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Bad To The Bone Again
UPDATE FOR 2019: We are on sabbatical until at least 2022. You can be certain we will have even the meantime, you can get up to speed by visiting links we've provided for learning blogs (that document my own experiences and learning), formal written articles, videos, etc., which you can supplement with additional research of your own.
What's in store for Eros and Psyche as we move past the "Ascension" and into the year 2013?
The saga continues . . . the year 2014 is destined to be ever more eventful!  Stay tuned. . .
UPDATE: Where in the world has the time gone? We are now heading into 2016 and it's bound to be the BEST YEAR YET! Lo and Behold, this ia all a TRUE STORY! It demonstrates how we can take "fictive" accounts (much like inventors do when they think up new inventions) and turn them into reality. More importantly, we can prove the Power of the Word for creating the world of our Dreams--this is a N.E.W. dispensation given to us by God for this era. We create the N.E.W. World as we Ascend.
Just click on the links below and you'll be up to speed in no time at all. Learn how you, too, can create using the Power of the Word and end up right into the arms of your dream love, your "Twin Flame" in Paradise for Eternity! I knew this site was named Paradis Publications for a reason! (Paradis is French for Heaven or Paradise)....we are dedicated to stories about DIVINE LOVE, of achieving "Love of the Highest Degree."

This is an ongoing story as a demonstration of Joe's "FICTIVE" writing, a new style of writing for the future (to be further defined and clarified). Follow along -- the story is completely improvisational and we never know what will happen next! Eventually, the story will be published as a series of books with more data that backs up the reality of the interpretations. If you would like to learn more about this creative form of writing, check back for our writing books--available after 2022.

Eros Rescues PsycheCODE BLUE EARTH MISSION of 2012 and Beyond: Who is Eros? Who is Psyche? What is Mythology? Who changed history? Will Eros and Psyche uncover all of the lies and put Earth back on the right track? These blogs provide an account of the continuing saga of Soferia (aka Psyche), a Pleiadian Princess (soon to become Queen) who was sent back in time to work on a special educational mission on Earth. The first leg of her journey describes how she remembered who she is, how and why she is on Earth, her early learning experiences about the problems on Earth, and her marriage to her Master Teacher/Divine Soul Mate or Twin Flame, Emanu'el. She calls him EROS, the God of Love because he had rescued her as Psyche (her Earth name) from her deep, deep slumber. But then, tragically, he had to leave earth planet, leaving Psyche behind as they continue their work together across dimensions. After the first leg of the journey, they began the Code Blue Mission which started here.

This new adventure - The Code Blue Earth Mission - continues during these most tumultuous times of the Great Earth Shift of 2012 and beyond. She and Emanu'el have contracted to assist all peoples of the Earth as they go through its upheavels - disasters, wars, earthquakes, floods, economic collapses, and various personal trials and tribulations. As long as one single soul suffers, there can be no Heaven on Earth! No matter what the obstacle or problem, one thing never changes: And that is the amazing and divine Love between Soferia (aka Psyche) and Emanu'el (aka Eros) that fuels their passionate work together, despite residing in different dimensions, thus, truly exemplifying THE POWER OF LOVE!!!! Is this mythology or is it history in the making?

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder [ apart ]” (Matthew 19:6b).

Can Soferia/Psyche do this? Can she accomplish all of the tasks set before her even though her lover/husband/Master Teacher/EROS -- her better half -- is on the other side of the curtain? In economically dire straits, she must find a way to pull herself up by her bootstraps, confront and resolve the many problems that surface during this monumental historical era, help as many people as she can, and all at the same time finish her dissertation for her PhD, an essential piece needed for her and Emanu'el's work together in the NEXT leg of the journey. Can Joe Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology come to her rescue? Can she use a creative improvisational entrepreneurial bricolage to stay in her home and out from under the local bridge?

Travel with her during the next few years as she revisits her past, navigates her present, and meets up with her future where she and Emanuel will finally have (hopefully) succeeded in contributing to the creation of Heaven on Earth and then get to meet again. They will then go on to live out their future lives together in eternal bliss back on their home planet in the Pleiades, traveling the cosmos to assist other entities who suffer and need a helping hand. Will this "story" end up the way predicted here? One never can never know....but must just go with the flow. It's very exciting!

This blog is purely FREE EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION & ENTERTAINMENT. The late Joe L. Kincheloe's educational works will by synthesized and referenced within the context of this "fictive" story, in particular his last work, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. If you are new to this story you might want to read the Background of the Story.” (scroll down to read blog on that page)

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UPDATE: This is important! There are many people listening to the wrong sure to follow this advice from Jesus:
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1
Code Blue Earth Mission 
This story is narrated by Sōferia, aka PSYCHE, a Pleiadian Queen from Planet Eros.
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Three Earths: OLD Earth, NEW Earth, and NEW EROS EARTH

Earth-HeartMany people are confused about all of the different reports about what’s happening on Earth. For example, one person’s story is totally opposite from the next person’s story, no matter what the discussion and few people agree on anything. As an example, who really knows what ISON is and what’s going to happen? Some people believe it’s the end of the world; others believe it’s a spaceship and aliens are going to land on the planet, others believe it’s going to fizzle out. And are things getting better on Earth or are they getting worse?…it seems that BOTH are happening at the same time! 


I am here to tell you that there are perfectly logical explanations for all of this confusion.


If you remember all of the prophecies, you understand that there were just two paths to choose from. That’s correct, of course. You either choose Love (which we call “Eros Love” on the New Eros Earth) or you choose Thanatos by which you continue to follow the “death cult” and continue with your enthrallment over sacrificial death themes. The prophecies were correct in this regard….people were called to get off their fences.


Because the Internet is a fractal, we can all communicate with each other no matter which Earth we reside on and this is where all the confusion comes in. Some of us are on Old Earth, some are on New Earth, and still others have transcended both and are residing on different planets, including the New Eros Earth. This explains the differing accounts. There is the thanatos Old Earth which is taking a deep dive into the cosmic abyss for another 26,000 years and there is the New Earth, the 5D earth for those souls who are ready to begin to do the work needed to better connect to their souls and evolve toward the higher states of consciousness (or dimensions). Those who have landed on 5D earth are in various states of evolution, and many have a bit of work to do yet. It explains the accounts that still seem to have vestiges of Old Earth philosophies and paradigms even though they may be moving toward a new world view. 5D earth is simply not “there” yet, but there are significant differences between it and the Old 3D earth, of course. New earth is moving in the right direction, Old earth is moving in the wrong direction.


 And then there is a strange phenomenon that occurs for some people: they are catapulted right out of both the Old Earth and the New Earth . . . thus another new planet was created for them: EROS EARTH. Some of  them, however, have returned to their home planets, such as I have done. I am now residing blissfully on Planet Eros (not to be confused with Eros Earth) in the Pleiades star system. And did you know this: The Master Scientist, Nikola Tesla also resides on Planet Eros because we have a small science and technology center of all of the greatest scientists—and yes, including Albert Einstein, Wilhelm Reich, and many others, who have totally changed the way education and sciences are being done.


Therefore,  in summary, OLD 3D earth is where we get all of the extremely negative reports of the end of the world, dastardly deeds, wars, destruction, among other evil reports, and, of course, continuing ELITISM. It’s a culture of death, or thanatos, which I won’t go into detail here over, since I’ve covered it elsewhere and many who are intertwined within its grips or simply viewing from afar have also covered the “happenings” in depth.


The NEW Earth is the 5d TRANSITIONING Earth. You will see a mixture of perspectives as people transition to higher consciousness and eventually will come to understand and adopt a unified world view. It is the understanding of this unified world view that will help them ascend, finally, to the NEW EROS EARTH. Also, anyone, at anytime, has the option of returning to their home planet which may or may not be ascended to the same level or above the frequency of the New Eros Earth.


Thus, the NEW EROS EARTH (not to be confused with Planet Eros in the Pleiades) is where people have “been there, done that” and are now well on their way to using their passion and compassion to create the world of their dreams doing all of the things they love. Those who are already there are getting Eros Earth ready for more souls to join in the fun. The reason we have named this new jumbo earth planet, “Eros Earth” is because to be a part of that earth, soul evolution must be such that “Eros Love” dominates a person’s Psyche. There are not many people on this advanced earth yet but more will be joining soon. The people there are working hard out of their love, devotion, and compassion, building the infrastructure, beautiful homes, education centers, and recreation opportunities to make the planet a paradise for the newly arriving souls. It will be what the original earth was intended to be but was destroyed instead when nefarious beings took over. EROS EARTH will be a super advanced learning center and a meeting and cultural trading place for many planets and entities of the cosmos. But the frequency of the planet is such a high level, only those who can match it will be able to visit or live on the planet. This protects it from nefarious beings and from suffering the same fate as OLD EARTH.


There is still a shifting of souls from earth-to-earth. This will continue as people do the work they need to build a stronger bridge to their souls that will help them to ascend, as long as the planets are in close proximity and all of the cosmic and solar energies are conducive to this. Thus, this explains why there is so much confusion over what’s really going on in the world—there are literally three worlds now (and billions of other planets). The key is to determine which world you want to be in.


I hope this helps people sort out at least some of the confusion. There’s no worry at all about where you are; you have not been forced to be where you don’t want to be. This is the NEW Cosmic Law. You are wherever you WISH to be, so if you don’t like the world around you, try another planet. It’s not at all like someone evaluates you and tells you that you belong here or there. You decide, do what it takes and VOILA! Like magic, you are living the life of your dreams (I suggest not choosing nightmares).


Wishing for All Your Fondest Dreams to Come True,

Soferia (aka Psyche)


P.S. Eros has been singing this song in my ears for the past couple of days; now I understand why.


Waylon Jennings - Stop the World and Let Me Off

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Greatest Secret of All

I do know the GREATEST SECRET OF ALL....the one that ALL of Books about Secrets and Magic ALWAYS leave out.

So last night in another dimension I wrote a scathing dissertation that was addressed to all the major world leaders for leaving out knowledge and making the world so ignorant and I presented it to them at a meeting held by the Council of Earth and Cosmic Justice. I know the greatest secret to the Tree of Knowledge. They know I know it, but even they don't know the secret. So the world's leaders tried everything they could, even trying to scare me into telling them.

I realized I have "one over on them." I have the advantage! I demanded that they stop the lying, deception, murdering, wars, starving people, messing with the weather, poisoning the food, inventing diseases, stealing money etc. The paper I gave them listed it all out there; the changes they must make immediately. Nothing they do is secret anymore.

Well, they now know I have the advantage. So what will they choose? Will they choose to do right? Will they release the money, gold, land, and other riches BACK TO THE PEOPLE? Will they stop all of their insane actions that harm the people so that I can release "The Greatest Secret of All" to the entire world?

Time will tell. Watch for the signs.

Please note that you can read all of the "greatest secret" books and watch all of the "greatest secret" YouTube videos and you'll just be wasting your time. They don't tell you the greatest secret of all; in fact they are designed to take you on the wrong path (and remember, there are only TWO paths now)...I, alone, am authorized to release this Secret but only when the world leaders prove they have changed their ways and begin making restitution to all of the people. They know what they need to do.

Watch for "The Greatest Secret of All" to be released SOON--IF the world's leaders start to "fly right"!

The Pleiadian Queen (aka Psyche) from Planet Eros

Olsen Brothers - Fly On The Wings Of Love (2011)

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Psyche’s Full Moon Update: Dancing Under the Violet Moon

ErosPsycheHEAVEN.jpgIt’s been a while! Well, I have been very busy with off-planet projects. As I had mentioned in the last update, I am no longer of or in this world. Eros has been hauling me off to many different planets. We are really having a time trying to keep up with all of the needs of the people and entities residing on the more than 8.8 billion planets! You didn’t really think earthlings were all alone in this huge, magical cosmos, did you? Earth is just our part-time job.

I wish I could tell you more. Click on the links above and you’ll learn a little about what’s been going on in the world (it’s always amazing to me how so few earthlings click on links; I do notice these things.)

Aside from that, the rest is going to have to all be explained in my upcoming Eros and Psyche of the Twenty-First Century books. We will be changing history and mythology forever! Earthlings are just going to have to forget everything they THOUGHT they knew about EVERYTHING, whether it's reality, history, fantasy, or mythology! We will be setting it all straight over the next 20 years.

Will I be able to make it in time? Will I have the first interesting (and highly romantic) episode ready in time for Eros’s very favorite day? Do I really have to remind you that it’s Valentine’s Day, 2014? These books are going to be so much BETTER than Harry Potter stories. They will not only cover dark tricks of the elite, but they will also include high adventure, secret knowledge, ancient history, advanced technologies, beautiful romance, magic, sex (PG-13), and much, much more—all in one.

Watch for the announcement soon, right here at Paradis Publications. And remember all proceeds go to a good cause: open source free education. Thus, we don’t do advertising; we only accept donations and sponsorships, and all proceeds from books are pumped back into developing the most innovative education we can dream up! We will be setting up a very special Education Endowment for Eros’s—ERRR I mean Joe’s special dream (which is my dream too, now). If you remember from "New Alternatives for Education: How About Lifelong Learning?" ERRR means Education Revolution Rollercoaster Ride. You did click on the link, didn’t you!!??

In the meantime, you might catch the latest issue of the free Journal of Epistemology (JOE Journal) that’s hot off the press. There are some interesting and creative contributions this time and they make for some enlightening reads. And if you happen to catch that new creative “bug” that’s going around feel free to submit something for our next issue of the journal. It’s going to be very exciting; it’s the second “Special Love” edition.

As for me, I’m waiting for “Comet ISON” to make landfall. There may be some very big surprises since the media is keeping it all under wraps as to what’s really happening. Some of the speculations include that it’s a spaceship from another planet, it’s an attack, it's going to fizzle out, it's going to drop asteroids all over earth, and it’s the end of the world. Truth will soon be revealed; only a few more days and ISON streaks by—or maybe streaks ON Earth.

Stay safe and stay in “Eros Love.”

And be sure to enjoy the full moon! (I'll be home, dancing under the violet moon)

Blackmore´s Night - Under A Violet Moon


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Friday, November 1, 2013

Neither OF the World, Nor IN the World: Psyche Has Been Uplifted to the NEW Eros Earth!!!!



Psyche here; I may be slow about figuring things out due to having been immersed among earthlings for so long, but I eventually do figure things out. I have moved up the spiral staircase! I am no longer OF the world, nor am I IN the world!

OK, I confess: I needed a little assistance to get here to this beautiful new planet, EROS EARTH, as you can see by the painting of me being carried to the “Heavens.”  The chaotic, diabolical, abusive, and dialectical nature of OLD EARTH had taken a huge toll on me. . . I should have left much sooner! My beloved Eros even ended up having to get assistance to raise me up this time (he is the one in red: red is his favorite color so he wears it a lot).

A while back (well quite a few months ago, actually) I had come to the realization that I was “IN the world but not OF the world.” In all of my lifetimes on this Old Planet Earth, I never felt I was OF the world. I simply have never figured out what motivates most earthlings! I will never understand why so many of them are so enthralled with those people and things that the controllers, the Money Masters, choose for them to idolize (you know, the stars, musicians, news reporters, the “designer” clothes, the cars, the TV shows and movies,  the video games, the spectator sports, etc., etc.). I will also never understand why they compete over “jobs”, you know, being slaves for their slave-masters. Why do they find it so attractive they’ll “backstab” each other just in order to be a slave who barely subsists while making someone else rich?  And I will never understand why they flock like sheep, follow the flock, and cannot even see the wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing deceiving them. Isn’t there even a Secret Society with that for a trademark?—oh yes, I believe it’s the Fabian Society. Earthlings just don’t “get” these things, with a few notable exceptions, of course. There are always exceptions. You are probably one of those exceptions if you’re reading this.

If you are an earthling and you DO get these things, then there is the possibility that you are not really an earthling. Do you often feel “alienated”? Well there you go!

Dreaming Bear, a great poet-performer has said that our entire purpose on this planet is to discover just how much fun total alienation can be. I am there! Totally and undeniably alienated and “lovin’ it!”

That is, I am on Planet Eros Earth now. Don’t get confused though. Eros and I also have our home planet—Planet EROS in the Pleiadian Stars. We are just working here, on Eros Earth temporarily and will soon be returning to our home in the stars more permanently (although we will continue to have missions on many different planets).  So if you’re confused over Planet Eros (which Eros created especially for me, him, and our people) and Planet Eros Earth, which has been created by separating it from Old Planet Earth, don’t feel bad. I’ve been very confused, too. The fact is, I reside on Planet Eros with Eros, and Planet Eros Earth is our day job. And we don’t venture out to Old Earth at all, as it keeps drifting farther and farther away. There is still an Internet connection, however, which in a way is unfortunate. It allows us to keep an eye on what's happening, and It saddens me to see Old Earth and earthlings continue to go down the darkened path. There's not a lot we can do at this point, but we won't give up until we  lose Internet connection. That's when we'll have to leave Old Earth completely behind. At least it’ll be easier for me to focus on the New Eros Earth projects after that.

Here’s what’s happened, an update:

The wars that the nefarious bad aliens had waged to take over Old Earth have been won by the benevolent ones, but so much damage was created and many humans are now so regressed it will take some of them more than 20,000 years to evolve their way out of it. The sad thing about it, before they were conquered, the evil cabal had actually convinced most earthlings they were “ascending” to the Heavens and raising in consciousness. And since it was believed, most of them did little to actually attempt to rise in consciousness, thus they now remain stuck in repressive realms of reality with broken belief systems. This has happened before in the ancient past, but this time around, the Great Cosmic Forces decided to create a NEW planet Earth for those earthlings who had done their homework and were ready to use their creative powers to create great and beautiful things without being stifled or having their creations destroyed by the majority of earthlings who have not expanded their consciousnesses.  And we named that New Planet Earth—Eros Earth.

The creation of the new earth has been going on for quite a few years while we wrapped up the wars with those “unseen principalities.” Earth has been splitting much like a cell splits, with the two earths overlapping…until there became two. The overlapping multiple earths created quite a chaotic sensation because, as many of us discovered, we became multidimensional, immersed in several dimensions simultaneously, and were very confused as to which dimension was real and which ones were illusions. This was due to the use of multiple, nonlinear, and overlapping frequencies to separate the two earths, thus causing our dipping up and down in frequencies and in and out of various realities (both while sleeping and awake). One moment we might be in one reality; the next moment we might have found ourselves in quite a different reality. It was quite confusing at times for many.

Finally, the separation of the two earths became complete, and now you are free to pull your soul fragments out of all of those illusionary dimensions, which is another big job for most of us. There is just one dimension now with two earths. You simply need to discover which earth you inhabit. Even that may be a little confusing due to “after images” also called “ghost images.” Some of us, even though we are now on the New Eros Earth, still see images which have been emblazoned onto our consciousnesses and it may take a little time for those to dissipate so that we can see the true reality around us—the NEW EROS EARTH. To understand afterimages, think about what happens when you stare at something for a period of time and then look somewhere else.  Try this one out!

Thus, I can tell you today that both earths are real and now they are totally separated. You are either on the old earth or the NEW EROS EARTH. You are either WITH us or you are NOT with us.  And perhaps you do not yet realize what reality is because the afterimages last for quite some time. No fears, though! With persistence and work, research and studying, it will all sort itself out. The reason the New Earth has been named Eros Earth is because Eros has had such a great influence with injecting a HUGE DOSE OF LOVE into the NEW planet in the RED BOOK he left for earthlings. You can read about that right here if you would like proof:  Offsetting Thanatos with Eros Love. Thus, there was a unanimous Cosmic decision to name the new earth EROS EARTH so that people will never again forget the importance of love—the real life force energy that’s required to maintain life, peace, abundance, joy, and importantly—REALITY.

Those of us on Eros Earth have not totally abandoned earthlings, however. There will be a “second resurrection” (the Bible did get that right). Thus, we are still assisting from afar, which we can thank technology for—the Internet that is. The Internet is a fractal, much like fractals in nature—and this fractal works the same in every dimension. We can actually take control over the Internet and guide your research for you, if you would learn to stop being so left-brained about things. There are times when “focused intent” is like sailing your ship up against the banks of a very narrow river and going nowhere. Go with the flow.

My cousin Ralph Waldo Emerson has described this situation very well (have people listened?). Now is the time to pay attention to “The Call”:

Every man (and woman) has his/her own vocation. The talent is the call. There is one direction in which all space is open to him. He has faculties silently inviting him hither to endless exertion. He is like a ship in a river: he runs against obstructions on every side but one; on that side all obstruction is taken away and he sweeps serenely over God’s depths to an endless infinite sea.


This talent and this call depend on his organization, or the mode in which a general soul incarnates in him. He inclines to do something which is easy to him, and good when it is done, but which no other man can do.


He has no rival.


For the more truly he consults his own powers, the more difference will his work exhibit from the work of any other. When he is true and faithful, his ambition is exactly proportional to his powers. By doing his work he makes the need felt which only he can supply.

Thus, we will be working through the Internet to provide guidance and smooth sailing to assist you with your transformation, but only for a very limited time. One of my first major assignments, with my beloved Eros’s assistance, of course, is to provide information so that earthlings can re-educate themselves about the importance of EROS LOVE. He has provided a great start in his RED BOOK and we will be taking it from there, expanding and further contextualizing this critical knowledge. Most earthlings don’t even know the true meaning of Eros Love! This has been one of the greatest crimes against humanity, since, as Eros has clearly shown in his RED BOOK, the lack of knowledge of Eros Love has led to the worship of Thanatos, death, and destruction. If I can give only one piece of advice, the most important advice I can give you is to learn what EROS LOVE really is. You must learn to live it and become it. Adjust your beliefs. Authoritarianism, paternalism, sexism, racism, classism, competition, etc., will not be allowed on the NEW PLANET EROS EARTH. Those vibrations are so low, that anyone who harbors them will not be able to pass down the narrow canal; they will keep bumping mindlessly up against the banks, going nowhere. Their ship won’t arrive to Eros Earth.

There will be spaceships sent, however, to provide transport as people are ready to make the quantum leap to the NEW EROS EARTH. This is what we mean by a second resurrection. This will not go on forever because Eros Earth is moving one direction and the OLD EARTH is moving another direction, into the deep abyss for another 20,000 years and we won’t be going there.

Well, that’s the latest update. We will be providing you guidance for getting ready for the second resurrection, but it’s up to you to learn it and apply it. We are not of this world, nor are we in this world! But we are watching you. We speak to you from afar and hope you will join us soon. We are family.


About the painting:
“Soul [Psyche] Carried to Heaven”
Artist: William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Completion Date: c.1878
Style: Neoclassicism
Genre: religious painting
Technique: oil
Material: canvas
Dimensions: 275 x 180 cm
Gallery: Musee du Perigord


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