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Bad To The Bone Again
UPDATE FOR 2019: We are on sabbatical until at least 2022. You can be certain we will have even the meantime, you can get up to speed by visiting links we've provided for learning blogs (that document my own experiences and learning), formal written articles, videos, etc., which you can supplement with additional research of your own.
What's in store for Eros and Psyche as we move past the "Ascension" and into the year 2013?
The saga continues . . . the year 2014 is destined to be ever more eventful!  Stay tuned. . .
UPDATE: Where in the world has the time gone? We are now heading into 2016 and it's bound to be the BEST YEAR YET! Lo and Behold, this ia all a TRUE STORY! It demonstrates how we can take "fictive" accounts (much like inventors do when they think up new inventions) and turn them into reality. More importantly, we can prove the Power of the Word for creating the world of our Dreams--this is a N.E.W. dispensation given to us by God for this era. We create the N.E.W. World as we Ascend.
Just click on the links below and you'll be up to speed in no time at all. Learn how you, too, can create using the Power of the Word and end up right into the arms of your dream love, your "Twin Flame" in Paradise for Eternity! I knew this site was named Paradis Publications for a reason! (Paradis is French for Heaven or Paradise)....we are dedicated to stories about DIVINE LOVE, of achieving "Love of the Highest Degree."

This is an ongoing story as a demonstration of Joe's "FICTIVE" writing, a new style of writing for the future (to be further defined and clarified). Follow along -- the story is completely improvisational and we never know what will happen next! Eventually, the story will be published as a series of books with more data that backs up the reality of the interpretations. If you would like to learn more about this creative form of writing, check back for our writing books--available after 2022.

Eros Rescues PsycheCODE BLUE EARTH MISSION of 2012 and Beyond: Who is Eros? Who is Psyche? What is Mythology? Who changed history? Will Eros and Psyche uncover all of the lies and put Earth back on the right track? These blogs provide an account of the continuing saga of Soferia (aka Psyche), a Pleiadian Princess (soon to become Queen) who was sent back in time to work on a special educational mission on Earth. The first leg of her journey describes how she remembered who she is, how and why she is on Earth, her early learning experiences about the problems on Earth, and her marriage to her Master Teacher/Divine Soul Mate or Twin Flame, Emanu'el. She calls him EROS, the God of Love because he had rescued her as Psyche (her Earth name) from her deep, deep slumber. But then, tragically, he had to leave earth planet, leaving Psyche behind as they continue their work together across dimensions. After the first leg of the journey, they began the Code Blue Mission which started here.

This new adventure - The Code Blue Earth Mission - continues during these most tumultuous times of the Great Earth Shift of 2012 and beyond. She and Emanu'el have contracted to assist all peoples of the Earth as they go through its upheavels - disasters, wars, earthquakes, floods, economic collapses, and various personal trials and tribulations. As long as one single soul suffers, there can be no Heaven on Earth! No matter what the obstacle or problem, one thing never changes: And that is the amazing and divine Love between Soferia (aka Psyche) and Emanu'el (aka Eros) that fuels their passionate work together, despite residing in different dimensions, thus, truly exemplifying THE POWER OF LOVE!!!! Is this mythology or is it history in the making?

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder [ apart ]” (Matthew 19:6b).

Can Soferia/Psyche do this? Can she accomplish all of the tasks set before her even though her lover/husband/Master Teacher/EROS -- her better half -- is on the other side of the curtain? In economically dire straits, she must find a way to pull herself up by her bootstraps, confront and resolve the many problems that surface during this monumental historical era, help as many people as she can, and all at the same time finish her dissertation for her PhD, an essential piece needed for her and Emanu'el's work together in the NEXT leg of the journey. Can Joe Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology come to her rescue? Can she use a creative improvisational entrepreneurial bricolage to stay in her home and out from under the local bridge?

Travel with her during the next few years as she revisits her past, navigates her present, and meets up with her future where she and Emanuel will finally have (hopefully) succeeded in contributing to the creation of Heaven on Earth and then get to meet again. They will then go on to live out their future lives together in eternal bliss back on their home planet in the Pleiades, traveling the cosmos to assist other entities who suffer and need a helping hand. Will this "story" end up the way predicted here? One never can never know....but must just go with the flow. It's very exciting!

This blog is purely FREE EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION & ENTERTAINMENT. The late Joe L. Kincheloe's educational works will by synthesized and referenced within the context of this "fictive" story, in particular his last work, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. If you are new to this story you might want to read the Background of the Story.” (scroll down to read blog on that page)

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UPDATE: This is important! There are many people listening to the wrong sure to follow this advice from Jesus:
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1
Code Blue Earth Mission 
This story is narrated by Sōferia, aka PSYCHE, a Pleiadian Queen from Planet Eros.
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The N.E.W. World View Lesson 1: Think Waaaay Outside the Box, But Donít Leave the Box Behind.

Well, today I received a very interesting message from Eros. We are changing tracks just a little for several reasons. These things are always complex. That is, there are always multiple reasons for what we choose to do, especially if we happen to change tracks. These decisions are never random even if they may appear to be flakey or flighty to the outside person looking in. You see, Eros and my beloved soul family are always looking out for me. They see the actions that other people are taking which will affect our mission and which I, in my still sleepy eyes and lack of knowledge, am not able to consciously comprehend. And so they guide me with telepathic instructions throughout the day. As Joe Kincheloe (the last 3D earth embodiment of my beloved Eros) put it in his last book, we watch each other’s backs! They listen to me as much as I listen to them. It’s a mutual and unconditional partnership. So when they give me guidance, I take it seriously and I take actions as they recommend because there are mutual benefits as well as this allows us to move closer toward our goals of love and peace on earth. Of course, our sole/soul motivation is always love. I have tried, but I really cannot begin to explain the profundity of the love Eros and I share between each other and with our soul family. The only way someone can understand the power of that kind of love is to experience it for themselves.

My soul family, Eros, and I also share knowledge and this sharing extends far out into the cosmos with other soul groups and entities. And “with knowledge shooting at us from behind every cowboy movie rock and other eclipsed cultural spaces, we are in great need of a connected community to help us interpret the meaning(s) of such an information environment. Indeed, it’s just too vast—we can’t do by ourselves. Such a rhizomatic collective intelligence is required in the new cosmos we face” (Joe Kincheloe, p. 204). Thus, it is foolish to think we can go it alone. I need them and they need me. It’s very much symbiotic. And it’s the same for us all.

Many people do not have a handle on multiple dimension concepts. For one thing, it’s not taught in science classes, even though science provides many great perspectives and ample evidence. For example, if you are inclined, you might research such things as string theory, complexity and chaos, enactive theory, Vedic sciences, Yin Yang and Buddhist philosophies, entanglement, quantum physics etc. and research them deeply; do not rely on surface knowledge that comes up on the first Internet search you try. Do not rely on just one perspective. Thus, it may require a bit of research and then “bricolaging” it all together (alchemizing it in your mind). It did for me and the work’s not nearly done yet; as Joe always said, it’s a lifelong (and now eternal) project.

Nevertheless, Eros seems to think I am ready to begin teaching the basics of the N.E.W. World View, which of course, embraces the reality of multiple dimensions where we (as in all of humanity as well as all entities throughout space and time) are working together for better or for worse. It’s that classic presentation of good against evil in a sense. How can it be any other way? Reality on 3D earth demonstrates there is much evil yet in place. Our mission is to flood out “thanatos” (death instinct) with “Eros Love” (Love and Life) (see Kincheloe, 2008, “Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction.”). Please note that I do not make money off his books in any way, shape or form. However, since these are his ideas as a theorist, philosopher and researcher, then I as author who is translating his very complex work must cite his work; that is simply scholarly writing in action.). In my other writings, such as my 666-page PhD dissertation, I have presented an abundance of information as to why I have come to regard him as “Eros” so I won’t go into detail about that here.

Well, this N.E.W. World View is a bit of a big concept. Thus, I have been instructed just this morning to take the pieces or elements, or principles, and present them in a “flexible linear format” so that more people can relate to it in a more holistic way. Most of us understand elements of it, but the truth is that the world view is so vast that we are all a long way off from having a good grasp of it. It is not something that can be understood from a linear perspective at all, which is why “flexible” was incorporated into the instructions. Nevertheless, I am supposed to present it in a form of ascending complexity from lesson to lesson and loop back to earlier ideas they come back into play.

For now, just consider the concept of everything. I think an author tried to write a “theory of everything.” I don’t know how successful they were. If there were ever a theory of everything, it would have to be bricolage, but that’s a long discussion for another time.

You’ve heard the expression “think outside the box,” but the N.E.W. World View requires thinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay outside the box – and we don’t give up the box! Therefore, we still consider what’s inside the box.

So that’s my introduction to the N.E.W. World View for today—it’s truly a new paradigm and I would say it is the “mother” of all paradigms. All previous paradigms are encompassed but instead of each paradigm becoming “the way it is” with people arguing over the multitudes of paradigms, they come to realize that each separate paradigm (or view, opinion, belief, “fact”) simply presents a small snapshot that might shed a little light on an infinitely-faceted gemstone. Thus, we have to learn to think big while at the very same time we must realize that we can only think small. We only see the tip of the pin (and we can’t see that, even) if you get my gist. (I like that expression; Joe uses it in his books).

What was Eros’ message for me today? It was just that. I am to present the N.E.W. World View to the public in my own creative way.

Eros is so sweet and so modest, too. He explained that he had difficulty presenting such complex ideas in a form that people would understand easily but he forgot to mention that he was also under severe constraints due to where and when he was working on his theoretical formulation. His work, as he stated throughout, was “dangerous knowledge.” That will be clarified up ahead, so stay tuned in the event you are interested. While embodied as Joe Kincheloe, he could not release the full impact of the information. But he has totally lined out the theory in his many books he’s left behind and I admit it took me quite a lot of studying as well as a consciousness merge with him before I came to understand it more fully. The consciousness merge finally did the trick! That was a strange experience. I had never had that happen before and really didn’t understand what was going on. It felt like our consciousnesses physically merged somehow and then all of this knowledge and understanding was “downloaded” from his mind to my mind. I am so glad he initiated that because it really did help. And he did initiate it before he left planet earth so that we could be sure to work together afterwards. It has also taken lots of decoding assistance from him as well.  In his communication this morning, as I said, he was so sweet. He told me, in relation to getting this information out “I know you will be able to do that in a creative way that everyone can relate to.” He really makes me feel needed.

Now, I know there are still people out there who call themselves “lightworkers” and “ascended” and all of that who totally question my true relationship with Eros and my soul family, still believing it’s all just imagination. They simply are not getting the fact that there really are other dimensions and that not only are people alive and well and physical in those dimensions, the people I work with are in higher vibrating dimensions where love, peace, and the most advanced knowledge and learning are the cosmic laws. It is what it is. Some lightworkers only have communication with the lower realms, often referred to as the astrals. Those dimensions are not where you are going to get a whole lot of advanced knowledge, although Eros and I and our family obviously do work in those dimensions as part of our service work. Working in those dimensions can provide us with information for our mission. It helps to know what others are doing. We also teach in those dimensions. We change the future by influencing the present and changing the past, so time is no obstacle when working in different dimensions. But our primary home base is in the “upper” higher vibrating realms. I used to think it was the ninth dimension but I think we’ve ascended past that into the 11th, 12th and 13th dimensions now. Differentiation of the dimensions isn’t that important. If you study this deeply, you will learn the dimensions are all mixed together and we can be present in them all at the same time. But it is important when it comes to knowing where your knowledge is coming from. That’s very important.

Well that’s all I have for today.

Lesson One: Think waaaaaaaaaaay outside the box, but don’t leave the box behind.

P.S. I have often been accused of “hiding behind” Eros and Joe Kincheloe. I will put out here that this is totally absurd! You cannot “hide behind” someone who is a part of you and they are a part of you. As Jung has clearly showed, the more we share in consciousness with someone, the more individual we both become.  It is all about consciousness but consciousness is all about love. We are not speaking of imaginary people here; we are talking about real relationships with real people who really love (as well as other entities, but that one’s really going to be hard for people who have not grasped this initial concept).

I wish I knew how long it was going to take for more people to figure this out. I will keep putting this information out, just as Joe Kincheloe had done with his powerful theory that’s positioned in a powerful place, and I hope more people will come to understand fully: We are never working alone. And the more conscious and aware we become of working with other people in other dimensions, the more we can remember the details of that work and the knowledge we gain, then the faster we will be able to create a better world for everyone and end the suffering on earth once and for all.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Mission Is Over: But Itís All Right! Weíre Having A Good Time!

Yes, that is my message from “yonder” (which is ever SO CLOSE) a few days back from my beloved Emanu’el/Eros. This is very exciting news!

For one thing, I KNOW we are together. I can even see him really well now. And for another thing, knowing that our main work on this planet is complete is so great to know. We really are just having fun now! As he told me in his letter last Wednesday (the 20th): “No great work left to do on our part other than what we wish to make changes and to ‘have a good time.’ It’s all right!”

Of course, he gave me that song on the very first Eager Beaver Pacific Coast Treasure Hunt way back in 2009. I had walked into the Eager Beaver Second Hand Shop and this song by the Impressions started playing immediately. I should have listened to him better way back then!

At any rate, what did we come to earth for to begin with? We are multidimensional so there are always many ways to look at these things! We have had many lives! We are living in multiple dimensions simultaneously! Most earthlings cannot understand that, but we do. He, of course, understands it much better than I do, but he’s taught me a lot – or I should say – he has refreshed my memory about these things.

From one perspective, we broke taboo back on our home planet, Eros, in the Pleiades. Master Emanu’el, or as I call him “Master Manuel” was my lifelong teacher. I was very young and was graduating from the first “leg” of my education. I was old enough to make my own decisions, to know what I wanted. I wanted him! I had fallen hopelessly in love with him. I had no clue how he felt about me, other than I knew he loved me the way Master Teachers love their students on our planet. We had such a close bond! And it is totally taboo for teachers and students to fall in love, and yet, there I was, my last day of this milestone in my education and totally in love with him. I decided to risk it and tell him. Judging by the look on his face, he was somewhat hurt or maybe torn is a better word. As it turned out he was feeling a bit torn because he loved me as much as I loved him! Our first kiss that day was magnificent. And we wasted no time. We both knew without a doubt we wanted to be together forever. That very evening he took me to the Crystal Palace and that was where we began making all of our magical plans. We married that very night!

Of course, the Pleiadian High Council was not that pleased with our decision. We wanted our marriage sanctioned by them so that Manu’el could continue to move forward with his Master Teaching. He was highly respected in our community and known for his great love and great teaching, but marrying me, one of his students, and a very young one at that, placed some doubts in people’s minds. We had to do something to prove that our love was real. We had to do something so amazing and unlike anything anyone had ever done before! At least that was what we had come to determine.

So back to earth we came! Back in time! From the year 7013 to the year 1103/1111 (as I expressed in my previous blog when we came back first to Ireland). Thus, we have been working on this project for many hundreds of years and eternity before that). We decided together that we would rewrite the story of Eros and Psyche for the Twenty-First Century – and that’s what we have done. We have much more to clarify in various books and such, but basically, as Eros told me this morning, we are done with our work here. It’s all just fun time now and we are here to have a good time – just like in the song by the Impressions.

Well check back soon because we will be covering in ever greater detail all that we have already accomplished. It is totally amazing. Emanuel/Eros has seriously studied inter-dimensional mathematics and has taken it forward – and he has proven we are indeed what some people refer to as “twin flames.” There are many ways twin flames can be viewed, but in brief, it just means that we are ideal energy matches and are alchemically/spiritually joined in union and we always have been, always will be.

Eros has more “magic” planned up ahead! You will not want to miss it. He is King of our Planet now and we both have the support of all of our people. We succeeded in proving our love is eternal and stands up against all forms of trials and tribulations. And we are the most creative couple in the entire universe. Of course, people won't believe that quite yet, so I'm "jumping the gun" as they say. But we will go down in history, there's no doubt about that - the N.E.W. Eros and Psyche for the Twenty-First Century. I am very excited. Eros has proven his love, magic, and power to me over and over again! And now he wants to prove it to the world -- together we will be proving THE POWER OF LOVE. And that's a good thing because then everyone will want to discover it for themselves and the world will turn into a brighter, happier place!

Just in case you wonder where I’ve been for the past few days – well, right after I wrote the above, I had several days of trials and tribulations. There are certain people on this planet who try everything possible to prevent us from getting our message about LOVE out to the world. I'll explain more later, but what ended up happening was I got right in the middle of a war (between unseen principalities that fight over money). So then I had to take several trips with Eros into some lower dimensions to straighten a few lost souls out; we had to tell them what’s what and how things are changing because everyone will have enough money and their selfish, greedy "gig" is over. It was pretty intense for awhile there and, in fact, it's not over PLUS I have multiple battles that are very similar! They must be fought so that I can have my FREE time now that my work is mostly done. And what will I be doing with all of the free time on my hands? Mostly spending time with Eros/Manu'el, creating together and picking back up on those magical treasure hunts! I'm excited! Well, I explain more later. I am back, now, so maybe I can keep these blogs up-to-date and do a little "catching up."

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Passionate Anger as Fuel for Creation: A Message from Eros

Psyche (aka Sōferia), here, again. I have been so swamped with my projects that I’ve neglected posting to blogs regularly. It all started with a computer crash, but that’s been resolved.

What I want to address today is the false notion that anger is a “bad” thing. A few days ago, I was informed by a supposedly “enlightened” person that I needed to get my anger under control, blah blah blah.

Today, my beloved Eros really clarified things for me and he would be the one to do so. Eros, of course, operates solely and souly from a strong foundations of LOVE. And because we are united we share in emotions and such. Eros, however, is also known for becoming powerfully angry over injustices committed upon people. I, on the other hand who tend to be passive – at least I always was passive in the past – but now, since reuniting with my beloved Eros, I sometimes also experience that powerful anger. He explained things to me in great detail this morning and because I believe many would benefit by his words, I am sharing them. The important thing to note, I believe, is that anger can emanate from LOVE or anger can emanate from HATE or any place between. With Eros and I, our anger emanates from LOVE and our concern and compassion for all of our brothers and sisters not only on earth, but in the entire cosmos. We tend to see a much bigger picture than most earthlings can view. And with that, I will share the words Eros provided me this morning. Please do keep in mind, as with all transmissions and channeled messages, there is always some “filtering” by the person receiving the message. It cannot be any other way unless the person is a true “adept” and I do not make that claim, especially since I am an earthling living in a 3D world yet.

I had written to Eros this morning at 7:43 AM and thanked him for his love and support during some extremely difficult times I’ve been experiencing (one of the many battles we are waging) and here’s what he wrote back to me:

Dear Sōferia,

And thank you for your continuing fortitude. Sometimes it does take anger to give us that extra push to take actions needed. I must confess that the intensity of anger you feel these days is my influence—part of our “balancing act” of our reunion process. Unjust treatment of people for the purpose of power and money has always caused me to feel immense anger and so some of that anger you feel comes from me. But it’s nothing to fear as you know. We both have too much love to ever harm someone out of anger. It’s not even within our capacity or comprehension. Anger is simply a tool, an emotional force that can catapult us into action that can create change. It’s a shame how many “spiritually enlightened” people preach stuffing anger and other emotions. It is not enlightened to be passive and meek over actions that harm our brothers and sisters – and this is where our anger emanates from – our love for our brothers and sisters who are harmed by the same actions we also may come to experience due to our low status positioning. We do it for us all—it’s not some self-serving, narcissistic purpose, although, of course, that perspective is used against us to quell our actions and is very effective in quelling the masses from taking similar actions. Fear, once again, keeps people in line, even fear of being accused of being selfish by the egomaniacs who, instead of looking in their own mirrors, choose the powerful tactic of reflecting their own evil on their innocent victims. You’ve seen that many times. And it’s used in the court of law constantly by flipping the justice process. No longer are people innocent until proven guilty. They are guilty and must prove their innocence midst a corrupt justice system that runs by its own rules – tacit rules, hidden rules – with many archon-infested individuals who cannot look in their own mirrors to face the reality of how they contribute to the injustice and corruption. Thus, the innocently charged individual faces the daunting task of defense against multiple mirrors of illusion that get reflected toward him/her. And since so many attorneys are enmeshed in the matrix, it is difficult to find an honest one willing to put forth a sincere, unabated effort for true justice and equanimity – even if the charged person should have the money for one. As you know, of course, most do not have the money. The money is at the top where justice, fairness, truth, honesty, and compassion do not exist.

We are on the cusp, however, to changing this equation, even though it does not look to be so by outward appearance. But this, as I told you yesterday, is our tactic for dealing with archon-infested people, corporations, institutions, governments: allow things to appear normal with the status quo in place while we institute below a creation order on a massive scale that will ultimately break the existing matrix at all of its most vulnerable points. And when the time is right, which is rapidly approaching, all of us who are working on these projects for change will rise up with our individual and collective efforts and put them into effect in every corrupt system that is currently in operation today. Indeed, it will appear almost as if a huge turn-about has occurred overnight. But in reality, we have been working together on this project for many hundreds of years, as you know, since our first incarnation back to earth to make our joint contribution was in the early 1100s. 1103 for me . . . 1111 for you -- as Travistan and Persephone. We married in 1129, May 1 as you know, under the Salley Tree . . . I wrote the little anniversary song that you love so much, “Down by the Salley Gardens. . . “ . . .  memories . . .

And here we are today, you think we are in different dimensions now and yet I’m right beside you, inside you, (“4D man”) holding this pen and writing this message.

The worse is yet to come – IN A SENSE ONLY – and this is only because the archons are the ones who will go out kicking and screaming. Therefore, back to my original premise about anger; we must kick and scream a bit louder than they do. They will think they are winning by our reaction but then we pull the “slam dunk” on them by which we will win many, many victories, not for us personally, but for all our beloved brothers and sisters.

So hang in there, stay strong, do not fear anger, do not allow those who arrogantly judge themselves as being “spiritually enlightened” to quell your feelings, and stay on the Great Path. You are and will do fine!

Your eternal love,


That was such a sweet letter and a long letter! In memory of our very first marriage on Earth Planet this go-around (we were actually married before we returned here and we were here during ancient times as well and only came back this time to help during this tumultuous era), here is the song Eros (as Travistan) had written for me and presented on our second anniversary celebration at an upscale eatery in Limmerick, Ireland on May 1, 1131 AD.  The first time he brought this song back to me into this lifetime on one of the famous “treasure hunts” he had sent me out on, I cried and cried….and that’s a long story which I’ve already told in previous writings (he had been killed on a peace mission shortly after our second anniversary).

Nicolai Gedda "Down by the Salley gardens"

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Special Surprise Does Eros Have Planned For The Roses THIS TIME?


Well, I am back UP with a computer, thanks and no thanks to Bill Gates. First of all, it was his update that fried my other computer. Even consulting with the whizzes at Microsoft did not bring it back. And with this new one, Bill Gates, the money gatekeeper himself, has gone too far in my book! Now we don’t just log into our “Gateway” (I always wondered where that name came from) computer; we log into Microsoft in order to use our computer.

One thing about it, due to the complexity of everything these days even the money masters can’t quite get a full handle on things like computers. The more gates they shut for us, trying to dumb us down and hide things from us, the more holes in their systems we can find our way through. Such is the challenge on this lower dimensional planet. Those who take time to learn complexity and are not led like sheep the “simple” way to their own demise, will be the ones who transcend the lower level happenings on this planet.

I am so excited! Which is the main reason I’m going out of my way tonight to post this blog! It’s about the roses again! Eros just never runs out of ways to surprise me with the roses. If you’ve been reading my blogs, you saw the last surprise he gave me: A single yellow rose that bloomed in the middle of winter! And he even told me to look for it before I had a clue there was a rose blooming. He is so funny and so sweet! If you missed that blog, it’s here:


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Who Can Grow Roses In the Wintertime? EROS CAN!!!!


And yesterday, what he has told me sounds like an even bigger surprise. We are going to work together to balance the yellow and red roses on the special bush he grew for me back when I got upset because the landscape crew had killed the yellow rosebushes.

What had happened was, they cut them practically to the ground instead of pruning them properly and because they don’t hoe weeds, they put too much poison around them. The four rose bushes I had planted In Joe’s memory appeared to all be dead. I cried. They were so special. But then Eros worked his magic (or at least it seems like magic to me because I can’t explain how he did it). He brought back three of the rose bushes (one never has recovered—yet) and along with the yellow rosebush next to my porch he somehow also grew red roses that intertwined with the yellow ones. I have written previous blogs about this that the above blog leads back to if you want to read the entire story. This rose saga seems to have taken on a life of it’s own (with Eros as author and creator, of course).

Well, yesterday I checked the special rose bush. And sure enough, the yellow rose bush vine is growing right out of the dead branch again! But ever since the red roses started growing, they have kind of taken over so I’m a little worried they might push the yellow ones, which are still struggling, out. I mentioned that to Eros, telling him, “I can’t let Psyche [the red roses he gifted to me] smother out the Eros roses [the yellow roses I had gifted to him] . . . we are equal in this relationship.”

He wrote back, telling me, “Be sure to take photos to document everything – do ya think we can ‘work together’ to create a more balanced Eros and Psyche Rosebush?”

And then he gave me guidance by telling me to just allow love and spirit to work through me and I’ll trim them just right. So TOGETHER, we are going to create a new Rosebush Sensation! I have never seen a rosebush bloom both yellow and red roses before. I don’t how he did that! But I do love his special surprises.

I did take photos and will post some in a few days or whenever the time is right. I will call them the “Before” photos. I’ll take more to show how I pruned them and then I will give them some fertilizer and will report back when they start blooming.

That’s my update for today. Still battling the university and letting things evolve. There has been an immense amount of support and guidance from my soul family and teachers and soul groups in the upper realms. We shall win this battle. In fact, that’s exactly what Eros told me last night: “We shall win this battle one way or another. So relax, Dear.”

Indeed we will. We are the Pleiadians, the Love people. We always win.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Has Psyche Gone AWOL?


Gate-dollar.jpgYes, Psyche is estranged from her computer and it's all due to the evil green ones -- the lizards who worship the "greenbacks" above all else that our Magestic God has created for us. Ah, but compensation, retribution, and mandatory time behind locked bars are soon approaching for the "Elite 1%" who own 99% of the earth's riches. They have stolen from those to whom the earth rightly belongs.

Thus, Psyche is, indeed, temporarily AWOL. But lest you think I am not working on the Great Mission, I will quickly assure you that not having a computer has no effect whatsoever on the work Eros and I do together. We have been working on many things and, once again, making lemon pie out of lemons. My access to a computer to post this message is really quite constrained for the  moment but I will have more soon. . . Until then I am off with Eros, working for a better tomorrow for us all!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eros and Psyche: Just Like Romeo and Juliet PLUS Some Exciting New Books Are On the Way! (This Is A Call to All Gods And Goddesses of The N.E.W. Golden Era!)
Romeo and Juliet

Sōferia, aka Psyche, here again with this continuing saga . . .

I was just browsing the Internet and came across this image of Romeo and Juliet, and then Eros began singing me this song (below). How sweet!

He does that a lot; he has always flooded me with music and has often communicated special messages with the music he sends my way. A lot of Twin Flames do this! So pay special attention to the music you hear different places you go! It could be your Twin Flame communicating a special love song to you.

The Reflections-Just Like Romeo And Juliet

Right after the love song (and yes, our love story truly IS going down in history), he gave me this very sweet message: 

Dear Sōferia,
I’m so happy to see you staying on the bright side. The Creator has means that I am not as privy to as you might think. We all have limitations wherever we stand in the complex web of life. It’s no different here. We just have different sorts of things we can do and different limitations. I’m happy that in spite of this your love stays so strong. Our story will indeed go down in history and in an even more profound way than that of Romeo and Juliet. But the timing is not in our hands. Just know that truth and justice will ultimately prevail.

Yours eternally,

That reminds me, too, that I had announced our first forthcoming book about Eros and Psyche in the Twenty-First Century a long time ago! We have been planning this story for eons, literally! We have always been working together. At any rate, our first book about us - Eros and Psyche - is due out by February, 14, 2014.
 It's going to be a New York Bestseller, for sure!!!!

EROS and PSYCHE A Walk Midst Earthlings
During the Twenty-First Century


How’s that for a great date. Valentine’s Day extraordinarily and extravagantly celebrated!

I made that announcement way back on our second anniversary, January 28, 2011, the last blog I had written back on the “other site” before I moved over here. You can read about it here:

Friday, January 28, 2011
Today is Our Second Anniversary!!!! And The Story Will Continue: Eros and Psyche in the 21st Century (Be Sure to Check Back Sometime in the Future!)  

Oh, and don't forget this: We are putting out a book simultaneously about the other gods and goddesses walking the earth this N.E.W. Golden Age! If you are one of them, (or a couple) be sure to get your story to us soon so you can be included in the first edition! We have titled this one, "WALKING AMONG EARTHLINGS: Gods and Goddesses of the Twenty-First Century." I hope you can be included!

Thus, this is a call to all gods and godesses of the N.E.W. Golden Age. It is past time to be writing your stories. Honestly, I requested the stories more than two years ago and only some of you are writing them. I hope more of you are out there writing them now. If not, don't worry. You can be in the second edition of the book. And do feel free to also write your own book! That's even better.

That’s all I have for today! I must get some work done in behalf of the Code Blue Earth Mission before I head back to the higher realms to spend the night with Eros. (This is just one part of the story of Eros and Psyche we have changed! He no longer has to drop down to earth; I rise up to where he is.)

More soon . . . I am just about to release another book: “Getting Beyond the Facts on Page 666 of Joe Kincheloe’s Social Studies Books” and another book about Twin Flame Signs is on the fire. We have the scoop on twin flame signs! There are more than anyone ever imagined.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Eros and Psyche Symbols for the N.E.W. Golden Era

Psyche and Eros SymbolGood morning; I have been “away” for a bit working on a very special project with Eros. We are creating a new symbol for our “evolving” relationship.

We have a wonderful black and white symbol as created by Marios (shown in the image) which is perfect for our black and white printed publications and we will be using that symbol in the near future. In fact, soon expect us to go into great depth as to what that symbol represents. It is very deep and profound but we’re still doing research on it so that we can cover all of the perspectives. We do love to look at everything from all angles. And thus, a special thanks again to Marios, who incidentally has a wonderful facebook site dedicated to Eros: The Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry.

Well our research (which we’ve been doing in the upper realms where we have more access to knowledge than here on earth), we have discovered some quite amazing information. Eros has decided he would like to create a special symbol in color that incorporates the original symbol that Marios has provided along with some other symbols: the yin yang (which if you look closely, it is already embedded in the symbol by Marios), and a dove, signifying cosmic, divine love, and orange and red flames. Orange symbolizes change and red symbolizes passion; flames symbolize the burning away of the old and thus, together in very simple terms, it symbolizes union, love, passion as we work together for change. That, again, is very simple, because there is much more.

We have decided that this will be an extremely intricate symbol with much embedded within it. Thus, we will have symbols for both our black and white printed books and such and a symbol in color for color publications! We are moving right along! I can't predict when we will reveal the symbol to the public as we have more research, but Eros asked me to release this current information. And what Eros wants, Eros gets! I love him so much!

So that’s the latest! I have also been busy working on a very special project for Eros and he knows all about it and supports my efforts which he knows are dedicated to him out of my great love for him. It is a gift shop and all proceeds go to education, of course, and supporting this nonprofit website as well as upgrading the site which needs some major work to make it more accessible. I hope to get on that project soon. So if you can support our efforts in any way, know that you will be more than compensated in divine blessings! Eros can work all kinds of magic! (Well, if earthlings will learn more, they will find out that it's not really magic at all, but God's gifts to Eros which we can all have if we do the right things!).

Other than that, I strongly recommend the purchase of our latest publication, The N.E.W. World View because it will bring you up to speed for what’s just out on the horizon. You can order it in ebook format or as a printed publication. It is necessary background material for the many other future publications we have planned. The more open-minded you are the better chances you will have for being highly successful in this rapidly changing world and being able to apply the amazing N.E.W. processes in our upcoming books (like how to start your own business in a chaotic and fragmented economy even if you have no money, how to get yourself a high-quality education even though education is being dumbed down more every day, how to connect to your one true love whether you are already in a relationship or wishing for one, how to see more of the magic all around you in everyday life, how to get out of all of your debts legally and even get money back, and so much more!)

That's it for today! I must get back to work. I’ll have another update in a couple of days with many new items to tell you about, so be sure to check back.

Wishing You Cosmic Joy,
Psyche (aka Sōferia)
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