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NEW for 2024. Our Blockbuster True Love Story: HOLY ROSES HOLY LOVE is available now!
This book has been in the works for a long time. Finally, just in time for Epiphany, 2024, we have released it. The book provides a complete historical background of us, our mission, and how we came to be known as "Eros and Psyche of the Twenty-first Century."

SheHeLovesMeCoverBlue.jpgShe/He Loves Me, She/He Loves Me Not

How to Prove Who Your Twin Flame Is
(Beyond a reasonable doubt)
by Vanessa Paradis
  139 pages.

This book will help you discover if the person you love might be your Twin Flame. However, it provides even more--you can enhance any love relationship by identifying and appreciating the special gifts you have in common and those special gifts that are complementary.
 Based on extensive research into soul mates and twin flames/twin souls, the author presents what is understood about twin flame and divine love relationships from different cultural perspectives and provides guidance for you to identify the evidence for love in your own life. Find the special connections between you and the person you love today, and don't begin a new relationship without this Guide by your side. Includes lots of photos, links, and references to learn more. 
Now You Can Prove Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Who Is Your Twin Flame/Twin Soul (or who is Not) or whether your relationship is headed in the right direction.

Find the connections between you and the person you love today, and don't begin a new relationship without this Guide by your side!




The Most Pleasant and Delectable Tale of the Marriage of Cupid and Psyche: A Primer for Eros and Psyche of the Twenty-First Century
[Primer #1] by Vanessa Paradis  64 pages.

This book is a primer for the forthcoming series of books, Eros and Psyche of the Twenty-First Century. There will be several primers that orient readers to the original stories, including their historical, social, psychological, spiritual, and scientific significance that provide background information for the future versions for comparison purposes. This particular story is a translation of the earliest known written version of the story by Apuleius, produced in the late Second Century and translated by William Adlington in 1914. It includes numerous color impages. Since this is the Roman version, Eros is referred to as Cupid. The first part of the book is an introduction to Eros and Psyche, the presentation of a brief historical context, and the rationale behind the future stories. Next, the story is presented, fully illustrated, along with the author’s annotations which will help readers with interpreting the story and form a background context for the future stories to be published beginning February 14, 2016. You won’t want to miss the amazing stories of love, adventure, and mystery. Be ready!


How to Connect to Higher Consciousness and Your Twin Flame through Love Poetry and Sacred Vows and a Dream Journal
How to Connect to Higher Consciousness and Your Twin FlameBelieve In Magic! This is a collection of twin flame love poetry by Sōferia, also known as Psyche, along with transmissions from her twin flame, Emanu'el, also known as Eros, the God of Love, who resides in another dimension. Learn the true story of how he proved to her he can communicate through other people and how he guided her into finding a talisman in her back yard--and then had a diamond wedding ring delivered right to her door via her friendly neighborhood handyman.

So many cultures and traditions teach that we all have one Divine Love to whom we are eternally connected that it makes one believe it may just be true. For Vanessa (aka Soferia and Psyche), it is true. In this book you will learn the difference between twin flames and soul mates and why the twin flame relationship is so important to not only your personal destiny, but the survival of Earth and humanity, and ultimately, the entire cosmos. Also learn why many people on the spiritual path have multiple names and their significance.

Reading the sacred poetry that has been channeled from the Higher Realms, viewing the dozens of colorful and inspiring photographs, and engaging in the dream and writing activities suggested in the book can help you reignite your divine sparks of passion and perhaps reconnect with your twin flame. 
As consciousness rises during this current evolutionary ascension process, people are being reunited with their twin flames and soul families.This book can help.

Some couples have met during dreamtime and at higher levels of consciousness, planning their meeting in the physical. The Sacred Vows written between Soferia and Emanu'el, as channeled to Vanessa way back in 1989 are included in the book. She had saved them all of these years knowing they were important, but not knowing why until her twin flame recently told her what they really were and what they represented--an exchange of sacred vows promising each other that once they each finished their chosen work on Earth, they would reunite consciously.

The book includes poetry, original photographs, and is interspersed with lined pages to record your dreams, interpretations, and notes. Be ready to write when you wake up each morning to record your dreams quickly before they slip away. You may just write your transmitted vows as had happened for the author.

This book is also great for Support Groups, Dream Study Groups, and for Counselors to use with their clients as a way to help them open up about their experiences and relationships.
Updated for 2015, this book provides new information about twin flames based on research and experiential evidence. It has more than 20 inspirational poems and color photographs. The book is interspersed with lined pages so that it can be used as a Dream Journal to record you dreams and document your experiences. Writing and interpreting activities are suggested that can help you consciously connect to higher states of consciousness, and potentially to your twin flame and soul family. You will learn to interpret your dreams, signs, and other symbols that appear in your life. Engaging in the activities can increase synchronicities and serendipitous events as you become more aware of the "magic" and divine love in your daily life. Completed, it will become an important keepsake! 168 pages.


New Titles to be Added Soon!

Learn the true secrets of creating and manifesting the life of your fondest dreams (what popular media, including the book The Secret, fails to tell you!)

Exclusively from Paradis Publications! 


More Information About Twin Flames, Divine Love, Cosmic Marriage, and Sacred Sexuality

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder [ apart ]” (Matthew 19:6b).

EROS-PSYCHE-STATUE-LOVEWhat this Bible verse means is that nothing can truly separate twin flames. Life is eternal and twin flames are always connected! No matter how hard anyone might try, they cannot separate you from your twin flame. It does not matter if your twin flame has "passed over" because they have not died; they have simply moved to another dimension of reality. It does not matter if they are not here on the planet now. In fact, as you learn more you will discover that the dimensional "separation," which is not a separation at all, gives Twin Flames enormous power to create the reality of their dreams and contribute even more greatly to the healing that needs to transpire on this planet. But there is work we must do to achieve that conscious cosmic connection with our twin flame, which is what the page on this site is about, so if you are interested in a truly Divine Love connection and the power it provides, read on and check back often. We will continue to add information to this page. There will be many more people reuniting with their beloved during the next decades. You may be one of them!

"Reunion with Twin Flames is a part of the ascension process. At this point, the majority of Twin Flames reside on different dimensions and planets. The full consciousness that will be ours in the very near future will bring Twin Flames and soul families together in ways that are loving and create pain for no one. Full consciousness and the 5th dimension are beyond pain." ~ Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

The truth about Divine Love and Cosmic Marriage is secret and encoded knowledge that has been kept from most of us for thousands of years. In fact, we have been mostly presented lies! There are reasons the ruling class does not want us to have a thorough understanding of this knowledge. The New Age movement continues to propagate lies sprinkled with some truths. I am in the process of researching this extensively to come up with better answers. However,  NO ONE has or will have all of the answers, so each perspective provides only a piece of the puzzle. Are twin flames from the same divine spark, thus "one soul" as is so commonly put forth? Or were they created simultaneously, as so many cultures portray in their creation mythe? How are soul mates different from twin flames? Can our Twin Flame's love stream through soul mates? No one knows the answers and they could very well be different for different couples. One thing that is known, however, is that there are common experiences across Twin Flame relationships and there does seem to be an undeniable, special divine union of a couple who come together for the purpose of serving God by serving humanity. Divine union, referred to as "spiritual marriage," "alchemical union," the "Hieros Gamos," etc., for the purpose of working together to contribute to creating Heaven on Earth or at least a better world is often the ultimate goal for these twin flame unions, but it is rare that they occur on Earth. The ongoing research and more widely available information about Twin Flames is changing the equation. More couples are reuniting and discovering the true power of love.

Paradis Publications continues to research this topic and is in the process of developing a TF-SCALE so that people can assess the extent to which their relationships correspond with commonalities between twin flame relationships. It is not a measurement device but rather a way to help couples identify areas of strengths in their relationship as well as areas they may need to work on. Check back - this will be available in the near future.

The video below by goldraytwinflames is a wonderful description of how the Twin Flame mission, their purpose for being here at this time, is the most critical aspect of their relationship--and that it does begin in childhood. For, in reality, twin flames are never separate; they are unconscious of their relationship until such time they decide at a higher level of consciousness that it's time to reunite. In the video, it is explained how their mission work is often done during childhood long before they have a conscious awareness of each other.

The research study conducted by Vanessa Paradis for her doctoral dissertation, Did Joe Lyons Kincheloe Discover the Golden Chalice of Knowledge Production? provides further evidence for what is conveyed in the video below. What is often found is that even though twin flames may have been separated by thousands of miles, their life histories have some remarkable similarities, a phenomenon that can be compared to identical twins who have been separated from birth, and YET they have amazing and extremely complementary differences that allow them to contribute powerfully to needed social changes. You might find the sections about twin flames in the dissertation interesting in relation to this video.

Step One: Developing Higher Consciousness

One of the first steps in preparing oneself for a divine union is to work toward attaining "cosmic consciousness." The video below is pretty accurate in my estimation, with the exception of the idea it puts out about not needing to seek knowledge. This would only be true once we achieve full cosmic consciousness, which is impossible! We must seek knowledge as we work toward the goal of attaining greater consciousness. It needs to be understood we never fully reach some final state of cosmic consciousness where we no longer need knowledge from outside ourselves. We need knowledge from both within and from outside ourselves for the purpose of constructing our own truths as well as for socially constructing reality. In the near future, I will explain this is greater detail and I will be providing more information about some tools that will help one to accomplish the mind work that is needed to begin opening of the consciousness and increasing awareness, which is an ongoing, eternal process that we can only begin while on this earth plane. But begin it we must! And we must put forth serious effort toward a more open consciousness. Future publications from Paradis Publications will provide information and guidance for some ways to accelerate the process.


Cosmic Consciousness

More soon. . .

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