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Psyche's Random Writings for Eros

Dedicated to Eros
Psyche's Random Writings for Eros
NOTE: I will present a list of titles soon, along with instructions for ordering them. There are dozens of relevant topics, but the information is of the type that is heavily censored, thus is only presented in its original handwritten form. You must know how to read cursive writing. In the event you do not, we will soon provide a course that teaches how to write in cursive and how to read various historical styles of cursive writing in our Eros and Psyche Academy. This is knowledge that needs to be promoted or we will lose even more truth about history.

The title below is just one sample. Many of the titles are in support of his writings he left for us as well as his teachings to me from the higher realms. 
Psyche's Random Writings for Eros: Eros' N.E.W. Bill of Rights for a New Era
This is an advanced teaching directed to those who wish to learn the most powerful processes for achieving prosperity and liberation, and who want to lead others to do the same. Due to the controversy of presenting this higher-level knowledge and the concomitant censorship this is only available by USPS mail. Additionally, since the producers of computer software can no longer be trusted, this document is provided only as originally written by the scribe/author (Psyche/Soferia). Therefore, in order to read it, you will have to know how to read cursive writing. Sometime in the future it will be made available in other formats. 
This is a 27-page, three section document presenting an analysis of Eros' (Joe Kincheloe's) New Bill of Rights with its 12 Amendments along with very important insights and vital knowledge necessary for successful application as we move forward to recover from the global coup. This analysis of the N.E.W. Bill of Rights with accompanying guidelines is critical information. If you want to make a difference in your community, workplace, business, and your personal life, you will find these to be very powerful and productive action steps, if you do them right.
The documents will be snail mailed only. 

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Using numerology and the spiritual significance of 2-22-2013, it is easy to ascertain that Friday is an extremely sacred day.

The number 22 represents the spiritual completion required for soul union with one’s Divine Complement, also known as Twin Soul or Twin Flame. We each have just one. Scientists have found and photographed two forms of energy representing feminine energy and masculine energy and Henderson has taken science to its logical conclusion, to source which is made up of two united beings, the Divine Female/Divine Male or God/Goddess (see The Science of Soulmates by Henderson for more evidence). His conclusion is (as many others have concluded) that humans must be made, ultimately, in Source’s Image, which would be a unified Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine couple joined together and that there is only ONE complement for every individual, one "twin" soul counterpart.

With 2-22-2 we have the representation of this Sacred and Divine reunion and it is the sacred union that then results in Eternal Life which is represented by the number 13 per Gematria.

The zero magnifies the power of the union and represents its “pure potentiality” or the infinite potential for creation of the conjoined couples (their “creation” is often referred to as their shared Dharma or Great Path)—as well, the zeros repesents the infinite potential for the numbers of these relationships to increase, since it is depicted in a global date.

Note that twin soul reunions result in a joining/sharing of consciousness—and an alchemization of the mind, spirit, soul, and body. They are still two but they are also a third force together. This is sometimes referred to as sharing a “third” power, that “trinity” power, perhaps, which links them directly to God/Source/Divine Love.["God is Love."]

According to some interpretations the number 0, which also appears in the date, can bring about “iconic changes,” thus it could be the force that propels the infinite potential of twin soul reunions. Other meanings of 0 (Kabbalists) is that it signifies perfection and boundless power. Indeed, with many twin soul unions taking place, boundless power would be created and many soul families would be closer to reuniting, leading to a perpetual, exponential growth in power returning to the people.

Zero also signifies the “egg” or the “void” where the origin of creation and the totality of creation potential rest. In Latin, zero in called “nulla figura” meaning it is not a real figure. Thus, it is brought into manifestation with the union of the Divine Couple. Zero also represents “revolution,” and here it can be interpreted that the powerful Perpetual Love Revolution is about to take off in ways we have not yet witnessed. We have not seen anything yet, but due to the perpetuality and the potential behind it, we may see a very rapid increase in the numbers of these relationships.

The numbers 22 can be broken down to 11-11. People seeing 11 often are on their way to the self-completion required before uniting with their twin soul. This is the work required to feel complete within oneself and not needing a partner to complete them. It is not exactly the “balancing of the feminine and masculine” as many accounts present it. It is the unconditional acceptance of who you are, including your particular expression of masculinity and femininity. The process is a paradox, multiple paradoxes, in fact, and an important step required before the Divine Timing of reunion can be set.

Seeing 11-11 represents being on the path toward one’s twin soul. It is directly communicated from Divinity, the Higher Realms. Often Twin Flames communicate at higher levels of consciousness in order to provide these “clues” to each other at their lower, earth consciousness but will not be aware of doing so. They subconsciously read these messages at first, and gradually pick up on them consciously which is a sign they are becoming more aware. Twin flames often arrange, at higher levels of consciousness, to meet in the physical on days in which the 11-11 configuration shows up in some form (the date, the date and time, the address, their birthdates, their combined birthdates, a cash register receipt, etc.). Thus 11-11 is a Divine Guidepost.

As one interpretation provides, the number 1 itself represents “unity through cohesion, action and reaction, cause and effect, the interior and the exterior.” The 11 phenomenon, which is a daily experience once twins are fully consciously united, often includes four of these ones (as 11-11) magnifying the representation of unity and also pointing to a powerful “absolute unity,” which is their union with God. This absolute unity occurs via "trinity" union between God/Goddess and twin souls. The four (as in four ones) is significant, for in reality, there are four souls united in Absolute Unity: God/Goddess and their children god/goddess.

In this upcoming Friday’s date, 22 appears twice, indicating that the twin souls have completed their own spiritual growth that is required for the reunion process to occur, and the way these are configured represent that the two are now joined.

And because it is notated 2-22-2[013] it is easy to see how the two center twos symbolically represent that reunion is complete.

Now the stage is set for the rest of the show: Immortality and Eternal Union as represented by 013. What the couple wishes to do, share, and experience from this point forward is no longer limited in any way. The cosmos is their canvas. Source Love is their Power.

So there you have it. Friday is an Extremely Divine Love Day. I hope you celebrate the day with Love.

I present this information to hopefully raise awareness to the most Divine Love Day of 2013. There will be more such days ahead, but this day is especially Sacred as it symbolizes the "endpoint" so to speak as to where we are all headed on our spiritual paths no matter where we might be on our own individual paths at this moment. And as the saying goes, "The ending is just the beginning."

And remember: You are always connected to your twin soul and family. We are all connected. It's "simply" a matter of increasing awareness of our connections.

Presented to the Cosmos With Love,
Soferia (aka Psyche) with assistance from Eros

References: Henderson. The Science of Soulmates.
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