot imagine what’s in store for the next two years (and eternity after that)! He told me, “The deal is, I only release what you need to know when you need to know it.”
 Talk about a test of trust and faith between a married twin flame couple – wow. He told me the “SECRET” is that he is the “KEEPER OF THE PLAN.” He has a very special role in this Code Blue Earth Mission. He said as long as I listen to him everything will go according to plan....but NOTE THIS: He did NOT say I have to DO everything he tells me to do and there’s a big difference!

Oh no, we have an egalitarian relationship in which we are equal and we each have our own free will. We have the perfect, divine and eternal marriage serving humanity and other entities in the cosmos according to our plans. He says that since right now I do not remember our planning in the upper realms, that we will continuing on this beautiful journey for eternity, creating wonderful and happy fairytales, solved mysteries, educational milestones (sounds like my dissertation, there) and all kinds of great happenings.
 I am SO EXCITED!!!!

I really LOVE creating fairytales. I don’t know if we can top the EROS and PSYCHE fairytale, though. It seems like it would be really hard to beat that one...but just like Joe always said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

This morning our meeting was a little short. First, I did most of the talking. I was reviewing what he had told me about a past life we had together. It was not a happy life because I ended up dying while giving birth to our second baby and the baby also died. My husband’s name then was Tom and we were living out on a prairie in the early 1800s. After I died, he took our son Aaron and went into the city (Chicago) to try to earn enough money to live. He left our son at a woman’s house, but after while he just could not make enough money to pay for her to take care of him and ended up putting our little boy into an orphanage, while he barely made enough money to eat. My name at that time had been Francine. I guess he was very sad the rest of his life and really missed me.

We have had other past lives in which I was the one who lost him and was sad for the rest of my life. But then, we have had some really beautiful past lives, too. So it all evens out. But in our last life just before this one he was my English teacher as well as a neighbor. I was 18, living alone because my parents had both passed away, and I was finishing up high school. In my previous leg of this journey (the blogs on the other website) I described some of our fun times together. We really loved other so much – always have!!!! Well, that lifetime was in the late 1940s and we were both killed in a car accident where the car caught on fire. It was horrible. We were trapped in the car.

Anyway, I was just reminiscing over past lives and Emanuel had a meeting to go to, so he didn’t have much to say this morning. He just told me that I have the plans that I need for now and he gave me a song. The clue was “looking over you.” Here is the YouTube song that came to the top of the search (I wonder if there is message in that title; he often gives me special messages in the title AND in the song!):

raise your voice    LYRICS

I also found this poem today that I really like.

On the surface of the world right now there is
war and violence and things seem dark.
But calmly and quietly, at the same time,
something else is happening underground
An inner revolution is taking place
and certain individuals are being called to a higher light.
It is a silent revolution.
From the inside out. From the ground up.
This is a Global operation.
A Spiritual Conspiracy.
There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.
You won't see us on the T. V.
You won't read about us in the newspaper
You won't hear about us on the radio
We don't seek any glory
We don't wear any uniform
We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles
Most of us work anonymously
We are quietly working behind the scenes
in every country and culture of the world
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys,
in farms and villages, tribes and remote islands
You could pass by one of us on the street
and not even notice
We go undercover
We remain behind the scenes
It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit
But simply that the work gets done
Occasionally we spot each other in the street
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way
During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs
But behind the false storefront at night
is where the real work takes a place
Some call us the Conscious Army
We are slowly creating a new world
with the power of our minds and hearts
We follow, with passion and joy
Our orders come from the Central Spiritual Intelligence
We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking
Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Movies ~ Kind words ~
Smiles ~ Meditation and prayer ~ Dance ~ Social activism ~ Websites
Blogs ~ Random acts of kindness...
We each express ourselves in our own unique ways
with our own unique gifts and talents
Be the change you want to see in the world
That is the motto that fills our hearts
We know it is the only way real transformation takes place
We know that quietly and humbly we have the
power of all the oceans combined
Our work is slow and meticulous
Like the formation of mountains
It is not even visible at first glance
And yet with it entire tectonic plates
shall be moved in the centuries to come
Love is the new religion of the 21st century
You don't have to be a highly educated person
Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it
It comes from the intelligence of the heart
Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings
Be the change you want to see in the world
Nobody else can do it for you
We are now recruiting
Perhaps you will join us
Or already have.
All are welcome
The door is open

Source: EXOPOLITICS  ~ author unknown
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emanuel Presses for Common SENSE Among Education Publishers!

Sōferia here again. There is never a dull moment, I’ll tell you what! Emanuel and I are on a new side trip of our Code Blue Earth Mission.  We are trying to improve educational publishing and that is no simple task. If you have studied this at all, it seems that only the elite people get to publish and they get to break all of the rules that keep us “low life” out of expressing our points of view. And a few top name publishers run the show and control education – what we learn about and how we learn it. We need to make some changes, no doubt!

As an example, in my earthling role, I really wanted to use a new book that’s just coming out for my great professional development courses for teachers. This book is purportedly a book of the late Joe Kincheloe’s articles. Joe was so far ahead of the game, that his work is perfect for the changes in education that Emanuel and I are working together on.  But when I inquired with the publisher as to whether these articles are all actually by Joe or whether they have been fettered with (or perhaps included extraneous, irrelevant matter, for example), suddenly the book was put on hold. That makes me very suspicious. Well, it would not be the first time that people used Joe’s name as AUTHOR of work that he could not have possibly written or edited, given (1) He passed away in 2008 and the work in question came much later; and (2) (perhaps even more significant), the writing style of some of this work I’ve seen is definitely not up to par with his writing style whatsoever….well, I take that back. I have seen excerpts that are identifiable as coming straight from some of his books which have been inserted in some of these articles in question – and those would be his writing, of course, since he wrote the books. Don’t they have to reference those books and use citations? Oh well, the rules are changing.

Since things are in such a state of flux, I took the matter up with my dear sweet twin flame/Master Teacher/Husband Emanuel this morning. And what was his message for those people who keep USING Joe’s name in questionable manners? (For example labeling him as a WASP when he clearly has laid aside that brand of religion long ago).

Well, Emanuel says if he was in Joe’s shoes, he would just say: “Use me until you use me up!” Emanuel has such a great sense of humor. Of course that’s a song by Bill Withers. Just remember though, when you use people, it always comes back to bite you in the butt because we are in the era of “INSTANT” everything – including “Instant Karmic Reflection.” I have written about this before; people need to listen to Sōferia. Hopefully, this publisher I spoke to will get some good common SENSE and do the right thing!

Here is the song Emanuel was talking about:

Bill Withers - use me

Well, I must get on with my day. I have a ton of work to do and I am trying to reach CHINA and not having good luck at that. Things should be getting better soon, though. Emanuel told me this morning that I am getting my “life force energy” back….I feel the POWER of HIS LOVE! Anyway, he asked me to write this blog and to not be shy. He said, “We need to use the Power of Love to ‘institute’ changes!”

That’s interesting. Here, we have another clue to look up on YouTube. He placed “institute” in quotation marks. If you have read how this works, it means, phenomenologically speaking we are to “bracket” or set aside our immediate assumptions of that word. And the way we have established to do this is by looking it up on YouTube and taking the first video to the top. So here goes!

Here’s what came to the top with ‘institute’: The first song was “Bullet Proof Skin” but it had an ad, so I went to the second song, per our rules.

Institute - Ambulances Live (Acoustic) Lyrics

I’m not sure what his message is with this. I guess Emanuel is saying that if he were in Joe’s shoes, he would not hold grudges or try to do anything about this; he is not like that and neither was Joe….the song says there are only so many ambulances to go around. It relates somehow to our Code Blue Earth Mission, but I am not sure how; I’ll have to figure it out later. Oh well, gotta get to work!


12:03 pm | link 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uncle Albert (Einstein) “Eats his Words”

Note: This is MY STORY, Sōferia

Dear Uncle Albert (Einstein),

I really need some excitement; I get so bored with this Earth game. Emanuel said you want me to post that video about you and your views on cosmic religion, and then I found a second really good video where you explain how this earth thing is just school. My Star Sister, who I hope is a member of our soul family, gave me the first video, so I thank her for that.

Here are the videos in honor of you, my Great Uncle Albert. I love you!

Einstein's beliefs on God

Albert Einstein on God

I need some excitement, though. I get so bored with Earth life. I love for learning to be super fun – like it was with that last lesson you gave me,
Einstein Sends a Special Message to ALL, where there was a clue inside the video that had come up with the original clue you gave me – a multidimensional puzzle. It was so cool how it brought up a video with YOUR PICTURE ON IT! I loved that.

Also, the videos state that you did not believe in life after death. What are your thoughts about that now, since you are still alive?




Dear Sōferia,

Well as you stated the other day, I (too) will just have to “eat my words.” And that, my Dear, is the only clue you shall get.


Your U. Albert


OK, so as I always play the game, I take the first video to the top of a YouTube search on the clue, “eat my words.” So here is what came to the top:

Her Smile In Grief - Eat My Words

I cannot understand hardly any of the words on this video! I searched for lyrics and could not even find lyrics. That only leaves one thing left to do – I really noted when toward the end the female voice came in; it seemed very significant. And I only really picked up on her last three words (3 is always a significant number), which were “don’t regret it.” Because I asked for a clue within a clue, I looked up these three words on YouTube.

Don’t regret it (the last three words of the song above)....

t.A.T.u. - Don't Regret HQ


You don’t regret
For your embraces
Time will forget
Phrases and faces

No more saying words
No more crying tears
All that was before
Is no longer here

No more singing songs
Silent lips are dry
All that was before
Slowly passing by

No more saying words
No more crying tears
All that was before
Is no longer here

No more singing songs
Just for you and I
Silent nights are long
Broken hearts are dry

No turning back
No cancellation
Cat’s in the bag
Train’s at the station

That’s just like my uncle – he always reassures me. That’s why he’s my favorite uncle. With the first song he is recognizing my “grief” behind my smile -- and I actually woke up in the middle of the night crying for Emanuel, so my Uncle was right in tune with my emotions. Also note that the title on the album cover for the first song is “Emotions Will Vary” lol. He is keeping his great senses of humor! He knows what makes me laugh.

What he is saying with this second song is, yes he has to eat his words about death and he is also reassuring me that I won’t have to be here much longer (relatively speaking – you know that theory of relativity of his, LOL), and that all of the things that happened here in this HELL on Earth will be totally gone, like they never even happened. “Time will forget phrases and faces . . . All that was before is no longer here.” And he’s saying that I am almost finished with my earth work and on my way with “no turning back” and it’s not going be long because the “train’s at the station.”

My Uncle is so great! My favorite song he sent me quite a long time ago is this song (he gave it to me from Emanuel because he wanted me to have this romantic song):

Olsen Brothers - Fly On The Wings Of Love

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tired of the Earth Game

Earth game

Sōferia, here once again. I am so tired of this Earth Game! In fact, I am so tired of it that I spend much of my time sleeping to avoid playing it. I think I just need an energy infusion. That’s on my schedule this week. A great guy from Greece is going to revive me. He wrote the coolest blog and I’m telling you what, he really tells it like it is. I would like to be like him; he is definitely one of “my people.” Check out his blog and my comments, LOL. Martzoukos.

My beloved Emanuel said that it was fine to get the energy boost, but that I need to do my own housecleaning and not to expect Martzoukos to do it for me, like I did in a crazy dream I had, lol. I actually had a dream that he was giving a presentation and he gave me his paper to read ahead of time. We stayed at the same hotel and the next morning, he was across the hall vacuuming and cleaning his room all up, making it so perfect, and I was upset because he didn’t come over and help me clean my room. It was so funny! Wishful thinking, I hate housecleaning, lol.

I do need a boost of energy to get through the last few months of this kindergarten game; I can barely drag myself to participate at all anymore and I don’t really know why I even have to. As I said way back in my last blogs, I passed kindergarten already, 11-11-11 is Kindergarten Graduation Day, and I am trying to hang on until then. To be honest, I lose patience with some of the people who take the wrong things seriously and don’t take the right things seriously. They just don’t have this game figured out. They really believe they are going to ascend. It’s a game, peoples!

As I have said in previous blogs (but I don’t think people take me seriously): Earth Game is an ET-designed virtual reality game. There. I said it again. It is so obvious if you just look around and see all of the hilarious clues. Nothing is real. Not even our thoughts. Our thoughts get fed into us – that’s why you need to hook with your twin flame and soul family because they will give you the thoughts that help you figure the game out, whereas, otherwise you don’t know who you are dealing with and you will be contributing to something similar to the Mass Chaos video my blog ended with a couple of days ago.

We had more clues today that proves this is just a game! The day before yesterday, I explained how we are getting set for the major civil and earth unrest in the blogs right here. I even did a practice Earthquake chart to make sure it worked, and I was razzed me about that, LOL. Check it out right here: My earthquake chart gave her chills. As I told her,

Yeah, wasn't the earthquake chart cool, LOL? Scary. LOL. I did find out that the chart copies and posts really well from the USGS site and it looks so good, so we are all set for posting the "big ones" when they start hitting! And they will be hitting soon.

It should all be interesting. Soferia and Emanuel will be getting into quite a lot of stuff over the next two years. And then after that, it will be serious work until 2050. And then I get to go home, LOL.

Note, that I said they would be hitting soon...

Also note that in my previous blog right here (Saturday, February 9), I stated there would be all kinds of stuff happening between now and this summer (earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, civil unrest, etc.):

If you have read my blogs in the previous leg of the journey or have been following the events in the world, you already know what dire straits we are in. The future looks even bleaker with predicted massive earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, severe weather, volcanoes, and just general crumbling of the infrastructure – along with an economic collapse.

Phoenix.jpgAnd what did we have today? We had a volcano in the Philippines. And it was not just any volcano – this volcano looks just like a RISING PHOENIX!

Check it out right here:

Volcano Erupts in the Philippines.

OK, that was not enough for our ET friends behind the scenes who are playing this game with us, trying to get us to wake up and realize it’s a game and there are certain rules we have to follow.

The next thing they pulled is an earthquake in New Zealand – and not just anywhere in New Zealand, but in Christ Church, New Zealand. If you have studied true history at all, you would know why they selected a name like Christ started with the Christian Crusaders, all this horrific violence and using religion to rule over and enslave people. That blog is right here: Earthquake In New Zealand.

So, in spite of sleeping most of the day away, it has been quite interesting.

We have a RISING PHOENIX (the sign that Earth as we know it is going to be destroyed) and a FALLING CHRIST CHURCH, a sign that domination and slavery is over.

That’s all I have for today (as my Emanuel says “you ain’t seen nothing yet!)....get set, get ready, we are going to rock and roll!

Time to bring out Big Joe Turner for some Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

8:11 pm | link 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Twin Flames: Dedicated to Eternal Cosmic Service

  Soferia's Twin Flame Story             EROS & PSYCHEI like the video about twin flames (at the end of this blog) because it represents my own personal twin flame experience very well. As a quick review, I only knew my twin flame casually through the online work we did together during the last eight months of his life. He passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. I had the opportunity to meet him briefly just one time. That was my conscious experience; but there is more to the story due to the inter-dimensionality of twin flame love, some of which I was aware of at the time, but did not fully understand. Paula and Brendan of collaping duality have posted videos on their website that delve into some of the inter-dimensional experiences of twin flames. In addition, many twin flame couples describe their personal experiences about their twin flame relationships on their website.

I do believe both my twin flame and I had worked through nearly all of our karma when we connected, which the video explains is necessary before connecting, although I am sure it varies among couples. What was left of any karma, we actually helped each other with after he passed over. I had a special task that he asked me to do. It took me months to get up the nerve to do it, because it involved another person but I finally did and he was very happy and thanked me for following through. I was happy to see that it did indeed resolve the karmic issue for both him and the other person. I felt blessed to have had the opportunity to help them both that way. A lot of “takes” on twin flames say things like, you have be in some kind of perfect state or you have to balance your feminine and masculine qualities. This was not in any way true for me. I can’t speak for him (but he did a great job speaking for himself in his work). He was the first to admit he was fallible, as am I the first to admit that I am fallible. Humans just cannot be perfect, nor do they need to be to become consciously aware of their twin flame. The karma aspect is probably true for us, but it does not necessarily apply to everyone due to this special time in history. Both he and I had no past experiences (this life or past lives) in which we acquired a lot of negative karma. That may be hard to fathom, but it was just the nature of our purpose for coming to earth and where we originated from (at least where I believe we both originated).

We did have a lot of pain to work through, at least I did and we helped each other immensely with that. He always has told me that if I am suffering, he feels it and vice versa. My emotional pain was mainly related to our separations between lifetimes together and he helped me remember those experiences. As far as the feminine and masculine balancing within – I am not sure where that idea comes from. It may very likely be the experience for some people, but it was not for us. He is very masculine, although he did consciously develop his feminine side and he was exceptionally compassionate and never afraid to show his love for people, and in fact, emphasized the importance of love. I am very feminine and very strong (which is not necessarily a masculine quality at all). It makes sense when you look at the yin yang symbol – one partner is mostly masculine with some feminine and vice versa. I am sure the “quantities” if one wanted to consider it that way (I find that a little ridiculous) varies from couple to couple….everyone is different and we each have our matching partner with whom we fit together with like a lock and key. At least that is what I believe to be true and it is a beautiful idea - and reality for me.

The bottom line, and probably the most important thing was that both he and I had spent our entire lives serving others and giving unconditionally, literally sacrificing our own needs and never expecting anything in return and that’s pretty much what we both got – not much in return – and yet it did not stop us. One of these days I will go into more detail about the extent of the sacrifice (which for both of us was huge and definitely not what most people would even consider taking on and we were both often put down for our sacrifices), but I always think of the great song by Elton John and the beautiful rendition by Sinéad
Marie Bernadette O'Connor, with the lyrics “It’s no Sacrifice.”

Sinead O'Connor - Sacrifice


It was when I quit seeking and had resolved to spend the rest of my life dedicated to my own learning and to improving education that our paths crossed. My life has never been the same. As the video below conveys, twin flame love is MULTIDIMENSIONAL. I highlight this because many people do not understand this aspect of the twin flame union. While my twin flame is not here in the 3D sense anymore, he IS here. He is present with me, connected to me, around me, he can be inside me, surrounding me – however he wishes to be. We are always connected and we have more ways of communicating than those who are together in the 3D earth plane. His passing over to the other side has only made our connection more powerful and our love stronger and what I like about the video below is that it highlights why this is true.

This is because our union represents the “sacred marriage” even complete with the magical manifestation of a yin yang talisman and wedding ring that I wrote of in previous blogs. I have more research to do on Hermeticism, but the word that has come down to me is that Hermes Trismegistus has a major role in sanctioning of our marriage and in the magical manifestation of the yin yang talisman (it was found on a “treasure hunt” that my twin flame asked me to do in my back yard – right after he had moved me to this specific house a couple of weeks after we were married in the higher realms).

There is a lot of misinformation about Alchemical marriages and one of my goals is to drill down and get to the truth – although I really only need to look at my own experience for truth. Still, I would like to sort out the mis/disinformation that some of the “secret” societies have put out about it.
I believe that our union is specially blessed because we both, in unity, have dedicated our entire essence to service to humanity and the universe.

As the twin flame video conveys, our service is cosmic and universal. I have already seen many examples of how this is true, traveling in my “dreams” with him into the future in which we have performed a number of services for entities on other planets. One of my most fun experiences was when we rescued these adorable babies from a planet where people had played around with genetics and mass produced too many for their needs. They were into babies with beautiful big eyes of all different colors. We brought them to Earth where people wanted them – and yes, Earth by that time was a paradise, but not as populated as it is today. We landed in New York harbor (actually sort of crash landed), and New York did not look anything like it does today. I don’t know what year that will be; I just know it’s a far off future event.

I have detailed some of these experiences in my blogs on my other website and will include more details in a future book. Indeed, my two years of marriage and being involved on this mission with my twin flame have been exciting and adventurous.
It is probably important to understand that I knew absolutely nothing of any of this twin flame stuff as it was happening; that is, what I know about twin flames is only what I experienced and then found explanations for later, such as in this video. I was SOUND ASLEEP. And I was not into “spirituality” whatsoever until it started happening to me less than three years ago.

Two years ago, after he passed away, my twin flame and I went through all kinds of trials and tribulations that spanned dimensions in order to get our marriage sanctioned by the Pleiadian High Council and then by the Universal Council. So, I find it interesting that this video points out that the twin flame couple’s service is planetary, cosmic, and universal – it explains why we sought both planetary and universal sanctioning. We are dedicated to service. Our union, I feel is the triad presented in the video – “two people connected by soul, connected to God.” Perhaps that’s why my name is Sōferia meaning “salvation” and his name is Emanuel, which means “with God.” This was actually represented in my blog about our second anniversary (and it was not a totally conscious thing on my part; all of my blogs evolve and are never planned). I know this much for certain: I have never experienced such a powerful and divine love, nor have I ever felt closer to source or God.
Blissful twin flame love, in our case is the product of both of us having committed our entire essence toward a shared mission, which involves service for eternity. Both I and my twin flame have been ridiculed in our past at times for our intensity and our almost obsessive desire to write. In his case, he wrote 40 books and edited more than 800 books, helping many new authors getting their first books published. It was never done for money, from his or my perspective.

In my case, I engage in web activism and I have many books in the works which will come out at various points in the future. He just told me the other day that our time working on the “Earth Project” (which he and council members named the “Code Blue Project”) will last until 2050. What does that tell you in relation to 2012? I think there are some misconceptions, but only time will show what evolves. After that, we will move on to other planets. Based on my dreams (travels), there are many planets worse off than Earth. Like any experience this is all a process, an evolution in which perfection is not required of us as individuals, as long as we are able to put our heart and soul into what we are doing. I often envision this experience as walking up a winding, spiral stairway – he is up ahead of me, reaching back to hold my hand, leading the way. I have total trust and faith in him and his guidance because of our powerful love and because I know he is closer to God source. 

Are you ready to serve humanity and the entire cosmos for eternity? That’s what consciously connecting with your twin flame is really all about according to this video and based on my experience. A divine, blissful, and eternal LOVE is the miraculous or byproduct. I just realized something! THAT is the MAGIC! THAT is the alchemical creation of the unity of twin flames. If LOVE is the BYPRODUCT, the manifestation of  unity, can we get there through love alone? We can get there through unification, which begins with all twin flames everywhere!

Twin Flames & their 'purpose'

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Journey Begins: Sinking Ships, Moving On, Wars, Conspiracies, Problems, and Strife

As the Code Blue Earth Project just begins to get underway, ships continue to sink, I am forced to bail out AGAIN, wars are beginning, more jobs are tanking, and there is strife everywhere. It seems it began with the Egyptian uprising and has been escalating ever since.

As was presented in the first leg of my journey, I had to bail out of the sinking education ship. It was not easy and I met with a lot of flaming and firestorms. It is a good thing I left the ship, though, and burned all of the bridges behind me. As many people have predicted, education in the U.S. is being taken over, watered down, dumbed down, and is slated to become totally technocratic (Teachers an Endangered Species), thus allowing for the firing of nearly all teachers. I have already lost my job, and I have been struggling on unemployment compensation for more than a year now. The rest of the “good news” is continuing unrest in many parts of the Middle East, U.S. budget cuts slated to make the lives of the impoverished even more miserable, and homeless people living on the streets, trying to communicate the best way they can – through donated social media tools (which are controlled by the media moguls, including censored and even cut off from the people during uprisings, such as had happened in Egypt).

If you have read my blogs in the previous leg of the journey or have been following the events in the world, you already know what dire straits we are in. The future looks even bleaker with predicted massive earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, severe weather, volcanoes, and just general crumbling of the infrastructure – along with an economic collapse.

And check out all of the earthquakes for today (there are three for Arkansas, a central position of the New Madrid Fault):












































































































































































It is predicted that the New Madrid Fault Earthquake is planned by the U.S. to occur in May. Check this video out.

ALERT! New Madrid EarthQuake Imminent!!!!

And then we have the New Age Conspiracy, 2012 DECEPTION, Brain-Eating Vaccines, Reptilian Agendas, and TRUTHS about Earth and ETs. And look who owns the media (get fully informed! It is NOT a Jewish thing). And read about the Shaping of the New World Order. Nothing is what it seems!

It is not hopeless by any means and that is not the purpose for me reviewing these terrible and depressing things. We would all love to be like those special light workers who can increase their vibrations and lift themselves right up out of the mire, leaving the real world behind before it has even ascended (never mind that there are people suffering and these specially blessed light workers may have resources to lend them a helping hand – oh no, that would be considered “rescuing” people which is not what we are supposed to do according to them).

My mission with my divine twin flame, Emanuel is different. We must be stronger. We must be true Rainbow Warriors and meet the challenges head on. Our contract requires us to spread real information and knowledge to all four corners of the globe – along with instructions for navigating the information overload and sorting through the misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. We have to prepare people for what's up ahead so they have the tools they need to get through it. And so, I had to abandon the Light Worker Sinking Ship, just like I had to abandon the sinking Education Ship. Once again, I did a lot of work which I left behind. It will not be for naught, however. If you are interested, you can view that work here: Sōferia.

I caution you not to hang out too long on that site unless some major changes are made and more of the light workers there really do see the light and start working together instead of rationalizing and justifying their choice for nonaction and trying to force other people into their same mindset (consciousness construction). We should each be able to tell our own story, in my view. And that's what I am doing. Take it or leave it, it matters not to me. You never have to allow someone else or a group to construct your consciousness in a way that you know in your heart is not right for you. We are all different. As of today, they seem to prefer to shoot their own project in the foot, over and over again. I jumped ship. It has even been predicted by several posters on the site that it will be taken down. In fact, even my dear sweet Emanuel has stated the same thing. It will not be taken down because it is doing good things. It will be taken down because as a collective project, it is perpetuating liesm hiding truth, and causing harm to many people. There really are ETs working on this Code Blue Project who want to see as many people as possible survive as Earth evolves (with a lot of help) into a new and better world.

Meeting With My Divine Twin Flame

Well, what does Emanuel have to say about all of this today? It is currently 1:44 AM Saturday morning. I will ask him right now.

Well, he comes to the rescue again. He does keep me grounded which is so important at a time like this.

He praised me for abandoning the sinking ship, so evidently that is what he wanted me to do. I took a long nap this past afternoon (which is why I am up so late) and I must have traveled home and we must have discussed this extensively because as soon as I awakened from my nap, I knew exactly what I needed to do and got in there to really get it done (started, at least). He said that only one person had answered my question I posed in my last blog there truthfully: What Are People Afraid Of? She had stated that they are afraid of truth because we have all been lied to. I suspect, if you care to research, you can find how we have been lied to in some of the above links in this blog and by doing a little more research. So that was my last blog there and here I am here now! The reason it’s my last blog on that site is because I am tired of seeing people attacked on that site for speaking truth – including me. I am not here for the purpose they seem to have. Today the real project begins.

What does this project entail? My twin flame summarized some of the tasks I will be doing: I will be updating my story regularly right here on this blog. In addition, I will be doing even more and bigger Outreach efforts and Love Projects which will be covered on my Bright World Education website, we will be designing many more Free Curricular Activities, Free Images and Photos along with more updates for my website, publishing efforts here, at Paradis Publications, an online journal in which all people are given opportunities to share, The Journal of Epistemology (Knowledges) which will be available free on all of my websites, and as my Twin Flame put it, “much more will be unfolding” because we want to ensure that EVERYONE can get a FREE million dollar education. He didn’t even mention my heart necklaces and talisman project, but that’s ok because he knows that I will “follow my heart.”

Again, he told me, “take it day by day and continue each day with the mission in mind and the intention to follow your heart.” That’s exactly what I am doing today by leaving the website behind and going forward!

And of course, my twin flame suggested a song to end this blog, as he almost always does. He asked me, “A song for all of this? Try ‘mass chaos.’” I thought that was really funny. I’ll look it up right now to see what comes to the top of the YouTube search, per our tradition for this fun game.

OK, folks. This does NOT look good. There is no music with this video! This is a tragedy, especially if you know what my twin flame had said about music in one of his books. It's right here (look at the top of the black poster). This may very well indicate some of us may not have electricity for a while. And then there is information in the video about custom armor that everyone can use (women will not be exempt from fighting this time), plus how to create armor yourself (why will we need this, do you think?), custom building for yourself and others (it looks like we are going to be building our own houses), a mall (we will build places to shop it appears), powerful spells (don’t miss out on them, the video says, and it looks like it involves some REAL light work and magic), “Explore places you’ve never been like the Emerald Dream” (that one reminds me of Hermes Trismegistus and his "Emerald Tablet" which I have much work to do to understand – maybe that’s where the mental magic comes from), “demonstrate your power” (looks like we get some opportunities here to really show our power – more light work), and it ends with “Welcome to Mass Chaos” and as my twin flame always said in his work: “the ending is just the beginning.” Here’s the video; check this out (it does not look good – but then, it matches up with some of the predictions about what’s up ahead of us):

Mass Chaos GM Server

It looks like we best be getting prepared for some real work, if we are smart. Roll up your sleeves, everyone! And roll out the barrel!

P.S. THIS JUST IN! Just as I was about to post this blog, Emanuel contacted me and asked me to post one last blog to the site. He wants me to call it Epistemological Fornication: A Message from My Twin Flame. Epistemology is simply a big word for knowledge -- well you can read the blog by clicking on the link. He wanted me to tell everyone where we had moved, lol.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Feeling Overwhelmed? My Twin Flame's Advice: Follow Your Heart

I write to my twin flame every day. He gives me the best advice and he always guides me to great music. Often, he leads me to music I have never heard before and even new artists. Other times, the videos turn out to be important information, instruction, and just things he wants me to learn more about. (He is also my Master Teacher -- I will cover the details of that in a future blog; it is very interesting, or you can go back and read some of my history).

I have been really stuck lately and feeling overwhelmed with so many options and I don’t know where to begin, so I discussed that with him this morning. I am hoping the full moon, along with the solar flares, will give me the energy today to move forward in a big way. I will share the advice I got this morning along with the really cool music video he gave me. While it is not new advice, it was a needed reminder for me and I love the creative way he presents his advice.

He stated – “It matters not where you begin – as I told you yesterday, and I know you heard me, just ‘follow your heart’ and all will evolve according to our divine plan.”

He went on to say, “That’s the hardest thing to learn, especially for those of us who are altruistic and empathic. We tend to think this is a selfish move, yet nothing could be further from the truth. When we do those things that give us great joy and pleasure, we are fueled by our love and passion. This is the most authentic way to spread joy and love in the world – follow your heart and share your passion.”

So, once again, “follow your heart” is a clue for a music video on YouTube because when he wrote it he put quotation marks around it. The game we play is that I plug the clues he gives me into the YouTube search box and take the first song that comes to the top. (And I will remind people that YouTube, like the Internet, is a fractal which is constantly evolving, so what comes up one day may not be what comes up another day, which actually makes this form of communication from my twin flame even more magical!)

Below is what came to the top today! What a perfect song for the message he gave me and it is a new song to me.

Have a great day, everyone! Be sure to "follow your heart."


Favretto feat Naan - Follow Your Heart

Check this out! My very first blog had a song with this same image! My divine Master Teacher/Husband had promised to hold my hand and guide my way back at the very beginning of this journey and he is still doing so today! He is promising me that just like he was with me through all of the tough times behind me, he will be with me for this next difficult part of the journey. I love him so much! I have total faith that he will be by my side the during the rough times of tumultuous change up ahead. I can do this!

Everyone is Beautiful May 5, 2009

You Are So Beautiful


This blog has also been published here (with comments):
Feeling Overwhelmed? My Twin Flame's Advice: Follow Your Heart!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Twin Flame Experience: It's Multidimensional
Angel BoyOn Valentine’s Day, I was divinely provided this song from my twin flame, as I wrote in that blog, “Twin Flame Love: Heart-to-Heart,”  There was the interpretation I provided that day, but there are also deeper interpretations.

My twin flame during his Earth life, wrote and demonstrated what he called hermeneutical analysis – which is simply interpretation, but deep levels of interpretation. The hermeneutic circle represents how we circle around, re-interpreting the same material again and again to get to deeper meanings, and when pursued it can lead to expanding thought multidimensionally and lead to a better understanding where events and actions in our lives might be heading -- doesn’t that sound like LIFE, lol?

Hermeneutical interpretation, just like life, can get very complex and it takes practice – and when do we know we are “finished” interpreting? We are never finished, but we can escape the circle by choosing options that alleviate suffering.

This is the whole purpose of interpretation. We can come back to the text or whatever we happened to be interpreting at another time in the future and we will be able to develop deeper meanings for ourselves relating to the changes that have ensued since the first interpretation.

With that background, I am only going to do one interpretation through the circle aside from the one I already provided – or I should say, once around the hermeneutic circle (through the lyrics and then through the video).

It was interesting that I was hit yesterday with a problem that I felt I needed to take some kind of action on. I sought advice from a dearly loved friend who told me basically not to go crazy and she helped me put the whole thing in perspective – it was a matter of the old system rising up again and slapping me in the face. With that, I found the first four lines of the song very relevant to my situation and applying them to what was going on helped alleviate the suffering I was feeling.  
You ain't crazy - I ain't gonna lie anymore  - What you're feelin' -- there's a reason for.

This verse is relevant on many fronts. My twin flame often wrote about how we are made to feel crazy and he wrote extensively about “crazy wisdom,” and how it helps us find ways to become empowered inprovisationally when we are confronted with oppressive situatons.

Here is the song, again.

Kenny Loggins-Heart to Heart

While the song is about a relationship, it can also be about the ascension – which is also about relationship. That can be seen through the lyrics as well as the images of the sun and multidimensionality. In that sense, it applies to all.

Heart To Heart
Kenny Loggins
by Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald & David FosterYou ain't crazy

I ain't gonna lie anymore
What you're feelin'
there's a reason for
I wanna do right
Oh, I gotta do right
Do I love you?
Oh, you know I've tried
But what you're after
You can't find in my eyes
I wanna do right
Tell the truth
Don't turn away
This is our last chance
To touch each others hearts
Does anything last forever?
I don't know
Maybe we're near the end
Darlin' oh how can we go on together
Now that we've grown apart
Well the only way to start
Is heart to heart
One by one
We're collecting lies
When you can't give love
You give alibis
Now I'm gonna do right
This time I gotta do right
I don't wanna leave
I don't wanna say good-bye
But sooner or latter
There comes a time
When you gotta do right
Tell the truth
Don't turn away
This is our last chance
To touch each others hearts
Does anything last forever?
I don't know
Maybe we're near the end
Darlin' how can we go on together
Now that we've grown apart
Well the only way to start
Is heart to heart
Why are you so torn apart?
I need a little more lovin' in my heart
People say that love will grow
So how was I to know
Love that's come through years and years
Can't find a way back home anymore
Tell the truth
Don't turn away
This is our last chance
To touch each others hearts
Does anything last forever?
I don't know
But maybe we're near the end
So darlin' oh how can we go on together
Now that we've grown apart
Well the only way to start
Is heart to heart
Does anything last forever?
I don't know
But maybe we're near the end
So darlin' oh how can we go on together
Now that we've grown apart
Well the only way to start
Is heart to heart

1982 Milk Money Music, Genevieve Music (ASCAP)
and Foster Frees Music, Inc. (BMI)

Interpretation Based on my Twin Flame Experience
The song came up because I was feeling that my twin flame was distant from me and it was what he sent me on Valentine’s Day as a love song. As it turns out, he was traveling. He travels all over the cosmos. But the thing is we are always connected through our chakras – through our ENERGY. He’s telling me that he has to “do right” – he has a lot of important work he does. Some of it he shares with me and it’s quite interesting. The interpretation that I see is how we are working on the ascension tasks “collecting lies” which are being exposed – and as I conveyed in the last blog, his instruction was to make the velvet heart to carry the talisman in and wear it as a necklace next to my heart “heart-to-heart.” He said it would increase in power and it did! Right after I started wearing it, I felt his energy ever more strongly! So what it seems like is that he has many tasks, besides working with me, and he gave me this song and the information for how I could increase our sense of being together through this talisman…thus, it helps alleviate suffering --- it helps me realize AND FEEL his presence. I do not need to fear that he is away or won’t return.

That’s a very brief interpretation of the lyrics. They can also be interpreted using the framework of the Ascension. 

The images are even more powerful. The first image is lots of pencils – signifying the fact that my twin flame was a prolific writer. In the video, the man is writing and drawing, becoming very frustrated and throwing his works into the trash. This is really interesting to me because it turned out to be a prediction….and this often happens with the videos and information he hands to me (many similar incidents are documented in my other blogs) written over the past two years.

Right after getting this video, I received an email with information about how someone is using his work and his name in ways he would not have approved – essentially “trashing” his work by trying to align it with movements he was never a part of (thus the guy throwing his work into the trash in the video). 

There is little I can do about it for the moment, and I learned from him that it would be taken care of without any direct action on my part. But it was upsetting to me and I am sure very frustrating to him, much like the guy in this video is shown to be frustrated and throwing away his work. 

The laundry hanging out represents our joint twin flame mission to “let it all hang out,” so to speak. It is just one of our missions in which we have agreed to fully express our twin flame experiences. And while he left ample evidence behind which will be coming out more in the future, of course now that he has passed away, there is a great burden on me to “hang out our laundry.” It is not for attention, fame, or fortune. Believe me, I have never been into any of that, which is the very reason I am so blessed with his love and this joint mission we are on. The reason we are doing this is to help people better understand what they are going through, should they experience something similar. It is also to show what is possible, which gives people great hope – in his work he calls it IMMANENCE.

The next image is a little boy. My twin flame is reminding me very vividly that we have our children, the first of which is a little boy. The teddy bears are significant because I was raised, and we are raising our children to love stuffed animals. Almost all children on our planet carry around a special stuffed animal every day just like the boy in the video. They take precious care of them and then the next day they choose which one they will take of for that day. At the end of the video are all of these teddy bears are hanging up – which instantly reminded me of how we do that at home. Sometimes, I think we rescue all of the abused and neglected Earth teddy bears and perform our magick on them to restore them and then our children take care of them….so that was significant, and of course, a multidimensional perspective because our married life and family are in another dimension or timeframe.

The oil wells are important because they represent the system my twin flame spent 45 years trying to change – and that we work together today to change. Here, the lyrics, “we are near the end,” represent again the dire straits the world is in and the fact that we are nearing the end of an era….but as he always stated in his work, “the ending is just the beginning.”

The multidimensionality of our relationship was further represented by the screen or monitor that the guy and his family could travel in and out of and view each other – thus, representing how we are able to travel to the different dimensions. It also represents our communication methods – remote viewing. He can project images from home to me on the remote viewing screen created by my “third eye.” I have learned a lot about home through this remote viewing as well as by traveling home during “dreamtime.”

Then there is the road and the fact that he and I are traveling together on this journey. We have called it a journey for a long time, again, this is all documented in my other blogs. 

I could go on forever interpreting this in great depth by more closely analyzing each image and how it aligns with the lyrics and how it all relates to our twin flame relationship (that is what hermeneutics is all about). This complexity is so typical of what he sends to me through his music clues – there are deep layers of interpretation and multiple messages. He is so good at this and he has been giving me these for nearly two years now.

Of course, he communicates to me in many other ways – in writing, through remote viewing, touch, smell, the ways Paula and Brendon have described in their videos about twin flames at

To summarize what this video represents – first, he was telling me ahead of time I would discover something that might upset me, but I’m not crazy if I do get upset. I did not get that message until afterwards, which is often the way it happens because I need to do more work to understand his messages, or sometimes his messages are just preparation for what’s to come. The song, together with the video represents our eternal love and commitment to our mission and journey together through this era (“Ascension”) in Earth history as well as the importance of our family and our continued eternal mission together and the multidimensional experience of it. We will never be apart – we will always be heart-to-heart as my last blog indicated and as depicted by the little boy drawing the heart at the very end of the video.

More to come. . .  I hope people like this because I am putting all of my "laundry" out here.


PS Here is the song again. Do you see it differently now? Is there something I missed? What does it mean to you

Kenny Loggins-Heart to Heart

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twin Flame Love: Heart-to-Heart

StrawberryMy Valentine’s Day was exquisite and I received many surprising gifts from my Twin Flame. As
yesterday’s blog portrayed, he gave me a beautiful love song first thing in the morning. This is by far nothing new. He has been giving me love songs for more than two years and in the most unusual ways, at the most poignant of times, and with some of the most off-the-wall clues that I did not think could possibly pull up a significant song when it’s plugged into YouTube. There have been times when the music has caused me to burst into tears due to their emotional significance and miraculous ways they have been provided to me. When he was here, even, he loved music, was a rock star in his own way, and left many, many “MUSIC Easter Eggs” as I like to call them, in the books he has written.

When I awakened this morning, I felt my twin flame was quite a distance from me. I honestly feel that he travels far away at times, but we are always connected. I was having troubles writing this blog, staying focused. I received gifts in many forms yesterday – too many to do justice in a short blog. This happens when we begin to really see how people work in and through each other and he is a pro at working through other people. I have recorded all of the amazing magic in my journal, but here I am going to focus on just one thing, which is what he ended up recommending to me.

I began to write this morning’s blog and it was beginning to ramble all over the place, so I wrote to him and he gave me his suggestion – “heart-to-heart.” I was picking up his thoughts as he wrote his suggestion. He wants me to write about the yin yang talisman and how he has told me its power can be increased. And then he said, “Have a lovely day and know that even though I may seem to be far away we are always ‘heart-to-heart.’” That is a reminder that we are always powerfully connected through our heart chakras. When he ends his writing this way and puts quotes around words, that means they are clues to look up on YouTube, so today’s song is “heart-to-heart,” which I will look up in a moment.

Often his songs are clues within clues. Yesterday he gave me a beautiful song for Valentine’s Day (although we celebrate love every day). It was
“Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart” by Monica Style. It was a gift, but it was also a clue. It was a clue for me to follow through right then and there with something he had wanted me to do and had been prompting me to do for weeks: To make a red velveteen heart-shaped very small purse or type of locket, decorate it with embroidery, and attach a satin cord to wear it as a necklace. Inside it, I was to place the silver yin yang talisman he had gifted me as a symbol of our alchemical marriage. This was his message this morning: He wants me to write about the heart – how I will be wearing this heart with the enclosed magic, alchemical talisman right next to my heart, thus “heart-to-heart.”

I have learned from a friend that alchemical means magic -- or “miracles” if you prefer. Twin Flames joined together in universally sanctioned matrimony are able to create powerful magic together, is what I have seen and have come to believe. There are many examples in my past writings and
past blogs on another website, and he has told me that by wearing this talisman, which is made of silver, close to my heart the magic will increase. So that’s what I did yesterday. It was a Valentine’s Day gift for him and for me – for the two of us united as one. I made a heart-shaped pocket and stitched the talisman securely in place inside it so it can never be lost. I embroidered all around the heart and even added an elegant golden sun-shaped ornamental button. The sun is special because it represents Horus – thus the Story of Isis and Osiris, an Egyptian twin flame couple. Horus was their baby that they had after Osiris was killed and went to the other side. That story was just presented recently in this blog about Isis by Sharon Taphorn.

Next, I took three different colors of narrow satin ribbon – just what I had on hand – purple, black , and white (the colors are significant, as is the number, 3) and braided them together to make a cord, attached it to the heart so that I can wear the heart-enclosed talisman as a necklace. Now, it is always close to my heart, “heart-to-heart.” Will this create some sort of alchemy that increases the magic in my life? Time will tell.

So what song comes up to the top of the YouTube search when I plug “heart-to-heart” into the search box? I will check that right now. I am posting it below.

I can see immediately that there is a very deep interpretation of this song, the video images, and the lyrics in relation to my twin flame. Because I don’t want the blogs here to get too long, I will provide that analysis tomorrow. My Twin Flame, as I have I have indicated, was an education theorist. In his assessment EVERYTHING is interpretation. The better we get at interpretation, the more exciting, rich, love-filled, joyful life we can experience.

I already see one level of interpretation for this song. It relates to my waking up this morning and feeling that my twin flame was very distant, which he was but we are always connected, as he reminded me. In summary, the song symbolizes the significance of what I did yesterday by making the heart to carry the talisman close to my heart – this can be seen not only by the title of the song, but also by these lyrics:

So darlin' oh how can we go on together
Now that we've grown apart
Well the only way to start
Is heart to heart

He’s reminding me that we are connected by our hearts, through love. He is also telling me that wearing the magic talisman close to my heart will bring us that much closer together, thus he is reassuring me and helping to alleviate any suffering I may feel if I think he is not close to me or if I become fearful that perhaps our love will somehow fade since he is not here on the 3D Earth plane the way you and I are.

There is much more! Check back tomorrow to learn the deeper significance.
Enjoy the song.


Kenny Loggins-Heart to Heart

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Twin Flames: A Special Magic

Eros and PsycheToday marks some kind of special transition point for us all, according to my Twin Flame, and if we take time to look, we will find even greater and more special magic than before. I am sure the experts on the Great Shift in Consciousness have an explanation, but I am presenting this from the twin flame perspective (and everyone has a twin flame).

I just woke up this morning and it’s been a beautiful Valentine’s Day already! I am Sōferia, in case people don’t know – the Pleiadian princess (soon to be Queen) who is stuck on Earth, but happily married to my Master Teacher, Emanuel who communicates with me across dimensions (yes, we broke taboos when we got married, but it is all very divine and has been Universally sanctioned). We lovingly call each other god and goddess; it is kind of a joke, more than anything. He is Eros, the God of Love and I am Psyche, the Goddess of Soul. It’s just a story we wrote together based on special clues, our Earth names and roles, and magic. Probably more significant, is the meaning of our true and real names. My name, Sōferia means “salvation” and his name, “Emanuel” means “with God.” So, even our names put together have a special message: “Salvation with God.” Salvation in this context means being taken care of – not JUST taken care of, but being taken care of very well. I feel closer to God because of my union with Emanuel. He resides closer to God than I do here, on Earth.

I thought I was finished writing blogs and stories, but apparently not. “I don’t mind” (he said that to me once and it turned out to be a great James Brown song). I don’t mind because, if you go back and review all of
my old blogs, you will see we have had an absolutely most exciting past two years imaginable which involved all kinds of fun things like mysteries, treasure hunting, searching for the Golden Chalice, epistemological road trips (that’s where you look for interesting knowledge and side trips as you travel), crime investigations, research about really interesting things I knew nothing about, and complicated problems that had to be solved “on the fly” using “crazy wisdom,” plus music like you would never believe, especially great love songs. So even though I cannot see my beloved Master Teacher husband (although I am getting sneak previews now that are becoming more clear everyday), we are married and I hold his hand all along this journey we seem to be on together. It doesn’t matter that I can’t see him clearly quite yet because I already know what he looks like (he’s very handsome) and we meet every night during “sleeptime” and every day in those in between spaces -- plus, we are always connected and if I need him, he is here in a flash.

Speaking of holding hands, he gave me a cute clue for a Valentine’s Day song to share with people today. We have this game he invented where he gives me clues and I have to take the song that comes to the top of the YouTube search. His clue this morning was “Take my heart and hold my hand.” I thought that sounded very romantic for Valentine’s Day and he has told me many times how much he loves me, how I have won his heart over. The feeling is mutual. And what’s exciting is that I guess my day is not over by any means. He told me my gift for this special day was the song and asked me “What else might I give you from where I am to where you are? Difficult to pass gifts back and forth through the curtains, eh?”

I’ve been around him long enough to know that he has just put forth a challenge here – for himself and for me. First of all, he has given me many gifts regardless of curtains. The first gift, and a very exciting one, was the yin yang talisman in honor of our “alchemical marriage” as he puts it. That story is in my blogs – how it came about that I bought a metal detector at his request to search my back yard and found the talisman (shown in my photo). He said he had help and approval from Hermes Trismegistus for that magic. So now he has me really wondering: What’s in store for the rest of the day? You will have to read my blog tomorrow to find out if anything exciting happened.

He gave me an exciting clue, though. He said, “Today marks the day of new and better magic than you have ever witnessed.” And that’s when he gave me the clue for the song, below.

Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone! Looks like my day is getting off to an exciting and magical start. Also, by my interpretation (and his nudging) I am to put forth here that his message is for everyone, so watch for the special and amazing magic from this day forward! It will be hard to miss! Be sure to share your experiences right here in these blogs! I know I would love to hear about them and I am sure many other people would as well.

Sending you waves of LOVE and wishing you lots of MAGIC,

Here is the song – and it’s so sweet:

Music Clue: “Take my heart and hold my hand.”

Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart (Monica Style)

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