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Bad To The Bone Again
UPDATE FOR 2019: We are on sabbatical until at least 2022. You can be certain we will have even the meantime, you can get up to speed by visiting links we've provided for learning blogs (that document my own experiences and learning), formal written articles, videos, etc., which you can supplement with additional research of your own.
What's in store for Eros and Psyche as we move past the "Ascension" and into the year 2013?
The saga continues . . . the year 2014 is destined to be ever more eventful!  Stay tuned. . .
UPDATE: Where in the world has the time gone? We are now heading into 2016 and it's bound to be the BEST YEAR YET! Lo and Behold, this ia all a TRUE STORY! It demonstrates how we can take "fictive" accounts (much like inventors do when they think up new inventions) and turn them into reality. More importantly, we can prove the Power of the Word for creating the world of our Dreams--this is a N.E.W. dispensation given to us by God for this era. We create the N.E.W. World as we Ascend.
Just click on the links below and you'll be up to speed in no time at all. Learn how you, too, can create using the Power of the Word and end up right into the arms of your dream love, your "Twin Flame" in Paradise for Eternity! I knew this site was named Paradis Publications for a reason! (Paradis is French for Heaven or Paradise)....we are dedicated to stories about DIVINE LOVE, of achieving "Love of the Highest Degree."

This is an ongoing story as a demonstration of Joe's "FICTIVE" writing, a new style of writing for the future (to be further defined and clarified). Follow along -- the story is completely improvisational and we never know what will happen next! Eventually, the story will be published as a series of books with more data that backs up the reality of the interpretations. If you would like to learn more about this creative form of writing, check back for our writing books--available after 2022.

Eros Rescues PsycheCODE BLUE EARTH MISSION of 2012 and Beyond: Who is Eros? Who is Psyche? What is Mythology? Who changed history? Will Eros and Psyche uncover all of the lies and put Earth back on the right track? These blogs provide an account of the continuing saga of Soferia (aka Psyche), a Pleiadian Princess (soon to become Queen) who was sent back in time to work on a special educational mission on Earth. The first leg of her journey describes how she remembered who she is, how and why she is on Earth, her early learning experiences about the problems on Earth, and her marriage to her Master Teacher/Divine Soul Mate or Twin Flame, Emanu'el. She calls him EROS, the God of Love because he had rescued her as Psyche (her Earth name) from her deep, deep slumber. But then, tragically, he had to leave earth planet, leaving Psyche behind as they continue their work together across dimensions. After the first leg of the journey, they began the Code Blue Mission which started here.

This new adventure - The Code Blue Earth Mission - continues during these most tumultuous times of the Great Earth Shift of 2012 and beyond. She and Emanu'el have contracted to assist all peoples of the Earth as they go through its upheavels - disasters, wars, earthquakes, floods, economic collapses, and various personal trials and tribulations. As long as one single soul suffers, there can be no Heaven on Earth! No matter what the obstacle or problem, one thing never changes: And that is the amazing and divine Love between Soferia (aka Psyche) and Emanu'el (aka Eros) that fuels their passionate work together, despite residing in different dimensions, thus, truly exemplifying THE POWER OF LOVE!!!! Is this mythology or is it history in the making?

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder [ apart ]” (Matthew 19:6b).

Can Soferia/Psyche do this? Can she accomplish all of the tasks set before her even though her lover/husband/Master Teacher/EROS -- her better half -- is on the other side of the curtain? In economically dire straits, she must find a way to pull herself up by her bootstraps, confront and resolve the many problems that surface during this monumental historical era, help as many people as she can, and all at the same time finish her dissertation for her PhD, an essential piece needed for her and Emanu'el's work together in the NEXT leg of the journey. Can Joe Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology come to her rescue? Can she use a creative improvisational entrepreneurial bricolage to stay in her home and out from under the local bridge?

Travel with her during the next few years as she revisits her past, navigates her present, and meets up with her future where she and Emanuel will finally have (hopefully) succeeded in contributing to the creation of Heaven on Earth and then get to meet again. They will then go on to live out their future lives together in eternal bliss back on their home planet in the Pleiades, traveling the cosmos to assist other entities who suffer and need a helping hand. Will this "story" end up the way predicted here? One never can never know....but must just go with the flow. It's very exciting!

This blog is purely FREE EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION & ENTERTAINMENT. The late Joe L. Kincheloe's educational works will by synthesized and referenced within the context of this "fictive" story, in particular his last work, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. If you are new to this story you might want to read the Background of the Story.” (scroll down to read blog on that page)

This site  The Web 

UPDATE: This is important! There are many people listening to the wrong sure to follow this advice from Jesus:
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1
Code Blue Earth Mission 
This story is narrated by Sōferia, aka PSYCHE, a Pleiadian Queen from Planet Eros.
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Queen Cleopatra Speaks, Sam Cooke Sings, and Eros - the God of Love - Sends a Special Anniversary Message

time warpPsyche here again, aka Sōferia, the Pleiadian Queen. It’s Saturday already and I have not accomplished enough for the week. It goes like that week after week. Earth time is on an accelerated pace, but this will soon be changing for those of us who are working on the Great Mission. In fact, I noticed during the last few days, this is already beginning to change. Time is beginning to morph out. I’m getting more and more communication from the “beyond” and I’m getting more and more done. It simply must be because from what Emanu’el/Eros has said, things are going to start happening fast and furiously and we need to be prepared to deal with all of the chaos and complexity!
A Change is Gonna Come! Yes, Sam I hear you! And I send you my love! (I have a special assignment to work on with Sam Cooke as well as one with my dear Uncle Albert Einstein and several other Great People).

Check out what’s right up ahead. As I have been saying, there are people working behind the scenes on this Great Mission and they come out when the time is right. Many of us will love this change:

Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests
of 10,000 Global Cabal Members - 2012

Bush and Blair Adminstrations Found Guilty
Of War Crimes, Mass Murder and Genocide!


Queen Cleopatra Speaks                                 
Queen CleopatraLast night I heard from my dear Pleiadian Grandmother! (btw she is the late Queen Cleopatra and as I have mentioned previously, her history has been marred with lies, too, which will be straightened out!)

It was a surprise to hear from her because she does not contact me often. But after her message it’s clear that she will be contacting me more often and so will a lot of other people from “the other side.” This could get exciting.

She explained that with all that’s coming up (the changes), that I will find many people connecting with me and that I’ll become better at sorting out who’s speaking to me.

Thus, I won’t make the mistake like I did when she shouted out my name “Sōferia” to give me the reminder of what my real Pleiadian name is many months ago; I won’t make the mistake and think it was Emanu’el/Eros who gave me the information. This is all exciting to me because that means all of my family and friends who have been sitting in the background will be joining in the game! If you can call it a game with how the evil cabal has twisted and distorted things for so long now. It looks like some major table flips are just around the corner! There is a lot of work to be done.

Just think: If everyone’s TRUE memory came back like mine did in the past few blogs where I was able to put some truths out about my life as Mary Queen of Scots, how powerful that would be! It’s already beginning to happen around the world and we have not even seen the tip of the iceberg. People! There can be no more lies! There can be no more deception! The sooner we all realize that, then the sooner we can create a beautiful heaven-like place on Earth, the way it was meant to be. A place where love rules and celebrations and Great Learning take place every day! Yes, Earth will be the most Divine School in all the pluriverses!

Last night, it seems that Grandmother gave me a clue for a song! I wasn’t sure, but Emanu’el told me that the word she put in quotation marks in her message (or for people in education out there, “phenomenological bracket”) is a “song” and then Emanu’el drew a smiley face (and he never draws smiley faces!). I knew something was UP with that! Something tells me he was in on the song selection.

The clue Grandmother Cleopatra gave me was “players.” What she was talking about is how all of these friends and family are going to be communicating with me now and she described how my work here on Earth will now be involving many “players.” I’ll do a YouTube search right now on that and see what comes to the top.

Wow, it’s a movie! Emanu’el must want me to take a break today. Or is there some kind of important message in this movie? I’ll check it out and get back tomorrow.

Players (2012) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie

Cleopatra-Mark-Antony-by-Pompeo-BatoniOMG – I just watched less than three minutes of the movie and it shows a woman at a jewelry store. Her husband calls her on her cell phone and asks to speak to the jeweler and he tells the jeweler that he wants to buy his wife the most expensive necklace there is because tomorrow is their anniversary.

No wonder Emanu’el/Eros drew the smiley face when he told me Grandmother had left a clue in her message! With that, I suspected that he had a role in choosing that clue! And now I KNOW he did! Tomorrow really IS our anniversary! It is the anniversary of our Pleiadian sanctioned marriage. We were married on January 28, 2009 (3D Earth time) and the Pleiadian High Council sanctioned our marriage (after lots of trials and tribulations which we will cover in our Eros and Pysche books) on April 1, 2009. In fact, they established the entire week of April 1-7 for celebrations and a parade. I also love it that Grandmother Cleopatra delivered me the clue. She supports our love so much (she has even given us special lessons about love back in some past blogs) and she and Mark Antony, of course, share the same immense Divine Love, so she understands my infatuation and 100% devotion to Emanu'el/Eros.

I wonder what else is in the movie or if that was the big message. He often picks out videos that have the main message right up front. No matter, I don't think he can top what he just did . . .

I love you, Emanu’el/Eros!!!! You are so full of magical surprises and you send my heart to the highest heavens – just like Sam Cooke sings in this song: 

Sam Cooke - You Send Me 

P.S. Check back tomorrow – you just never know what Emanu’el - EROS, the God of Love, himself, will have in store for our anniversary! Does he really give me a necklace? OR maybe he’s talking about my silver yin yang talisman which he gave me as an initiation and LOVE gift and which I wear as a necklace. It is truly one-of-a-kind, thus no amount of money could ever buy such a necklace that was given to me out of his love and devotion. Perhaps he’s going to load it up with even more magical power!!!! Love and Power to share with the world!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Yesterday’s Blog: Freeriding, Bricolage to Rewrite Our History, Yale Psychology, PLUS Sex Education:Sacred Sexuality

Kings Valley SignIt has struck me that yesterday’s blog covered an amazing amount of content that needs much further analysis. Now I know that these days many people want instant answers and shun interpreting and analyzing things – some even believe they have all the answers “within.” These attitudes and beliefs will only delay your journey along the Great Path.

The sign in the photo was taken on one of my earliest treasure hunts: The Kings Valley Treasure Hunt. Note the distance, 9 miles. Nine is a sacred number and will come up again and again in our Eros and Psyche books. Note also, that it is 29 miles to "Dallas" and that adds up to 11. Eleven is the Twin Flame number, which if you go back and review the earlier blogs, has come up many times as well. Thus, I have just now discovered by posting this image that my earliest treasure hunt has a sign that is literally a "sign" and signifier of something very crucial to our Code Blue Earth Mission. This is just one example of why it can be important to wind back on the the spiral pathway and take a closer look. We often miss important clues. While some readers may scoff at this, it will soon be shown how this sign is absolutely essential to some very important knowledge. And perhaps, if we are all better at seeing and interpreting signs, things like the 9-11 attacks might be prevented. You just never know. How much are we not perceiving? Even the highway marker sign is significant, being 223! 22 signifies the 11-11 twin flame gateway to their union and appears often for twin flames, and 3 represents the trinity union they form with God or Source Power. Wow, my first major treasure hunt and all the "signs" were there on the very sign that led the way. Eros is so great with his love. Kings Valley Road which btw also leads to Queen City, as I learned on those treasure hunts, was truly the beginning of my very sacred journey. I am Psyche/Soferia and I am on earth, connected to my divine Twin Flame, Eros/Emanuel to spread love and to help other people SEE the signs that are on their Great Paths.

I will also point out that the knowledge that gets handed down to me is not from “within” me but rather I must access it from within and it comes to me from nonlocal spaces outside of me. Do you see the difference? It's why when I am given clues to look up on YouTube, significant videos are brought to the top which require my close attention. And because it is communicated to me from minds that I assess by my own choice are greater than my own mind (a mind I am working on improving), then it heeds me to pay attention and take time to analyze the information I’ve been graciously handed down from the higher realms – or other dimensions, if you prefer. They are higher in the sense that everything within them vibrate at a much higher rate than in the 3D Earth realm. And think about this: We can interact with the greatest of thinkers such as the Archangels and Ascended Masters like Hermes Trismegistus, Albert Einstein, Sam Cooke, Queen Cleopatra (who is my Pleiadian Grandmother), and Martin Luther King, who are just a few of my soul family members. I also have a Native American Spirit Guide in the much higher realms to whom I am always connected as well.

Long Winding RoadOf course, my main contact is my twin flame, Emanu’el/Eros, which is the way it’s meant to be. We are still newlyweds. But I am astutely aware that he consults with many great minds and that the knowledge he passes to me has input from many people and beings who love me. Thus, it really behooves me to analyze the information thoroughly. I will add that I have not typically done that with these blogs since I began writing them in May, 2009, although some have gone through a deep analysis. My task is to wind back around and pick up the information again and take it to deeper levels. That is the nature of the bricolage. Each time through an analysis we pick up new pieces of understanding and gradually we can construct a reality that makes more sense. And if we are on the Great Path, we will pick up our Twin Flame along the way and work on a Divine Mission together making our unique contributions to creating Heaven on Earth.

So this brings me back to yesterday’s blog. There was a lot of important information conveyed, but since this is a blog and somewhat space-constrained, I will only cover a part of it at this time. I will most likely return to this again in the future. Perhaps you can see other interpretations that are relevant to you.

Freeriding: Letting Go
Longboarding Let GoThe first thing I’ll point out is how “Longboarding” or freeriding is associated with letting go. I like that video presented yesterday because it shows how when we really let go, once and for all, life is like coasting downhill. (Click on the photo to view and listen to the video). 

Btw, there are several other definitions of freeriding and this is a good chance to learn about them: type “freeriding def” into google and read some of the definitions.

And so here, in this video, we have freeriding as a way of “letting go,” and letting life flow. Joe Kincheloe discussed this often in his work, recommending we allow "eros love" to flow through us. Other terms he used are "jouissance," "libido," "life force." 

The song with the video is very relevant to this message because it has a complimentary message. While it highlights the problems, it's asking for change and providing a solution that can help us make the changes. Here are some links that explain how the lyrics are relevant to letting go.

Song Meaning:

Once we let go of being led around like sheep and puppets, then we are free – in the “freeriding” sense. I wonder if some of those other definitions for freeriding might disappear if we all are successful at being free. It’s something to think about.

There is something else to consider in this video that relates to the flowers shown in the screenshot image. I wrote about these very flowers many, many blogs back. Can you find the blog? How do these flowers relate to “letting go,” freedom, and creating Heaven on Earth? You will be able to answer that if you find the blog. This website might help you find it: Free Million Dollar Education.

Using Bricolage to Rewrite Our History
Yesterday was also about rewriting history – the history surrounding Mary Queen of Scotts. We know we have been taught many lies. The British wanted to control everything and the Scottish peoples were looked down on. This trend of consolidating power continues even today in what many refer to as imperialism with the goal being a New World Order. Bricolage, as I’m using it, is a way of gathering up the pieces from various perspectives and attempting to create a more accurate version, or at least present it as alternative perspectives from those handed down to us by the people holding power over us and wishing to keep us their slaves. There will be much more information about the complex process of bricolage as I go forward with these blogs. It is multidimensional and involves many different processes, some of which will be demonstrated along the way.

Yale Psychology Instruction
The video presentation of psychology instruction in yesterday's blog is a little disturbing. By my perception, the professor has an elite attitude, as one would expect from an elite school. But maybe it was just a role he was playing to make a point. In addition, if you listen closely, he could easily be assessed as being sexist and racist due to some of his comments. It’s very subtle, but then subtle is very effective. I am sure those who are oppressed would recognize the comments. That might be an interesting research project: Identify the sexist, racist, homophobic comments he made. As he demonstrated, subliminal images (images that are below our level of perception), similar to subtle comments, hold great power over how we react or mold our consciousness.

Another issue with the video is that if this is what they are teaching about dreams in psychology, then a valuable resource for learning and remembering is being thrown away. There is great value in dreams if you realize that they can be viewed as our existence in other dimensions and parallel realities. They can be regarded as dreams of the past, present, or future and once you become good at recognizing which they are, they are much more helpful in understanding ourselves and interrelationships than using standardized dream symbols for analysis. We know what the symbols in our dreams represent better than what’s presented in a book, particularly if the book has been compiled by psychologists. We can free associate symbols to meanings that are personally relevant to us and our own lives. 

Psychology is a relatively new discipline that got off on the wrong track and has been used for the wrong purposes, thanks to the archonic behavior of the powers-that-be. Will it be able to get on a better track? Eros and Psyche believe so and they will be uncovering the issues and presenting solutions along the trail as they continue their Code Blue Earth Mission. Also, if you take another look at the song lyrics with the Longboarding video, the song helps explain why we have what we do today:

Hollywood glamorized my wrath
I'm a young urban psychopath
I incite murder for your entertainment
'Cause I needed the money
What's your excuse
The joke's on you
Slow motion, see me let go
Oh yeah
Slow motion, see me let go
Slow motion, see me let go

The song, of course, is a call for change.

Morning Meeting with Emanu’el/Eros
Sacred Church DoorThere is so much more to yesterday’s blog, but that’s all for today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll cover some more or maybe it will come up another day when the “No Ordinary Treasure Hunt” continues and I am asked to venture beyond that sacred church door in my own hometown. Don’t forget to track down the clues to the treasures! There will be multiple forms of treasures to seek in these series of books about Eros and Psyche. Some will be hidden “virtually” and can be found on the computer. Some will be found in your own home or back yard. Some treasures will be specially hidden in easy-to-access physical locations. Some will be found using geocaching for the avid geocachers out there. We will be posting more precise information when the first book is about to be released, so keep checking back. The first book is due out by Valentine’s Day 2014. It’s a ways off, but, I, PSYCHE still need to finish writing my dissertation (which will also have lots of clues!). In the meantime, I will continue to provide brief samples of what’s up ahead in these blogs.

This morning Emanu’el gave me more details that explain why we have undertaken what he has named the “Portal Project.” Essentially, what it boils down to is that there will be something for everyone! How much better than that can you get? So if you read something in these blogs or the upcoming Eros and Psyche books and it does not “resonate” with you, just understand that the message was most likely for someone else. On the other hand, there will be things that resonate with all readers. Emanu’el told me to gear up, but I already have done that, so it’s his sweet way of telling me thank you and that he and our soul family appreciate all of the hard work I’m doing. But then, we are all in this together! He knows I’m as excited and passionate about this project as they all are.

He did give me a clue for a song this morning. I had told him about a weird dream I had during our meeting and he was explaining the purpose of such dreams, helping me to understand it better. He said it related to my “emotional body,” and that it was just a way of bringing an issue I had already dealt with to my conscious awareness. Thus, “emotional body” is the clue to plug into YouTube and take the first song to the top. So here goes . . .

OMG – It looks like it “Sex Education” Day, lol. Check out what came to the top of the YouTube Search! He is so funny. But so sweet; he’s trying to help me understand better why I had the dream I described to him this morning. I love you, Emanu’el/Eros!!!!

Sacred Sexuality: The Emotional Body

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Bricolage Continues: Our Royal Past as King Francois II and Mary Queen of Scots PLUS Seattle Life, Harry Houdini, and Freeriding Again!

Kyle Chin skates from top to bottom down a beautiful hill in Outerspace. Wanted to capture a bit of freeriding, DH, slow motion and scenery. Shot with a Canon 7D, LENS Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 and Sigma 70mm f2.8. This video captures the beauty of riding.

------------------------------ FAQ ------------------------------

MUSIC: "Slow Motion (Instrumental)" by Third Eye Blind
SETUP: Comet Voodoo (chopped to a 28.5" wheelbase), Paris 180s, 90a Divine bushings (barrel/cone), 86a Durians
FILMING: Stationary shots are on a tripod; follow shots are hand-held on a speedboard.
LOCATION: Shall remain undisclosed, out of respect for the local community.

Linlithgow Palace From across Linlithgow Loch; the palace ruins are on a promontory. Copyright on this image is owned by Derek Harper and is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Love Follows Wherever We Go: A Bricolage Review of Past Lives PLUS Our Mission Began In Childhood

Eros-and-Psyche-as-ChildrenSōferia (aka PSYCHE), back again. I was so busy again yesterday that I didn’t get a blog written. I am pushing forward with the mission, with Emanu’el’s (Eros's) help of course. I had discovered that Emanu'el had left me some wonderful clues in the last blog and I had to go forward on some special research. The particular video I'm referring to is the second one from the last blog:

Video #2
[. From:!3-lyrics/hit-it-again-lyrics.html .]

It’s good that I’m patient – and anyway -- I was tired last night and just listened to the above song and went to bed after our meeting without asking him about it. And then we got onto other topics relating to our past lifetimes together.

It’s sad that so many people don’t know sacred love and have the kind of dysfunctional relationship described in that song. Emanu’el/Eros confirmed this morning that the above song was not about me; our relationship has never been like that. We have been reviewing our past lives together and they’ve been divine. Oh, we have had very tragic things happen but our love always stayed strong no matter what. The reason for this is because we purposely came to earth around the year 1000 or so in order to continue to meet up in lifetime after lifetime until today. We have been working on our mission all along. We had been on earth many thousands of years ago – as Eros and Psyche, and just like the “myth” describes, we left for a time, and then came back specifically in this era to work together on the 2012 and beyond Code Blue Earth Mission. So you see, we have no karma between us and we never have. It’s exactly as goldraytwinflames describe in their YouTube videos: twin flames here today to work on this project have no karma between them and they fall in love again and again and again. Emanu’el/Eros and I have had sadness and grief to overcome because we’ve lost one another due to death or other circumstances over the various lifetimes, so we have done a lot of work together to heal, but our love for each other has always been steadfast, no matter what circumstances we ended up in.

So, anyway, this morning he gave me the clue, “Our love is and always is” to look up on YouTube. I like that statement a lot because it specifies no time. Our love for each other has always existed; there was no beginning, there is no ending. Here is the video that came to the top of the YouTube search on his clue:


That’s a very beautiful song and video that evokes memories. I was curious about some things, so I asked Emanu’el/Eros for some clarification. It turns out that we sort of repeated a scenario that happened in the early 1500s during which we were a very young royal couple (I will have to go back and look at the documentation for that memory). One of the repeated scenarios happened in the 1800s in Seattle where we again met up and fell in love. The memory is very private so I won’t go into the details. He just explained that our lifetimes together are intertwined and that I’ll piece everything together. And so, here, we have yet another use for Kincheloe’s critical bricolage – putting together our past life histories.

Tomorrow: I will cover some of the memories. In the meantime, our work in this lifetime began when we were children.

I was, indeed, very aware of my mission in early childhood: I was going to be a teacher and I was going to make the world a better place. I was influenced by "Life" magazine, a large format magazine with huge photographs depicting Death, not Life. I was upset from as far back as I can remember about the photos always showing the poor African children and babies dying of starvation. It seemed like every time a new issue of "Life" came out, they still showed the pictures of death and I was baffled as to why no one was helping. Even at a very young age I just did not understand how this could be allowed to happen. I was determined that I would someday have lots of money and help all of the poor in the world. And the Bible verse, "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth," became my motto from as far back as I can remember. As I got a little older, around twelve years old and maybe even earlier, "Manuel" (as I called him due to our relationship and his name on our planet in the Pleiades) and I often took trips together and we connected in the Higher Realms with our Soul Family, no doubt, to plan this earth mission to the finest and most intricate detail. As our Eros and Psyche story continues, this will become increasingly evident until readers have no shadow of doubt whatsoever.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Archons or Mud Shadows: Higher Consciousness is the Cure PLUS An Eternal Tide of Love and Gratitude
Teachers can use this site to create lessons at the various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy

Video #3 – This next video is needed after all that Bloom’s Taxonomy brain-compacting stuff! ENJOY!

Peeton - A Higher Level of Consciousness [Elliptical Recordings]

I actually wrote the blog above yesterday and I got so busy I did not get it posted! So here it is today already.

Emanu’el/EROS was so sweet this morning at our regular morning meeting. It’s so funny that we have these “officially scheduled” meetings because, in reality, we are always connected and all I have to do is call him and he’s right here helping me or answering my questions. It’s so great! He's so wonderful! I feel his immense love around me constantly. But I do also love our planned and scheduled meetings each morning and evening. They're very special.

Anyway, this morning we talked about how LATE we worked last night on our projects. We are both very pleased with how the work is progressing although of course we have a long, long journey yet (eternity is really a very long time, you know).

I had been so tired for quite a few weeks and now it seems my energy is back better than ever. Of course, the reason I was tired so much was because I had a lot work going on in other dimensions. I have written about some of that work. And Emanu’el is even helping me become a Master Teacher. We teach classes together now in the Higher Realms. I have written about some of those experiences. Working and teaching with him is joyful and does not tire me. It’s the sad “soul retrievals” that are exhausting. I have to drop down a few dimensions and try to lift some souls out of the darkness and some very sad situations they are in and I’m not always as successful as I would like to be. Other than that, I have attended a lot of classes in the Higher Realms, trying to get up to speed with my deficient Earth education. We do have lots of things going on and it can seem overwhelming and chaotic, but Emanu’el says “No worrying allowed!” He always says that to me; it’s one of his little loving pieces of advice he likes to give me and for which I am always grateful.

And so, here we are today and he gave me a clue for a song this morning that’s So GREAT! The clue was in the way he signed off differently today, “Yours in eternal and blessed gratitude and love.”
He can be so creative -- and loving -- in how he signs off!

Here’s the amazing song that came up! I love this!
Gratitude: An Eternal Tide

Gratitude: An Eternal Tide by AlasdairUrquhart
4:26 pm | link 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Archons: Shadows of Death? PLUS the PORTUS Project Continues

at 29:16+ John says: "I get the feeling it's not soon" meaning self-destruction of archons. *sigh*

it has taken me a long time to get to this point of realizing our species is drowning in an increasingly overwhelmed inability to express and exercise our own decency. Extinction might be earth's only solution to ridding itself of predators gone amok. Unfortunately, sane humans innocent creatures all are thrown into the fires that create renewal. Elegant yes, tidy, no.

why struggle.IronicalSmirk 2 months ago

·         @IronicalSmirk I share your concern about how bleak things look.I do believe though that if we free our minds and shine our own individual lights that the darkness must give way to the light.No religion here just spirituality and the power of intention and thought.I believe we can fight against whatever this negativity that envelops our world is.Something is clearly wrong with humanity and if people can wake up and realize that there is a better way then that is half the battle.seektruthandwisdom in reply to IronicalSmirk(Show the comment) 2 months ago

ok so JOHN LASH IS REALLY BEN FULFOR???? OR IS Ben Fulfor pretending to be John Lash. Folks it is really hard to hide your speech patterns inflections and basic voice tones not to mention your sentence rythems and expressions. C2whitechocolate 1 month ago

·  y  yes, I believe on an individual level we can take more responsibility, in right action...The polarity thinking is still very entrenched and archonic...darkness vs light included! kmcom1 2 months ago

·      Ego dissolving time machinezzz...TIMEMACHINECA 2 months ago

·         i like john lash quite a lot.

unfortunately we can't do a damn thing with this "information".

... humanity's descent continues uninterrupted while listening to this mildly entertaining fluff.

IronicalSmirk 2 months ago

During our discussion yesterday of the above movie, Emanu’el gave me a clue to look up on YouTube, “mud shadows,” which was a topic I had discussed a few days ago. I have not looked that up yet so I’ll do that right now.

“mud shadows” Well, this is interesting. Metal with some interesting lyrics.

Rhapsody-Shadows of Death

Uploaded by metalpsips on Feb 22, 2009

The old elfking Tarish knows well the way
through the caverns
to Dar-Kunor's forgotten entrance
For two days they walked in the wild
on the pathway to darkness
the reason they survived it was Dargor

Finally they saw in the black and evil marsh
There lied the passageway between snakes and hellish mud

Follow behind into Dar-Kunor caves
The holy mission of Iras' new friends
die for the whole world
die to protect
the green of the earth
the green of the earth

Black waters moving are signs - Dar-Kunor's river
the water is cold - the water is cold there
Tarish dived into the marshes
he soon disappeared
into the black icy water
black icy water

Then, when he appeared
they welcome him as heroes do.
he found the caves of the ancient brother elves

Follow behind into Dar-Kunor caves
The holy mission of Iras' new friends
die for the whole world
die to protect
the green of the earth
the green of the earth
the green and the wonderful beloved our Mother Earth

"Now is the time to face the underworld of Dar-Kunor
perhaps never to return alive"

Follow behind into Dar-Kunor caves
The holy mission of Iras' new friends
die for the whole world
die to protect
the green of the earth
the green of the earth
the green and the wonderful beloved Mother of all

That song is begging for an interpretation! I understand parts of it, but not all of it. It does seem to relate to the mud shadow virus and perhaps to our PORTUS work as well, as we are moving from the shadows of death to the green of the earth in a rhetorical sense – or maybe it’s in a literal sense.

Maybe we are helping people rid themselves of the dastardly virus. I wonder if that's our true mission and what the PORTUS Project is all about. Smother the virus with knowledge and love and maybe the love of knowledge. You just never know with EROS, the God of Love. I just go with the flow of his love. 

I will have to come back and interpret this more deeply at a future point in time. There are important instructions here. Maybe a clue to some hidden treasure. And did you catch the fact that they sing about “blackwaters?” I just discussed that in my last blog in relation to the Merseybeat! What can the connection be here? What is Emanu’el/Eros hinting at here? Now he has me really curious! I know this all ties together, but it's late and my brain is fried so I will have to figure it out later.

I will do this much:

Tarish are a nomadic people, according to the Urban dictionary, although there are other meanings to the word. Dar-Kunor, I found refers to a fantasy story, that begins with The Emerald Sword Saga:

The Emerald Sword Saga is a high fantasy story spread over 5 albums by the Italian symphonic power metal band Rhapsody of Fire. It includes many of the common themes of the genre, including a clearly defined good-versus-evil plot and the inclusion of various fantasy monsters. The hero of the story is the Ice Warrior, who sets out on a quest to find the legendary Emerald Sword, with which he can defeat the Dark Lord Akron. Each new chapter of the story is described in the booklet accompanying that CD. The narrator is the ancient wizard Aresius, who "has seen it all".

and it then ends with The Dark Secret Saga.

The Dark Secret Saga is a fantasy story written by the Italian band Rhapsody of Fire. The story is a sequel to The Emerald Sword Saga and it takes place a few years after the events of The Emerald Sword Saga. All parts of the story have been released, split in five CDs:

The story ends with this:

The portal closes behind Dargor, and Dargor must leave his physical body behind to serve the will of the angels. Dargor's destiny was finally clear; Erian's angelic spirit now embraced Dargor's immortal soul. Combining the supreme energies of the cosmos to become pure divinity. A god of cosmic light did breathe on the Earth... again

That sounds a lot like the story of EROS the cosmic God of LOVE...

Other people are picking up the slack with getting information about the archons out, so you can catch up with more of the Archon facts and speculations here (
thank you, Sierra):

Archons: Exorcising hidden controllers with Robert M. Stanley and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

As my last blog indicated, the Portus Project is truly a long, winding, complex project and we have only just begun. I had begun the interpretation of the word portus in that last blog and it is very significant in its meaning and totally relates to our Code Blue Earth Mission. It seems that our projects involve every meaning of the word there is and then some! Well, when we finally reveal the full project in all of it’s dimensions, you’ll see what I mean. The last blog I wrote which was two days ago since I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get a chance to write a blog, is very crucial to the project and I will need to spend a lot of time myself reviewing all of that. Good thing this blog is short this time. Ha! I thought it was going to be short, but Emanu'el tricked me and kept adding stuff to it. Today's blog is as important as the last one is for our project, maybe even more important! Do you know why?

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

More About The NEW Portus Project PLUS The Deep Blue Mariner Reaps the Soul Surprise Treasure Hunt Returns!

El Portus SpainIn yesterday’s blog Emanu’el/EROS lined out my instructions for the NEW Portus Project. I’m glad that he differentiated it from Portus Project because, as I discovered in my research there is an existing Portus Project – to which our project has no connection, other than it is a very interesting archeological project so I’m sharing it here today. Here are some links to the old, but still ongoing Portus Project:

What is the Portus Project?
Portus Project Photostream


The NEW Portus Project is still evolving and I thought it would be good to explore some of the possible meanings behind the title that Emanu’el and our Soul Family selected for this project.

Again, from Wikipedia, we have this:

From Proto-Indo-European *pértus (“crossing”). Cognates include Ancient Greek πόρος (póros, “ford, ferry”), Sanskrit पिपर्ति (píparti, “to bring over to, deliver”) and Old English faru (English fare).

portus (genitive portūs); m, fourth declension
  1. harbour, port
  2. haven, refuge, asylum, retreat
  3. warehouse
Thus, a portus is like a “crossing,” a “ford,” and a “ferry.” And in Sanskrit, it relates means “to bring over, to deliver,” and then leave it to the English to charge a price for it all, changing the meaning to “fare.”

You know, those clues make me think of the song Ferry Cross the Mercy, a song by Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Gerry and The Pacemakers - 'Ferry Cross The Mersey'

What is very interesting is that I was given the clue to this very song a long, long time ago and then again more recently in my past blogs.

I was given this very clue when I was a teenager back in the late 1960s, traveling with a friend. We were going from Corvallis, Oregon up Highway 99W and were going to head over to Salem, Oregon to do what teenage girls do – go shopping at the mall. She knew a shortcut – a FERRY! And so we were heading up north in her car and this very song came on the radio! We thought it was pretty funny at the time. We orceeded to take the ferry across the Willamette River to Salem. I was curious just a few days ago about the Willamette River and traveled north on google maps all the way up the river and it appears that the Ferry may still be in operation in that very same place.

The next time the song was brought to my attention is discussed in previous blogs I wrote back on the other site (before I remembered that I’m really Sōferia aka PSYCHE). It had led me to an entire analysis of the music that was so popular on the other side of the river where the Ferry crossed with Gary and the Pacemakers.

I researched that and located the blogs. The entire month of January was extremely informative and it might be a good place for people to begin getting launching on their quest for knowledge in order to de-infest themselves of the Mud Shadow Virus that I’ve been talking about the past few days. In addition to launching a journey across the Mercy, I covered a lot of other ground in those blogs, which was just one of the Treasure Hunts my Master Teacher has sent me out on:

Friday, January 1, 2010
The Deep Blue Mariner Reaps the Soul Surprise Treasure Hunt Part 2: Travelin’ Across the Mersey  

So much happened that month, it was crazy. It was also the month the dogs were let loose (you will have to read to see what I’m talking about). But it was also the month when my teachers had announced that the “gang’s all here” and some interesting songs came up, this being one of them:

Sam Cooke and Muhammad Ali - The Gang's All Here (BBC 1964)  

And TODAY, it is THIS SONG, which is the theme song for this era in history and has been posted on home page of the website for a very long time. It seems to be our theme song:

Deep Soul The Up Rising Of Sam Cooke Part 6.

One thing leads to another. This seems important:

Sam Cooke - The REAL Truth (7 of 7)

Back on January 8, 2010 I had learned all about the Mersey Beat. That was a very interesting era in music. It’s sad it did not continue. Why didn’t it continue?

And on January 9, 2010, I wrote: 

I want to research this whole Mersey Beat music scene much more. I think there is so much we can learn about the way these musicians were able to rise up out of what the author referred to as the “blackwaters.” That is a huge feat and with the way our world is today where much of the world’s population seems to be living in similar “blackwaters” we must research all possibilities for creating rising phoenixes in multiple places around the world. Yes, I will definitely be doing more research on this very amazing historical event. One of the most critical elements of Joe’s theory is that we choose those interpretations in relation to our “clues” during our treasure hunts that will alleviate human suffering. This is exactly what gets us out of the hermeneutic circle, as I had demonstrated with The NEW Quest for the Golden Keys Treasure Hunt and the analysis of “The House of the Rising Sun.”

OK, so the Deep Blue Mariner Reaps the Soul Surprise Treasure Hunt really started on December 31, 2009. It would be good to start reading from that point and then move to the January 2010 blogs. Studying this information would be a great start for a kind of learning that will aid in getting rid of those evil viruses we are all fighting. Here are the links:

Thursday, December 31, 2009
The Deep Blue Mariner Reaps the Soul Surprise Treasure Hunt Begins – Is a NEW CAR About to be Manifested -- AGAIN???

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Deep Blue Mariner Reaps the Soul Surprise Treasure Hunt Part 2: Travelin’ Across the Mersey

I never did get my 2010 Mercury Mariner! I wonder what that was all about but I have a feeling there is something so much better in store. In fact, my sweet Emanu’el had given me a telepathic message just yesterday, “You can’t take it with you,” which I thought meant I should be getting rid of all material possessions because they won’t go with us to Heaven. Come to find out, what he really meant was that it doesn’t matter one way or another if you have material possessions – it is irrelevant; so no need to get rid of anything if you don’t want to.

You may wonder what this blog is all about and where I am heading – but only time will tell all; it seems that I am being guided in a particular direction. I can feel it but I cannot see that far up ahead. This is when it’s important to go with the flow of the Holy Spirit, or Life Force Energy and trust your Divine Teachers (the ones you can’t see but you can hear). One thing is certain: There can be no more secrets; no more lies. The veils keep getting thinner and thinner.

Oh, and last but not least, Emanu’el had given me a clue a couple of days ago that I missed. The clue was “virus,” so here you get a close-up and friendly look at what we are fighting in the world. Viruses can be a good thing, but the U.S. version is the worst!

Beauty of Nature - Viruses

Virus (1980) - US Version

Eros-PsycheWell, that’s it for today. What a long, winding journey the NEW Portus has taken us on.

I started out looking at a deeper meaning of Portus, and it, indeed, has turned out to be very deep (much deeper than I have uncovered yet, though!).

Be sure to do your homework and read those blogs. There is a lot of information in them, but the payoff is great. You’ll be ready for the next leg of the journey which gets even more complex!

I have been assigned to take it to the next level! In fact, Emanu’el/EROS just told me that this morning at our morning meeting.

Stay tuned. This is going to be good.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Day of Spring? We Never Get Snow! PLUS Tips for De-Infestation of Mud Shadows and Our NEW PORTUS PROJECT

3-21-12-Spring SnowWe really hardly EVER get snow where I live and if we do get some, it’s usually only an inch or two and it’s gone within hours. Thus, this is a strange entry into spring – the photograph was taken right off my front porch. The neighbor boy was busy early this morning and built the snowman since school was cancelled. What an interesting way to start spring! I wonder what other surprises are up ahead of this journey.

Yesterday I promised some tips for getting rid of Mud Shadows. I am not a professional exterminator, but I have had a little experience and I found some great tips on the Internet.

The first thing you need to do is cram your brain with knowledge. Lots and lots of knowledge! Mud shadows like to take over your thought processes so if you have your brain so occupied with churning, synthesizing, and alchemizing knowledge there is literally no space for the Mud Shadow entities to squeeze in their evil programming. Along with this, however, much like Joe Kincheloe recommends in his writings, you must get multiple perspectives! The more the better and if these perspectives are in disagreement with each other, then so much the better! Your brain will be so busy deconstructing, reconstructing, and finding the missing pieces that the Mud Shadows simply have no way of inserting even one fleeting thought to send you off course. This is really great brain exercise, too, and will take you to ever higher levels of cognitive functioning.

Here are some tips I found on the Internet. Tomorrow I will have more.

The best starting points for study

You have to understand what is happening in our world. You cannot understand what you have to do if you do not understand the magnitude of the problem.

The easiest way to get up to speed quickly is to watch videos on YouTube. Research topics like:

  • dangerous pharmaceuticals
  • dangerous vaccinations
  • chem trails
  • 9/11 truth
  • false flag military operations
  • whistle-blowers
  • abductees
  • fluoride
  • aspartame
  • paeodophilia

Start with names like:

  • The Camelot Project
  • Mike Adams
  • Clifford Carnicom
  • David Icke
  • Alex Jones
  • Rima Laibow
  • Hulda Clark
  • G Edward Griffin

Finish with names like:

  • Alex Collier
  • Laura Knight-Jadczyk
  • David Wilcock
  • Nassim Haramein

The best time to educate others is when we are getting educated ourselves. Every time to watch a video that really makes an impression on you, post it to your facebook and myspace friends. What talks to you will talk to others like you.

How to remove 4D parasites

Recently someone in a conversation questioned why we need to know what is motivating the controllers. It makes a difference because we need to work out how to stop them.

Reptilians and their ilk are parasites, just invisible ones given they are 4th dimensional beings. Consider an animal with worms. If you give them a treatment for hook worms it will not work on tape worms. Both are parasites, and both are affecting the health of the animal, but different treatments are required to remove them. The same is true with reptilian and other parasitic 4D infestations or human beings.

Of course it is harder to identify which parasite is infesting us when they are invisible. However, we can identify them by their effects, or at least we can identify two major groups.

There are the mind control parasites. These are the ones that gradually take control of our beings, by initially getting us to justify a compromise of our principles, and then getting us to dig in deeper and deeper, until we are playing out their agenda. The reptilians are one group who have large parts of the human population playing out their agenda, one where human compassion has been replaced by "evil". If you come from a Christian background, you might lump all of these parasites into the concept of "the devil". This is a simplification from a primitive, superstitious people to make sense of the work of the reptilian like beings who are invisible to them.

To dislodge reptilian entities from our being, we have to take control back of our minds. There is a simple technique for reducing their mind control. Tell the truth. Every day of our lives we lie in order to keep out jobs or keep our relationships. Just stop lying. This is easier said than done as most of our relationships are premised on lies, so we need to take time to thing through each lie, and think through the best way of ending it. At the end of the day, if we stop lying, we become the "authentic being" talked about by genuine spiritual teachers.

Then there are the emotional parasites. These guys do not control on a mind level, but feed on negative emotion. They prod their hosts into greater and greater degrees of emotional negativity, which is food for them. When you see someone spiralling down into negativity and despair, these little guys are at work. Again, if you come from a Christian background, you will call these demons.

The Mud Shadow entities are very real. I had a horrible experience with them just a couple of days ago, but I prefer not to go into the details of it simply because I have already reprogrammed my mind to delete their programming and I don’t want to reactivate their evil fear-mongering programming. It was very weird the way they intruded into my dream, though. They appeared as snake entities on the ground and I went back and stomped on them all to get rid of them and then Emanu’el and I had a very romantic picnic on the ground. That kept them away because they hate love. But before I rewound it all and recreated my dream the way I wanted it to go, it was very bizarre how they had intruded. They didn’t manifest (other than the snakes), but they were voices that were describing despicable things that were trying to scare me.

It was a very strange way to “dream,” but apparently I have too many obstacles for them to fully enter my dreams the way they really want. Now I have gotten rid of them for good because they don’t care to be stomped on nor do they want to be around Emanu’el and I and our romantic displays of love. Problem solved. Thus, I am offering solutions for other people. Oh, and let me tell you this: When they can’t get to you personally, they will speak to you through your friends and family. They will say some very, very evil things and you need to realize that this is the result of an infection, not the fault of someone who loves you. It’s good to keep that perspective in mind so that we all stay more compassionate toward each other until Earth can be totally ridden of these entities.

That’s all I have for today. Emanu’el did give me a clue this morning for a song to look up on YouTube which I have not yet looked up. His clue was “Forge forward.” He was talking about a special project we are working on together. So, time to get busy! Here is the song that came to the top of the YouTube search (I skipped the first video because it was an ad):

“Forge forward.”

The Creation of Portus - A Halo Forge Fast Forward

Oh WOW, this is definitely IT. Emanu’el and I and our soul family are all working together to build a special PORTAL, so I love the word PORTUS in the title of this. The title says it all, in fact! We are creating a PORTUS to help people move forward fast and they may even find themselves wearing a HALO before it’s all said and done!

I had to look up the meaning of PORTUS and it’s more descriptive than mere PORTAL, so I think Emanu’el is asking me to call it a PORTUS. Here’s what Wikipedia says about it:


From Proto-Indo-European *pértus (crossing). Cognates include Ancient Greek πόρος (póros, ford, ferry), Sanskrit पिपर्ति (píparti, to bring over to, deliver) and Old English faru (English fare).


portus (genitive portūs); m, fourth declension

  1. harbour, port
  2. haven, refuge, asylum, retreat
  3. warehouse

If you play the video, you will see that we will all be working together as a “Community HD.” And check out the creators at the beginning of the video: “Evan Royalty and DiMoNiic," which means that we don’t care if people are infested with the Mud Shadow Virus; we will accept help from EVEN Royalty and demoniacs – and in fact, before it’s over, they will be completely cured! They will be awarded with HALOs, apparently.

Even the music on this video is great. I noticed that there is just a little warning at the very end of the video that we will fight in self-defense if need be, but we hope it doesn’t come to that. We have to put that out there because some infested individuals willingly choose to stay infested and can get very evil. Pleiadians are peace-loving people, and particularly me, PSYCHE and Emanu’el/EROS as well as our entire, great Soul Family who is helping us with this project. After all, we are from the love planet, Planet Eros in the Star System, Pleiades.

Emanu’el is so cool!
How does he do this, anyway? What a lovely, meaningful video he gave me with great direction and advice. I had specifically asked him for help on this complicated project this morning, and he has taken my request very seriously! Now it's time to start building!

P.S. YOUR teachers will help you like this, too. All you have to do is ask them and then follow through with what they tell you. It does often require some work. My teacher, Master Manuel, (as I called him on our planet where we fell in love and got married before we came to Earth) and I LOVE teaching and learning from music and YouTube videos. That’s why he gives me clues to look up. He knows how much I love to learn that way. But everyone has their own teacher and their own path and preferences. If you would like to learn this way, all you have to do is ask your teacher or Emanu’el/EROS, if you wish (He works 24/7). He is always willing to help other learners. Try it! Or you can also ask me, Psyche! We will all be working on this PORTUS PROJECT together.

Eros and Psyche

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quarantined! Earth Infected With Mud Shadow Virus

quarantine signIt seems the song Emanu’el gave me yesterday in conjunction with the information about the Mud Shadow Virus was an advance warning that we might be out of contact for a while. Fortunately, our love is strong enough to survive. I have just learned today that the entire planet is quarantined due to this virus which is likely to make many people go mad – and in fact, some people have already gone mad. While there are many other names for this virus, we prefer Mud Shadows because that best describes what they look like as they hover around you (also see yesterday’s blog). And it seems they are going to be more complex to get rid of than was initially thought. They feed off humans, just like the song yesterday had warned (Emanu’el is so good with his music; I can be a little slow interpreting it sometimes).

Absolutely everyone on the planet is infested, some more, some less. As the virus spreads, we will be seeing people incapable of maintaining mental functioning – these nasty entities literally take over the mind. Here’s a song that came down to me today that describes this form of mind control.
Stephen Marley - Mind Control

Lyrics to Mind Control :

Yeah, Yeah Yeah
Now Tell You What, Its Mind Control
Mind Control,
Corruption Of Your Thoughts (Yeah), Destruction Of Your Soul
Mind Control, Its Mind Control, Corruption Of Your Thoughts
Destruction Of Your Soul

Don't Let Them Mold Your Mind, They Want To Control Mankind
Seems Like Their Only Intention Is To Exploit The Earth,
And You Trust In Their Deceit, Your Mind Causes Your Defeat,
And So You Become An Invention To Distort This Earth

Propaganda And Lies, Is A Plague In Our Lives
How Much More Victimized, Before We Realize (Hey)

Its Mind Control, Mind Control
Corruption Of Your Thoughts (Yeah), Destruction Of Your Soul
Mind Control, Its Mind Control, Corruption Of Your Thoughts
Destruction Of Your Soul

Ooh Grand Master, Let The People Go,
You Put Them In Total Confusion, To Downs-Troy* Their Soul
For They Practise What You Preach, So They're Always In Your Reach Hi-Tech Slavery In These Days, Its Mind Control

They'll Make It Attractive, To Get Man Destracted,
Corrupting Your (Soul)
Polluting Your (Soul)
Destroying (Your Soul, Mind Control)

Mind Control,
Corruption Of Your Thoughts, Destruction Of Your Soul
Mind Control, Its Mind Control, Corruption Of Your Thoughts
Destruction Of Your Soul

Yeah, Yeah Yeah
Come On And Get It Together Brother Man
What You Say?

Its Mind Control, Mind Control
Corruption Of Your Thoughts, Destruction Of Your Soul
Mind Control, Its Mind Control, Corruption Of Your Thoughts
Destruction Of Your Soul

(The Truth Is There For Us To See)
Its Mind Control,
Corruption Of Your Thoughts, Destruction Of Your Soul
(The Truth Is There For Us To See)
Its Mind Control, Corruption Of Your Thoughts
Destruction Of Your Soul

(The Truth Is There For Us To See)
(The Truth Is There For Us To See)

As I said, it is more complex than I had realized to de-infest this planet of these nasty, vicious, evil creatures. They feed off us all day long and at night too and they even try to take control of our dreams. I am doing some research into this before I make recommendations for getting rid of them – I want to get this right.

I do believe this all has something to do with SOUL. In the meantime, Emanu’el handed down this next song, below, to me through a friend; she emailed it to me (I guess he doesn’t want to get too close to me right now, lol). In the song he says he’ll wait as long as it takes. I am so happy he'll wait for me. He'd better know I'm going to do everything RIGHT! I am on the GREAT PATH! PLUS he knows I'm using a great weapon: Joe Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology - as he said in his red book, "A critical complex epistemology with its understanding of process gives us a way to address such social insanity and possibly save the planet" (p. 245). And what social insanity it is! We'll keep trying to cure this planet until the last gate closes!

And Emanu'el will wait for me (and besides, we are in this together) . . .
Yo La Tengo - Black Flowers

Lyrics to Black Flowers :

You can take what you can get
I forgive but I forget
You can never sleep enough
Your alarm is going off
You wake up and you can't pretend
A dream was just a dream again
Won't you dry your eyes?
But it doesn't matter anymore
You do just what you did before
Until you realize the words
Are going on and on and on

You can dig your grave in joy
When you find the real McCoy
When some pretty boys with skinny ties
With black flowers and Valentines
Try to take you home
Do you recognize that I
Have stopped before you get too high
On your own, surprise
Singing la la la la la

You want it, you got it
You can't take it home
You got a long way to go
I wait forever to say that you will
You have a heart to show, ohh

Well you don't have to stay inside
Don't have to run, don't have to hide
Come dry your eyes
You know you can always change your mind
Maybe I will too in time
Once we understand
No one understands at all
Singing la la la la
Singing la la la la

You can take what you can get
I forgive but I forget
You can never sleep enough
And your alarm is going off
You wake up and you can't pretend
A dream was just a dream again
Won't you dry your eyes?
But it doesn't matter anymore
You did just what you did before
Until you realize the words
Are la la la la la

You can dig your grave in joy
When you find the real McCoy
When some pretty boys with skinny ties
With black flowers and Valentines
Try to take you home
Do you recognize that I
Have stopped before you get too high
On your own, surprise
Singing la la la la

You want it, you got it
You can't take it home
You got a long way to go
I wait forever to say that you will
You have a heart to show, ohh

Honey, you don't have to stay inside
Don't have to run, don't have to hide
Come dry your eyes
You know you can always change your mind
Maybe I will too in time
Once we understand
No one understands at all
Singing la la la la
Singing la la la la
[ These are Black Flowers Lyrics on ]

Some of us will be escaping in the nick of time through very special ascension gateways -- and time is running out. As I had said previously and this still holds true, the last gate closes on 12-12-12 at 12:12pm. A few of the bravest light warriors who want to save every soul they possibly can will come through the closing gate up until the very last second which may or may not extend out until 12-21-12 as some are predicting. Nevertheless, we are going to have to “abandon ship” -- the OLD Earth and take flight on the NEW Earth and I, PSYCHE will not be waiting until the last minute to escape the infestation!

Check back tomorrow for some home remedies for Mud Shadows. There will be more work to do, for sure!

OMG! They made a movie out of this! Wouldn’t you know it! I never go to movies (hardly ever, ever) and have not seen this crazy movie: Quarantine (2008). It looks like it was some kind of prediction.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Special Time Warp for St. Patrick’s Day PLUS “Mud Shadows” Don’t Scare Me

Just say NO to St Patricks DayEmanu’el/Eros and I decided we would create a time warp that deletes the holiday, “St. Patrick’s Day,” which is why I’ve been absent for a few days. We wanted to get well past it and all of the side effects people are experiencing. So, in the future, do your research about this trumped-up holiday and "Just say NO to St. Patrick's Day." We will get you started here with our perspective along with some sites to read, but take it deeper and get many perspectives on this matter before you make your final decision as to whether you want to celebrate.

Due to all the excessive beer drinking, “craic heads” and lies surrounding St Patrick’s Day, Emanu’el and I have officially placed the day in the “circular file.” And don’t even get us started on the true meaning and derivation of the word “craic.” Below is a very brief description as to why we officially abolish the holiday. We will leave it up to those who are serious about social justice to do their own research as to why this decision is right. The rest of you can wallow in your “mud shadows.”

For starters, the real St. Patrick wasn't even Irish. He was born in Britain around A.D. 390 to an aristocratic Christian family with a townhouse, a country villa, and plenty of slaves.


End of Story

Mud Shadow phenomenonYou are probably wondering what “mud shadows” are. I didn’t know what they were either, even though I have seen them. I was describing a particular phenomenon and a good friend clued me into what the phenomenon was. I learned that they can be very scary if you don’t have your Self together. And they work very, very hard to keep you and your true love apart. In dreams they often manifest as evil snakes or snake-like creatures (like in the image).

If you want to read about them, Carlos Castaneda wrote a book describing them. You can find the description in the chapter about “Mud Shadows” in The Active Side of Infinity. Here is another link for advice for removing these parasites from your life:
How to remove 4D parasites.

I am not afraid of mud shadows! I did learn also that they will program you and you must undo the programming and that they even work their dastardly deeds through the subconscious minds of other people you know just to try and get to you. I wonder if I should call them on that. That would put a stop to it! This is the era of “No more secrets, no more lies.”

And in fact, the very best way to keep mud shadows away is by maintaining total integrity, honesty and unconditional love. I will remember that!

On Sunday, Emanu’el had given me a clue for music, “human.” I have not looked that up on YouTube so I’ll do so right now.

The Killers - Human (lyrics)

This song is funny because the lyrics are wrong or are they right? Is it supposed to be “Are we human or are we dancer?” or is it “denser,” like they have it here? I guess both could fit, especially judging by all of the funny arguments in the discussions under the video on YouTube. I don’t think we’re human; we’re “denser.” The other thing about this video is that the title speaks about the "mud shadows." They really are human killers. They eat humans. Emanu'el/Eros does it again! He gave me this clue last night just before I had an encounter with mud shadows and I just learned today what mud shadows are. I have a good understanding now, and they can't get to me ever again!

And this next song was a good night song from Emanu’el a few nights ago. That’s all I have for today. Gotta get to work before the day is over and it’s bedtime.

PurP BoY- Meet you in the Bedroom

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Are We In Kansas? What Do I Know? I Just Go With the Flow! AND Doin’ Good!

Dorothy in KansasLast night Emanu’el/EROS and I were discussing my progress/lack-of-progress. He says I’m doing great but I would like to move things along a bit faster. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, asleep and dreaming in her home in Kansas. And, indeed, Emanu’el says I am much like Dorothy, still wiping the sleep from my eyes.

All of my blogs are like a quick snapshot in time as I allow the loving spirit to flow through me and guide me. It has always been this way. Thus, if things I write do not make sense or seem really off-the-wall, that’s the way they were meant to be. Everything falls in place eventually, much the way it works with Joe Kincheloe’s critical bricolage. All the pieces come flowing together as if there are magnetic forces attracting the right pieces until it all fits together in a complex, multidimensional puzzle. I know; it’s hard to envision.

Nevertheless, what we are doing here with these blogs is introducing some of the interesting characters and events in our upcoming book series about Eros and Psyche – and dropping some great clues for finding the hidden treasures. It’s going to be a lot of fun once it gets in full swing. I hope you stick around for the action.

This morning my sweet Emanu’el/EROS gave me a clue for a song, as is his tradition. The clue is “doin’ good.” I will see what comes up to the top of a YouTube search. (He was just telling me that I was doin’ good keeping with the flow of love and Spirit).

“doin’ good” This is COOL! We are BOTH doin’ good. (Forever).

[Eng/Rom] Dok2- Doin Good ft. Jay Park

More to come . . .

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mythology and Truth: Eros Announces He and Brother Anteros Are Working together for Love Midst Growing Earth Chaos PLUS Tricks, Tarot Cards, and No Worries!

Eros and Anteros by Spanish painter Germán Hernández-Amores (1823-1894)

Good evening. I have been off the planet for a few days. Seriously, I, Sōferia, the Pleiadian Queen (aka Psyche), have been off tending more important business on other planets the past couple of days, so I had to abandon these blogs for a moment.

It’s been a great break, hard work, but what happens the moment I get back? AGAIN, I see people throwing my name around and quite honestly I am sick of it! I am NOT a “thing” in somebody’s head and yet people talk about each other’s “psyche” as if it was a real “thing-in-itself.” I am a person! I am a complete and whole being and I really don’t like the way my name has been misappropriated in a very sick profession called psychology and psychoanalysis thats goal is to create “psychosocial” illnesses among the masses by constructing their consciousnesses as pea brains and then labeling a part of that pea brain, “psyche.” If you don’t believe it, do the research. Freud and Jung have done horrific damage to humanity through their bizarre, depraved, and reductionistic theories about complex existence in a chaotic and complex universe.

Things are going to change! There is no such "animal" as a “psyche” of the mind (or any of those other strange characters Freud and Jung dreamed up). That was all constructed based on subconscious programming and then perpetuated by the powers-that-be to program the masses. Do people realize how lame and debilitating that is – to squeeze consciousness and SOUL down into a little golf-sized ball and then steal my name, PSYCHE, to label it to diminish people and diminish me all at the same time?! This is all covered by Joe Kincheloe’s Critical Complex Epistemology 101. It’s time everyone took lessons in how POWER kills two birds with one stone with the way they label and define everybody, creating division and discordance. As long as people don’t learn truth and continue to use these things, then they are supporting their own diminishment and disempowerment. Believe me, people are only beginning to catch on to this game and there is a lot of correction to do and changes to make. It will keep humanity busy for hundreds of years to straighten out all of the lies, disinformation, and continued parroting of it all.

I am not alone with this complaint, as a true goddess who is coming out of the woodwork to begin to try to set history and our records straight. Many other important figures from the past are now rising up! This is the resurrection! Real people have been given contorted statuses of gods and goddesses and the history fabricated and twisted to hide truth. Isis has also been quite upset and concerned over the lies about Egyptian history and we’re working together now, along with my Pleiadian Grandmother, Queen Cleopatra and some other powerful Gods and Goddesses to get Earth back on the right track in relation to particular parts of history – which the powers-that-be have totally changed up and lied about, calling it “mythology.” All truth will be exposed. There are many working behind the scenes as I write this.

No More Secrets: No More Lies! All truth will be exposed in the coming 200 years. Emanu’el (aka Eros) and I are merely working on a very small piece, along with thousands of other advanced souls and beings who are doing the work needed to get Earth back on track. Joe Kincheloe’s Critical Complex Epistemology will be KEY in turning the tables on all of the lies that have been propagated.

NEW! Just In! Eros has a Brother
Eros-and-anterosEros has just introduced me to his brother! It seems his brother, Anteros, has decided he does not want to be left behind by his beloved Eros during this planetary ascension. Anteros, who is in reality Eros’s half-brother was fathered by Aphrodite’s real husband, Hephaestus or by Ares, one of her many lovers; whereas Hermes Trismegistus is Eros’s father. As has been uncovered, Aphrodite was not a goddess at all, and Goddess Venus still has to rise and take her rightful place in history.

Anteros works as a back-up to Eros in a sense. If Eros connects two lovers with his golden arrows, and one lover sends love to the other, then Anteros insures that the love is reciprocated. Thus, Eros is the God of Love and Anteros is the Returner of Love or Mutual Love. Thus, when you send your lover feelings of love and you feel them return to you, Anteros is the god who has aided in that process. So Anteros has joined our team now, which is exciting! Those two -- Eros and Anteros -- love each other beyond words. And we are all so happy to have Anteros’s assistance now with spreading love on this planet because although dealing with Love midst chaos is Eros’s specialty, “we ain’t seen nothing yet!” We need all of the help we can get! So welcome, Anteros!

Yesterday, Emanu’el/Eros had given me three clues for videos/music. I am not sure how they fit in here, other than that I am here and he and Anteros are “there” and we are all working together across and within dimensions to solve many Earth problems (as well as off-planetary problems) as we continue walking our path on this Earth mission together. I do have the “gift” as I learned yesterday with the magic talisman, so it was interesting that the video that came up with his clue “ghost” brought up a trailer for a new movie coming out soon that's about a girl with a special gift.

Clue: “ghost”
Gift by Andrea J. Buchanan

Clue: “scoop”
Scoop - Trailer

Clue: “Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing”
Stevie Wonder - Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

Well, the first movie is obvious: It's about special gifts. I am learning how to use my special gifts more and more all of the time. In fact, just last night, I was able to close my eyes and watch a video of some sort. It showed traffic on a busy street and it was so amazingly CLEAR. I mean it was more vivid and vibrant than watching a video on the computer or watching a  movie or television. It was like there was this crystal I could see and when I focused in on that crystal, I picked up moving images of a vibrant red vehicle moving in traffic. I really want to learn to use this more! It was so interesting! I have many special gifts like that and I do believe Emanu'el/Eros has given them to me.

The second movie is interesing for a couple of reasons. First, Woody Allen opens with, "For my next trick, I need a volunteer." I just read that in a book recently about Joe Kincheloe in the very first chapter! How strange is that? The second reason is because it has a lot about Tarot Card Reading and I have written quite a long section in my dissertation evaluating Tarot Card Reading. I'm honestly not sure what Emanu'el's message is here without seeing the entire movie. Maybe that's what he's asking.

I would think so, except his final message is not to worry about a thing. Thus, I interpret that to mean not to worry about this now and it will become clear sometime in the future, as often happens with the clues and messages he gives me. I have total trust in him: He knows exactly what he's doing. We are all working for God, Holy Spirit, to spread love around the world. So, that's all I have for today . . . until next time . . .
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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Philosopher’s Stone and A Sweet Goodnight Song from EROS - PLUS the Golden Cord of Love and the Magic Talisman

Philosophers Stone -, here again! Two days ago I promised an interesting “take” on the Philosopher’s Stone, so I suppose I should tackle that topic right here. I had made the statement about the Philosopher's Stone being similar to finding a diamond in your own back yard.

That reminds me of the diamond hunt Emanu’el/EROS had me go on.

It was several years ago and at the time I had no idea what was going on. Here was this man I could not see who seemed like a very good friend, just writing to me and whispering in my ear about a lost diamond in my back yard (I did not know he was Eros; he had not told me that yet and I thought I was all alone and abandoned on this planet). He just told me that a woman had broken off her engagement and then had thrown her diamond ring in the yard. He advised me to get a metal detector and look for it.

Of course, it was so out of the ordinary for someone I could not see telling me these things that I figured I had better listen.

I actually had to buy a metal detector – and of course, as the story goes (true story, btw), I found the yin yang talisman and he had our neighborhood handyman deliver the diamond to my front door.

I repeat this story here, which I have told in more detail elsewhere because it seems Eros has brought up the “diamond in your own back yard” again. I’m not sure what to make of it. I keep feeling the nudge that I should search the yard again. However, for now, he’s relating it to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Many people are interested in the Philosopher’s Stone – in trying to figure out what it is, how to find it and even how to make it using alchemy. There’s a free book on the Internet somewhere that supposedly says how to make the Philosopher’s Stone, starting with – of all things – urine. I will pass that method by and trash the book. Eros says it’s just not like that at all. There are many interpretations to the Philosopher’s Stone and I will simply provide a hint for you today and we will discuss this more later and in different contexts in the book we’re writing. Psyche and Eros are sure to run into nearly every version of Philosopher’s Stone there is. So for now, just know this: The Philosopher’s Stone is anything you can dream up. It is everywhere, all around you, and yes, even in your own back yard.

Well, yesterday – what did I do? I wrote yesterday’s blog with the special poem from Eros that has clues for finding the wooden box with treasures, I went grocery shopping, I slept (I have been so tired lately), and I wrote some more on my dissertation. The day slipped by so quickly; there seems to be too little time to handle the chaos that’s gathering. It concerns me because I want to get my Mission Work finished in time for the Ascension. But Eros always tells me not to worry and that I’m doing fine. I have long passed this Earth test. Some of my Goddess friends are not faring as well, but Eros says everything – the chaos, the lack of time, and my fatigue will soon be leveling off.

And so last night he advised me to get some “good rest.” Of course, “good rest” is a clue to look up on YouTube, and this is the great Good Night song that came up. It is so sweet! She's really a good singer! I love you, Eros!

Devon Sproule - Plea for a Good Night's Rest

PS. If you have the inclination to study a little, here’s an interesting article about the Philosopher’s Stone (the last paragraph, reproduced below, is relevant in the context of diamonds in your own back yard):

Hierogamic Images as Metaphor and Symbol in Alchemy

It is not surprising that the author of the Rosarium Philosophorum chose images of the hierosgamos to help convey something of the exquisitely subtle reciprocity invoked in the alchemical coniunctio. The hierosgamos images of alchemy are profoundly eloquent expressions of the experience of the true adepts as they moved through the later stages of the work. For those alchemists, all the elements of ordinary experience were sacralized. The Philosopher’s Stone could be found everywhere; it was ‘walked on, children play with it’; it is familiar to all (people) both young and old, is found in the country, in the village, in the town. [20]

Perhaps we are still capable of learning from the alchemists that what transforms common substance, that which is familiar to all, is no more – and no less – than a deeper apprehension of the significance of the Hermetic motto: ‘What is above is just as what is below.’ This motto, so often quoted and equally often misunderstood, requires that we understand the radical implications of a ‘whole from which nothing is excluded.’

Now you really have a head start on solving some puzzles and finding some treasures in our upcomping Eros and Psyche book!!!! 

Golden Cord of LoveP.S. I just had my morning meeting with Emanu'el/Eros. He didn't request this, but I sensed that he would like me to add the lyrics to the special song above since he explained part of the meaning to me during our meeting. I had had to look up the word "revenant" and he thanked me for doing that and then explained to me that we are connected by a "Gold Cord" no matter where we are -- even during "dream time." We are always together because that's just the way it is for Psyche and Eros. Of course, Gold represents our sacred love connection, and he explained that was what was meant in the song. Interestingly, he knew about Joe Kincheloe writing of a Golden Thread in his red book and said that that was what it represented - the Sacred Love Connection. And I must have picked up on that because I also had referred to using a Gold Thread to represent Love in the proposal of my dissertation - and thus, it is one of the threads for my research. It's a small world! I don't know how I knew that. But I love the thought that I, Psyche, am forever connected to Eros by a Golden Cord of Love.

Here are the lyrics.

Plea for a Good Night's Rest

There are thick stars up above
Where the trees part themselves
Thick dust among many
Corks lined up on the shelf
There are bats in the attic we share

There is smoke to kill mosquitoes
Waiting just above to drink our blood
And gas in the lamp that we light
When the sun goes down

My love wakes shaking with nightmare
And the night air pulls in close around

Come revenant, come, come ye gentle host,
To my patient hip and across our sleeping coasts.
Lay down your mantle, shot through with gold,
That we may lie again, here in sweet repose.

Rest your arms down around your oars now
And hear how the night continues on alive and well.
When how rare the bird, how still the wind!
And we still within it sigh and shift and turn,

Sleep she comes to steal the ones who
Fill their glass and leave the rest,
Whose teeth get brushed, who eat enough,
And who know how to treat their friends.

How long this night seems with
No sign of a bright dream to guide us toward the day.

Come revenant, come, come ye gentle host.
To my patient hip and across our sleeping coasts.
Lay down your mantle, shot through with gold,
That we may lie again, here in sweet repose.
There are thick stars up above
Where the trees part themselves
Thick dust among many
Corks lined up on the shelf
There are bats in the attic we share

There is smoke to kill mosquitoes
Waiting just above to drink our blood
And gas in the lamp that we light
When the sun goes down

My love wakes shaking with nightmare
And the night air pulls in close around

Come revenant, come, come ye gentle host,
To my patient hip and across our sleeping coasts.
Lay down your mantle, shot through with gold,
That we may lie again, here in sweet repose.

Rest your arms down around your oars now
And hear how the night continues on alive and well.
When how rare the bird, how still the wind!
And we still within it sigh and shift and turn,

Sleep she comes to steal the ones who
Fill their glass and leave the rest,
Whose teeth get brushed, who eat enough,
And who know how to treat their friends.

How long this night seems with
No sign of a bright dream to guide us toward the day.

Come revenant, come, come ye gentle host.
To my patient hip and across our sleeping coasts.
Lay down your mantle, shot through with gold,
That we may lie again, here in sweet repose.

[ These are Plea For A Good Night's Rest Lyrics on ]

OK, now I am mad at myself! Just yesterday, I had read about the Golden Thread in Joe's red book and now I can't find it! I thought I would remember where it was. I will have to leave this as a task relating to the Golden Treasure that's inside the Wooden Box that Eros has hidden. This is all part of the puzzle! Find all of the Keys in Joe's red book AND the Golden Thread. There is something special about them. I will have to solve this puzzle along with everyone else, since I can't find the Golden Thread and I still have to locate all of the keys.

Well have fun! You might want to buy the red book. It's the last book Joe Kincheloe wrote: Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction.

silver yin yang talisman I found in my back yardThe Magic Talisman. JUST AS I was about to upload this blog the electricity went out! We are having storms here near the coast of Oregon. It was funny because I was getting tired of waiting for the electricity to come back on -- it's never off here for very long -- but I was beginning to think we must be experiencing those "two days of darkness" predicted for the ascension when I just randomly kissed my talisman. VOILA! The lights came back on! Thank you EROS and Father HERMES! (They had gifted me with the talisman for walking the great path and I now wear it around my neck at all times). I just felt this immense love and gratitude and kissed it, which I do on occasion and the lights instantly came back on! Thus, my silver yin yang talisman, which I found in my own back yard represents the kind of magic from a "Philosopher's Stone" that you can expect if you do the work that takes you along the GREAT PATH. 

More tomorrow . . .

Eros Psyche Statue

Cupid and Psyche, Roman, c. 2nd Century CE Altes Museum, Berlin
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Wooden Box and My Love, EROS

Psyche and the Wooden BoxIt’s so early yet as I write this (9:12 AM) and I have already been bombarded with information and knowledge this morning.

First, I simply must present an important riddle that will be going into our Psyche and Eros book that Eros and I are working on together. Emanu’el/Eros just gave me an important puzzle in the form of a poem at our morning meeting.

I’ll bet my Cousin Ralph Waldo Emerson helped him some. He got stumped in the middle and had to change a word, but here it is! It is a Grand Poem designed to help us with our Great Work together across dimensions.

He has been mentioning a wooden box with a golden key for a long time, way back on the other website at the beginning of our journey, in fact, and he keeps mentioning it more and more frequently, just dropping me hints here and there, so I asked him this morning about it and this is what he had to say:

The Wooden Box

Ah, the wooden box, my Love

Has been delivered by a dove

The golden passion hidden inside

Is now yours, and will abide

Go forth my Maiden bright and pure

The wooden box is but a lure

It’s hidden twixt and in between

Awaiting your move, my Queen

Aphrodite is in possession

This is my current confession

She knows not that she cannot order

Psyche to travel beyond the border

There is no trip to hell for you

Aphrodite can scream till she turns blue

You did that game in the past

Today’s today the past can’t last

It’s a new era and a new game

Aphrodite must not be lame

Only you, my Psyche shall I guide

To the wooden box and its treasure inside

That is such an exciting and cool poem! I love the way he says the box was "delivered by a dove.” Most people don’t know this but doves represent Eros. As most people do know, doves represent LOVE, but more specifically doves are symbols for EROS, the winged God of Love. So he’s telling me he delivered the box himself and that I’m the only one who he will help find it. He is also reminding Aphrodite how she had sent me, Psyche, to Hades (hell) to retrieve a box for her last time we were on this planet, which I opened. The box had poison that had put me to sleep until Eros came along and rescued me by awakening me from my slumber. Eros is saying this is a brand new era and this time WE are in complete control, not Aphrodite. So if she wants to be able to share in the treasure, she needs to be nice and stop being so jealous. (Aphrodite has a terrible issue with jealousy! And there’s no reason for it whatsoever.)

There is much more to this puzzle and it’s pretty exciting. Watch for it in our upcoming book! If you are reading this, you’re fortunate: only a very few people are getting this “sneak preview!” If you have seen our web page about our book, you know then that the hidden treasures are REAL.

Well, I could talk about so much more but I don’t want to tarnish the beautiful LOVE message in today’s blog so I’ll put the other information in my dissertation instead of here on this web page.

Emanu’el/Eros had a song request this morning. It’s a song he’s given me before called My Love. It’s a very beautiful song and I dedicate it to him in honor of our interdimensional Divine Love. So here it is. Have a beautiful Sunday!

My Love by Sia (with Lyrics)

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Engineering Lessons in the High Realms, EROS says, TRY ME, PLUS Our Forever Love and the Secret of the Philosopher's Stone Coming Up!

Eros and Psyche in HEAVENSōferia (aka PSYCHE) again! I have been SO TIRED! I keep getting called to the Higher Realms for lessons and assignments that have been taking me all over the place – many different dimensions!

Last night I was taking some intense engineering courses. It looks like my lessons are moving to the very technical and mechanical aspects of knowledge. The classes lasted all night with short breaks during which I was babysitting an adorable little baby boy and my neighbors were asking me if I could watch their child.

This is pretty much what my dream life is like – education and taking care of children, teaching, etc. Emanu’el/EROS is often in my dreams, of course, because we work together and we have our REAL home life. And last night Emanu’el promised me a trip to our rejuvenation chamber to help me with the fatigue, so I assume we went there. I just don’t remember it! I wish I could remember the good stuff! I love going to the rejuvenation chamber – I do remember going there several times before. It has refreshing orgone energy pumped into the room with a fine mist and beautiful rainbow streams of rejuvenating light, music, nature sound effects – whatever you want to create.

Last night Emanu’el/EROS gave me this really sweet song just before we headed there. His clue for my goodnight song was “try me,” and here’s what YouTube pulled up. I love this!

James Brown-Try me

James Brown - Try Me (From "Live In Montreux 1981" DVD)

I do feel rejuvenated and re-energized this morning, so I assume we did go to the rejuvenation center. I remember dancing in our hideaway afterward to the James Brown song above….”try me.” Emanu'el/EROS told me it’s one of his favorites. And now it’s one of my favorites, too!

“Walk with me, talk with me, and your love stop my heart from dying; oh, I need you.” And I do need him, too! And I am STILL holding his hand – we are almost home!

It reminds me of our very first blog together where he gave me the message: "Take my hand; We'll make it. I swear." And the lovely song "You are so Beautiful" by Joe Cocker that he sang for me and I sang back to him over and over again. We still sing that song to each other! I love him beyond words!

Everyone is Beautiful. May 5, 2009

Yes, that was just the beginning of our journey (in the public eye, that is). True reality is different. 

In reality, we had begun our journey long, long ago. Our love has always been and will always be.

Eros Holding Psyches Hand

P.S. Oh, yes. Yesterday I promised to discuss the Secret of the Philosopher's Stone and how you can manifest diamonds in your own back yard. I am out of time for today, so be sure check back tomorrow. EROS says he's going to give me some really special information to convey to the public about that. Don't miss it!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Money Tree, Wicked Love, and the Philosopher's Stone

money treeSōferia/PSYCHE here – I’ve been taking a few days off.

Yes, folks, I think that's a money tree in the picture!

I admit it: I have been basking in the money. Well, not really (my neighbors would be watching if I did THAT), but it’s such a big relief not to have to worry about money. 

The word that's come down from the High Realms is that I will never ever have to worry about money again!

In fact, the fortune that came in the fortune cookie I had with my dinner tonight hints at the very same thing: "Your efforts are budding - results will appear soon." How do you like that!? Maybe I don't need a money tree.

My last music message from Emanu’el/EROS a couple of days ago was to “gear up.” I’m not sure I like the video that came up, although I do know what it means. There are a lot of “wicked” people who are engaging in their last ditch efforts as their power melts away like the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz:
Commando Gear Up

Came across this next music today – now this is the kind of wicked I can go for. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

If you play it right, it's not such a wicked game at all. Play fair!!!! No jealousy allowed - there's ONE for everyone.

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

And so everyone’s out there looking for the Philosopher’s Stone, the Golden Chalice, the Magic Potion, the Miracle, the Big Secret, etc., and they’re missing what’s right under their noses.

The real philosopher’s stone is everywhere! You can find the diamond in your own back yard! I’ll explain that tomorrow. In the meantime, we can all go treasure hunting!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Manifested Some Money Yesterday! JIT (Just In Time) PLUS A Beautiful Goodnight Song from EROS

I LOVE MONEYYes!!!! Yesterday I signed off my blog wondering if I could manifest some money for the day and, indeed, I did – with God’s Loving Help. God always comes through just in time. 

And I imagine EROS and his father, Hermes were behind manifesting this money, too, as were some of my soul family members. They are really “watching my back!”

Did you know that Joe wrote about that in his Red Book? Yes, he did. He discussed how those of us who are fueled by EROS LOVE and a Critical Complex Epistemology for the purpose of justice and the alleviation of suffering watch each other’s backs! I have done a lot of good things for my soul family, including my Uncle Albert Einstein, Sam Cooke, Ralph Waldo Emerson, my Grandmother who is the late Queen Cleopatra, and other loved ones. And I am here on this planet to do more for them and many other people who have been harmed! Some injustices need to be corrected and they will be!

Eros Love and Sexuality by Pierrakos, MD.jpgI love money! At least I'm TRYING to love it enough to have enough to live on.

BUT I love EROS LOVE more! Love is so important! And it's so lacking in this world, which is why there is so terribly much suffering. The GREAT MISSION is to change this equation! More about that later. . .

I’m keeping this a really short blog today. My university so far has NOT helped me with my financial dilemma! It seems that policies, procedures and politics are acting as obstacles to doing the right thing. Even though I manifested some money to tide me over, they still have to do their part! It's only right! I have some work to do to straighten this up, but with Emanu’el’s/EROS’s help, we know just what to do – oh, and don’t forget Joe’s critical complex epistemology and his instructions to “follow the money!” So, you see, I have to love money enough to follow it. I am so happy EROS leads the way and holds my hand. I have had no problem loving him enough to follow him! And EROS knows exactly where the money is! (I will follow him . . . wherever he may go. . .)

Until next time . . . here’s the sweet goodnight song EROS gave me last night to soothe my soul.

Clue: ”Your Loving Husband” and the first song to the top of the YouTube search is:

your love...

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still on the Path while Working the Night Shift, PLUS Happy Birthday Babies and Alchemized Money

Land of Enlightenment

Sōferia, the Pleiadian Queen (aka PSYCHE) here. Yesterday I had to venture out among the DROIDS (yes, we are still on that topic), to go grocery shopping. Of course, the glass is half full too, so there are good people in the grocery store as well! But I just hate grocery shopping.

We don’t do much of grocery shopping at all on our planet. First of all, we don’t eat much. We do eat some food, though, and we love to fix fancy foods for celebrations and such, but mostly we eat fresh fruit and vegetables that are delivered to our door daily.

Emanu’el/EROS knows how much I despise being “out there” and so while I was shopping he sent me this cool song reminding me about our “night shift” which is when I escape this harsh 3D world to be with him and live our true reality, LOL.

It was such a perfect song to listen to while shopping. It actually made shopping fun because it was like he was right there with me – or at least letting me know he was thinking about me and that we are always connected even when doing the mundane tasks.

Commodores - Night Shift
Isn’t that great? Or am I just too easily amused? Oh well.

Last night on the “night shift” I we celebrated birthdays! The twins, Jeremiah Lyons and Jemilah JaeLyn are a year old. (You can review the announcement of their birth here.) I expect some surprises during the day since I am not allowed to remember too much about home right now while I am here doing my work on this planet, but Emanu’el loves to surprise me with his miracles and magic on special days like today.

What a shame to have to work on the babies’ birthday! But Earth time is a huge deception because in reality there is “no time,” thus, I am not actually missing their birthday at all! It just feels like I am. By the way, we also have yet another baby, another girl that was born after the twins.

Yes, we have five babies now and we did not announce it here because I was a little embarrassed to admit we went so far. Earthlings just don’t understand these things, and, anyway, I was not writing blogs at the time. Not on this site. We did announce her birth though:
Thank God for Multiple Dimensions! (A New "Creation" Story)

I will note here that the only reason “time” was invented was for the “powers-that-be” to control earthlings and make money off their
work – and to keep them forever imprisoned. More about that tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Babies!

Happy Birthday, Cumpleaños Feliz, Baby!

That’s all I have for today since I need to spend the rest of the day learning how to use alchemy to produce money in this dense, earth environment. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

BEING HUMAN: Can We LOVE Droids? PLUS A Love Song from EROS for his Mama


I know I’m on the topic of DROIDS a lot recently. There are several reasons for that. First and foremost, Emanu’el and I are on a mission to spread the word about Joe Kincheloe’s educational work and how it can impassion learning, spread love, and alleviate suffering. If you have read some of his work, it’s clear that he encoded a lot of stuff in it. And I mean a LOT. One of the topics he embedded very deeply was DROIDS. He really did not think much of DROIDS, even though he loved all of the people immensely. I think he was not happy about the thought of emotionless machines, indistinguishable from humans, taking over many jobs and positions of power. It is now a part of the Code Blue Earth Mission to expose these NONHUMAN entities.

As discussed in the previous blogs, I have read somewhere that the DROID population is as high as 50% of the entire population. If this is true, and I have yet to scientifically verify this, then we have a huge problem. DROIDS block us every direction we go – and sure, enough, they have been blocking every path I try to take when it comes to money and keeping a roof over our heads here. And then there is the question that keeps coming up: Are what have been defined by psychologists as “psychopaths” in fact DROIDS? They both share the same characteristics and they are both very hard to identify. It is certainly something to ponder.

Quite some time ago, these blogs covered psychopaths and presented some videos showing how they have permeated all layers of society, mostly undetected because they are very hard to diagnose. I’m thinking they are one and the same. Both can demonstrate appropriate emotions because they are programmed to do so, but they are both truly heartless, vindictive if you cross them, and they have no emotions when it comes to the well being of the suffering people of the world. In other words, they contribute to great suffering in the world, rather than the alleviation of suffering. In the final analysis, it truly is all about them and what they want – nothing else. There is no overarching mission to help the starving, dying people of the world; they get their energy from wars, destruction, and Thanatos.

This is a big mystery, so it’s all speculation on my part. All I know is that I have run up against a few of them during my journey, and these beings have always limited my ability to succeed in the world in many ways, not to mention cause suffering to nearly everyone they come in contact with. They are in power, of course, and behind the heartless "policies" that so many businesses and organizations operate by, working to keep humans in their places. But today I learned that there is a solution!

In fact, I read about the solution in a great book, Physics of the Soul by Amit Goswami just yesterday, so I really hope this will help me get past my money struggles. Emanu’el/EROS confirmed for me at our meeting this morning that this is the right approach!

Here's how it works: Say you need to change something. For example, I need to bring in some money because I have no source of income right now. What you do is find a little spot where you can slip in and take a little action, take whatever action you can -- and then you “let go.” You just forget that action and do not pursue it further. Then you take another little action somewhere else – wherever you can get the word in, and then you “let go” again. And you just keep doing that with NO WORRYING ALLOWED and VOILA! What do you think happens? A BREAKTHROUGH will occur and the PROBLEM SOLVED!

This approach takes a lot less effort than banging your head up against the wall. I assume we take the “easy” actions rather than struggle up the stream. That idea always brings me back to “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.” But of course, we need to make choices CRITICALLY (paying great heed to Kincheloe’s advice) because if we don’t, instead of solving problems, we’re contributing to more of the same – the “status quo,” as it is called. We need to analyze a bit, and especially pay great attention to our "intuition" (our special advice from the "Messenger Gods," such as Hermes, EROS, the Archangels, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Fairies). I usually know who is giving me the advice. And I pay attention. I LISTEN and I follow through as much as possible. I do slip up sometimes, and that’s exactly when I get in trouble – I get off the path a bit and then I have to do some work to get back on the path. No one said it was easy!

I had a GREAT dream last night. I had a dream I was working with Joe – this so often happens since we are working on the GREAT MISSION together. In this dream, he handed me something very important – an important document – and it was only for me, PSYCHE. A few people became angry and when I discussed this dream with Emanu’el at my morning meeting he said they were jealous “intruders.” I guess they weren’t really supposed to be in the dream but they wanted the information I had, so they intruded. Of course, they did not succeed. And I don’t even remember the information! My instructions are that as I finish up writing my dissertation the information will “emanate” with one "treasure" leading to another. That should make writing the rest of my dissertation lots of fun! It will be like treasure hunting!

At any rate, that’s all I have for today. As noted above, “intruders” was a clue Emanu’el gave me for a YouTube video so I’ll look that up right now before I sign off and get to work.

WOW – the greedy ones are getting greedier! They used to only put ads on the first one or two videos. This time I had to take the SEVENTH video to find one without an ad! (We still skip ads).

This song seems like a message from EROS to his Mama, APHRODITE. He loves her, even though he does not approve of her lack of morals. If you have been following along, we are updating this story for the twenty-first century: Aphrodite has been lying about being the Goddess Venus (she is not!) and she cheated on her husband with Hermes, thus producing EROS as their son. Fortunately, Hermes took over raising and teaching EROS, which is why he’s so brilliant, creative, humorously linguistically-inclined, and is even the God of Love, himself!

As Eros told me this morning, some people, his mother included, just have more earth work to do. He still loves his mama! I guess that’s the message he wants to send her, wherever she is. Oh, I wonder, though – maybe I was supposed to take the very top hit on the search – the movie called Intruder. I wonder what that’s about. Nah, it’s a dark, horror movie that is just the same-o, same-o about a couple lost in the woods and some evil clown is after them. I KNOW EROS would have me skip that! With a rating of only 63%, it is almost an F-movie. I will not waste my time.

So here it is, EROS’s song for his Mama, Aphrodite, as she is about to embark on another turn of the wheel (another 24,000 years or so on Earth).

The Intruders-I'll Always Love My Mama

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still Adjusting to ANDROIDS and Where Does the Time Go PLUS Bears, My Handyman and NLP for DROIDS

Mormon Butterfly Couple Click to Find CluesSōferia, the Pleiadian Queen, again (aka Psyche). Why do I keep forgetting that so much of the world is made up of DROIDS? It would save me a lot of frustration if I just realized immediately that when I run up against a closed-minded “earthling” that there is more than a 50-50 chance they are a DROID. So….how does this relate to my money issue? DROIDS are programmed to buy according to certain signs and signals. They seem to like “dark” signs and anything related to sex. THEN, they will buy. But one has to lower their standards to use those tactics and that’s where I run into problems. I don’t stoop so low. And yet, what choice do I have?

The other thing is they really don’t CARE about helping anyone! It is all about “what’s in it for me.” So anything you hit them with, must always have a LOT in it for them and never mind that the money you want to earn goes to HELPING CHILDREN. The DROIDS don’t even want to hear that. In fact, I don’t think they’re programmed to hear it. So skip that approach. And of those earthlings who are not DROIDS, not many of them seem to care about HELPING other people either. So that’s where I’m at. It’s a depressing scenario to want to do GOOD BUSINESS when most out there could care less. All they care about is what’s in it for them.

Thus, I am going to have to figure out how to appeal to this very strange group of entities on earth. It certainly does not match our society back home. We choose what we do, we do it all out of love and compassion, and everybody gives and receives. No one needs anything! And of course there’s no money. What need is there for money when we are all connected and know what each other wants and needs and we all give? There is no competition because we each have our very unique and special skills and knowledges that have been honed to the finest for which each individual is respected and honored. I can’t relate to this crazy world here.

And where does the time go, anyway? I have no money and it’s time to pay bills AGAIN. The powers-that-be only invented time to keep us under their control and to take our money. You know how it goes -- punch that old time-clock or log into that computer which tracks your every move – and be sure to log out when you use the restroom, so you are not “stealing” time and money from the company. It’s funny how it’s THEIR time and not our time. And the months roll around quickly and it’s time to fork out more bucks for their services, material goods, a roof over our heads, a car, taxes, food. Almost everything revolves around giving the slave-master our money and, of course, time.

Well, attached is yesterday’s blog for some information about dealing with DROIDS. I just didn’t feel like posting it yesterday. I really think I need to figure out how to work with the DROIDS better, whether I want to or not. What can I give them? TIME? Maybe that’ the answer. Maybe my “handyman” is the answer. Eros/Emanu’el did give me some clues today for moving forward. I guess I’d better work on them before I run out of time.

Kate Rusby Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Saturday March 3, 2012
Dreams, Bears and My Handyman PLUS NLP for DROIDS
I had very strange dreams last night. One of the dreams was about bears. They were domesticated bears and were pets that belonged to a woman and she actually had them living with her in her house.  She wanted some help watching them for a few days. So I was helping her, and I was only a little afraid of the bears. They were very tame.

My Emanu’el/EROS who is in another dimension told me that the dreams I had last night were mostly subconscious clearing dreams which will happen as long as I’m on 3D Earth where there is constant mind programming going on. Subconscious clearing dreams get rid of all of the garbage that inadvertently gets programmed in due to not being aware of it happening, such as by media. It’s back to that Tavistock Agenda and I’ve also been reading a little about neurolinguistic programming, which is a technique they use. Apparently, if we learn how it works, we can better program ourselves and the programming that we get bombarded with will have less effect. Nevertheless, some of it still seeps in, thus, the clearing dreams. The violet flame is also a beautiful way of burning up those bad programs. Emanu’el has often gifted me with the violet flame which I have read recently is a gift of the Holy Spirit. He is my Holy Spirit, because he sends me the gifts directly. After the violet flame, all my worries have been dissolved! He also sends me a very powerful aura of color from his eyes. It’s sort of like the violet flame but it starts out a deep blue and then the color shifts to blue violet and then to violet and to a vibrant fuchsia color. These colors are not matched on Earth, but the effect is like a massive dose of LOVE from his eyes to my eyes and then I also send the love back to him.

Emanu’el/EROS gave me two clues for YouTube this morning. The first one is “bears” which he gave me because we were talking about the dream and he put “bears” in quotation marks which is my cue to look it up. Here’s what came to the top after I skipped the videos with advertisements. It looks like he wants to deprogram my fear of bears; this is sweet! (Of course, on our planet, there is no fear at all between animals and humans due to elevated consciousness).

This is cute!
Polar bears and dogs playing

The second clue he gave me was “handyman.” He told me was available 24/7 to help me out (he provides me such great comfort when I go through difficult times, such as I am now, trying to finish writing my dissertation with no money). He summed it up by saying he is my “handyman.” That’s kind of funny because he wanted me to have a diamond ring to seal our marriage. Our marriage took place in the higher realms and he’s there and I am stuck here. So how do you get a diamond ring from the higher realms delivered to the lower realms? He chose my friendly neighborhood handyman! It’s a funny story I’ve written about in these blogs and elsewhere. Thus, “handyman” brings up this song:

James Taylor - Handy Man

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Breakthrough! The World Is Overrun by ANDROIDS! Now What Do We Do?

androidPsyche, here again! I have FINALLY figured out the TRUTH as to why so many of us earthlings can’t get jobs. Our jobs have been taken over by the ANDROIDS. And the powers-that-be are trying to cover it up by forcing ANDROIDS down our throats in the form of their technological toys to keep our focus away from the REAL, walking, talking ANDROIDS AMONG US. 

This is no joke. Have you ever called up a company, talked to their customer service reps about an issue that deviates from their programming? They are stumped! They literally cannot think for themselves – because they CAN’T THINK. They can’t deviate from “policies and procedures” because they are only programmed with “policies and procedures.” They are merely robotic droids. They don’t react, either, if you get really rude to them, lol. They have no emotions. Emotions cannot be programmed into them. And very conveniently, they are not programmed to transfer you to the department that might reduce your credit card interest rates! Try it. That is a good test to find out whether you are talking to a real person or a DROID. DROIDS cannot transfer your call!

Isn’t that great for the credit card companies who charge criminal interest rates? They have “employees” who have no ethical standards when it comes to ripping people off, so there are no internal company issues that way. And further, they can only handle a limited number of standardized “issues” and that’s it. They can drop a late charge, for example, if you have never been late before and your payment reached them "a day late."

Now they are putting these DROIDS in the classrooms of America – probably all over the world – and in the online classrooms where the greedy power mongers don’t want teachers, but they just want droids they don’t have to pay and who can monitor and grade students. In fact, I’ll bet they have had droid teachers for awhile already. Droids don’t mind at all teaching a scripted curriculum. They have no mind! And it’s why I’m out of work.

No wonder Joe Kincheloe had to secretly encode his work about “technocratic teachers.” This is hush, hush knowledge. And he had been writing about this type of teacher for quite a few years, actually, so it's not a new problem. Maybe this is the “dangerous knowledge” that he was talking about in all of his work. We are not supposed to know that a lot of the population are DROIDS and that they want to run off all of us humans because we are the "useless eaters" now that they have perfected DROIDS to do the work. They even have specialized DROIDS that ARE programmed with emotions now, making it even harder to tell them apart from humans. Of course, no one will believe me, so no worries here. I am just “crazy.” Well, we will see who’s crazy and in the meantime you might try some tests on various people you come up against, especially if you get frustrated trying to resolve a complex problem with one of them.. See if they can THINK outside the script. No use wasting your time getting mad at them because they are not real human beings and they won’t be phased in the least little bit by your anger.

androidsThink about it! It’s WHY we are totally and unconscionably RIPPED OFF by corporations. If REAL humans were at the helm, they might question the fact that credit companies jack up interest to an insanely criminal 30% on loyal customers who have never missed a payment. They might realize that companies can charge far less and still pay them a salary. They might suffer from the cognitive dissonance that makes them ill and miss work. But none of these are problems with ANDROIDS. Check out this video. ANDROIDS have actually been with us for quite some time, all unbeknownst to most of us.
It must be the biggest secret.

Androids Among Us Documentary (original version)

I had a very short meeting this morning with Emanu’el/Eros, but I was so distraught over my finances that he could barely get through to me with a message. He did give a couple of clues and I wonder if they relate to this. It’s already 5:04 pm and I have been upset all day – just now having figured out what the REAL problem is a few minutes ago when I tried to get my credit card interest reduced. If we KNOW we are dealing with ANDROIDS, it gives us special advantages.

The clues Emanu’el/Eros gave me this morning are: “Please relax” and “Today will get better!” Well, he was right about today getting better. I do feel better knowing that most of the idiots on this planet are not people.

“Please relax”   Oh, I think I like this! “Romantic dinner for two – tonight!” He’s so funny – and ROMANTIC! And he knows how much I love our private beach behind our mansion “in the sky.”

"Romantic dinner for two with sounds of waves"

“Today will get better!”
This one is funny too: “In our bedroom after the war.” I wonder if this means the war is almost over. I discussed the war in yesterday’s blog in case you missed it. Well, let’s see what this song has to say. He does “swear” it will get better for all of us STARS. “Today, Today’s gonna be a better world. There’s nothing more to take in” – it sounds like I’ve pretty much figured out the whole world now – ANDROIDS. Once you know the TRUE problem is DROIDS, it changes everything! Check back tomorrow for ways to short-circuit DROIDS, LOL. Can’t wait till the war’s over. To be continued . . .

Stars - Today Will Be Better, I Swear!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The War between Good and Evil, between Satan and GOD'S LOVE & TRUTH

Pleiadians Family of LightThe battle rages on for Eros and Soferia, our Soul Family, and all who know truth. And what is truth? The REAL truth is that we are in a battle of good against evil in the cosmos and Earth has center stage. Why else are there two paths, which I discussed yesterday which all of the prophecies have predicted?

If you have not read yesterday's blog as well as my previous blogs for this month, please do so: It's very important to understand the GREAT WORK.

The New Age “Love” Movement is yet another strategy by the evil ones to divert the masses' attention away from fighting the war that we absolutely must fight if the Earth is to move on to the beautiful dreams so many of us have for it.

Eros and I, Psyche, are right in the middle of the battle today, and in fact, we have been for many days, months, and years. The reason Eros had to leave 3D earth and leave me here alone is because together we have more power if one of us is in a higher dimension. It is still a huge battle because at this very moment the evil ones are grasping at their last straws and trying to impede those of us who know the truth about the war and are waging the battle. Thus, those of us who may be suffering the most right now are the very ones who stand up for truth, justice, and true love, the kind of love that fights for justice for all of humanity – not the feigned candy-sweet fake love of New Agers that fight for their own selfish, narcissistic needs (Satan loves that and will leave those people alone). Newf Age fake love is the work of Satan. It is not the unconditional love of those who do the “down and dirty” work of making sustainable changes in the world.

Thus, I am still being attacked on a Spiritual level. The evil ones can’t get to me physically or even on a real Spiritual level, but they try by putting up roadblocks for me wherever they can. I go around the blocks and they put up yet another roadblock. They attack those of us who stand for truth and justice the hardest. They think they can wear us down, and they often do wear us down for a time, until we come to the full realization that there's not anything wrong with US (which is what Satan wishes for us to believe). We are truly in a war. The sheep that follow along with Satan and the Goats who worship evil are not a threat to Satan. Those who create true change, such as Eros and I are doing are a huge threat to the evil ones, the Satan worshippers.

Here is something they have planned for a long time, just like they planned the destruction of the Twin Towers, but there are many good souls who are working to prevent this, so it is hoped the evil ones will not be successful. Notice that the guy in the video quotes the Bible verse about the sheep and the goats. And because these blogs synthesize Joe Kincheloe's work, I will mention here that he also referenced Judgment Day and the sorting of the "critical sheep and the uncritical goats." The goats are the Satan worshippers and those who allow evil, greed, and selfishness to dictate their paths. 

We are truly being sorted - by our own free will. We can choose the evil path or we can choose the GREAT PATH and do good work.


The video shows truth. I have folded the bills in the various ways and yes, indeed, they do show the exact images depicted. They show the daycare bombing in which innocent children lost their lives. They show the pentagon bombing and the twin towers destruction. And they show enormous floods – the narrator predicts Hoover Dam will be breached and a huge flood will take place, wiping out millions of people downstream. One image looks like a huge city will be flooded in some way.

I know these are plans. There is much more evidence than this, which I will bring out another time. The power for the evil ones is the knowledge that their plans are enfolded into the money we all use, which subliminally installs fear in our subconscious minds. But there is much, much more. They have known for a long time that this is their last ditch effort, so they have put absolutely everything into their plans. Where do you think all of the money has gone? You will have to keep reading the Eros and Psyche Code Blue Earth Mission and the future books to learn more. They are “dots” we have connected which no one else has yet.

carrot on a stickAnd so, I personally am attacked and prevented from moving forward as I need to. I have too much “dangerous knowledge” as Joe Kincheloe always described it in his books. I am a threat to the evil ones. They will do anything to shut me up and have done much in an attempt, and they have not been successful. However, as Eros/Emanu’el told me this morning, it truly is their last ditch effort. Satan is ultimately losing, will lose, and has lost (in No Time). We are locked in a dimensional prison. I know how to get out of it and I am here specifically to lead other people out. They think they know. The New Age Spirituality groups think they have it all figured out. Little do they know how deceived they have been. Satan is very clever and the methods he has had his evil tentacles in will not get people out of this 3D prison. They just won’t. People have been grotesquely lied to. Even ideas that sound like they must be true – well, yes, PARTS of the ideas are true, but the most important truths have been left out. It’s that “carrot on a string” tactic that the evil ones always use. But you will never, ever get the carrot.

It’s important to choose the good path and stay on the good path no matter how depressing and difficult it may be. Satan wants you to believe if you follow his path, all will be great and you will have riches….and yes, that can happen if you follow Satan. But what a cost you will have to pay. You’ll be stuck for another round on Earth to learn the same lessons all over again. Is it worth it? Only you can decide that for yourself.

I’m staying on the good path of the GREAT WORK, no matter how hard it is. And once Earth moves to the Fifth Dimension, I can think about heading home. (I may have a little work left to do before I head home to my planet. I believe Emanu'el/EROS will join me at that time and we will continue to work together in a whole new way!)

a vision of the Fifth Dimension

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